Twin house for sale in upville 6 october | The haven of your dreams awaits you

Twin house for sale in upville 6 october | The haven of your dreams awaits you

Twin house for sale in Upville. Wadi El Nile Real Estate Development Company has built a residential compound that enjoys a healthy life, clean fresh air, and a comfortable living for everyone looking for sophistication and luxury. It has built the latest full-service residential compound, which is Upville 6th of October Compound, which includes all the facilities. Services and entertainment at the highest level to ensure life for all residents to a high level of luxury and comfort.

The company was keen to choose the appropriate location, so the choice fell on 6th of October City to build the compound because it is one of the lively and upscale areas sought by the segment of unique and upscale taste and those looking for excellence.

The compound is distinguished from others as it is a wonderful facade with all its designs and spaces. Green, artificial lakes, and security. All units in Upville 6th of October Compound overlook stunning natural views, in addition to the fact that there are no internal roads amidst the green spaces and buildings, which provides you and your children with safety. All of these elements make Upville Compound comparable to all projects built in the same area. Region.

Twin house for sale in upville location

The company has decided to provide a compound with all the requirements, services, facilities, and basic and recreational services that meet all your needs. Upville Compound is the perfect solution for you. Everything the residents need is next to you and within a very short distance. It is characterized by a strategic geographical location in tranquility away from noise. The compound is located in most areas. Active and lively in 6th of October City.

The real estate developer was keen to choose the location very carefully in 6th of October City, close to vital services. It is located directly on the Dahshur link, close to all new main axes and roads, making it easy to reach and easy to move from the compound to the neighboring areas.

The most important landmarks near Upville October Compound

  • Upville Compound is located near Al Wahat Road
  • Upville Compound is located near the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road
  • Upville Compound is located among the malls in the area, such as Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia, and Hyper One
  • Upville Compound is located near the Media Production City
  • Upville Compound is located near Palm Parks Compound.
  • Upville Compound is located near Cairo University, Sheikh Zayed Branch.
  • Upville Compound is located near Juhayna Square.
  • Upville 6 Compound is located near international universities, schools, and hospitals.
Twin house for sale in upville

Twin house for sale in upville

Space of Upville Compound

Upville October Compound is considered one of the most prestigious projects in 6th of October City, which is distinguished by its unique geographical location, which gives high value to all residents in a wonderful atmosphere, as it is located at an altitude of 56 meters from Al Wahat Road.

Upville Compound was built on an area of 86 acres in the middle. Large green spaces so that residents can enjoy the natural scenery. 83% of the total area has been allocated to green spaces that spread between the buildings so that all units have a view of the green spaces and natural landscapes. The buildings occupy an area of 17% of the total area to reduce population congestion and so that residents can benefit from all existing services.

Types of units in Upville Compound

When designing Upville, the company was keen to ensure the difference between the family segments and the internal divisions of the spaces to be suitable for all categories and the following types of available units:

  • Apartments .
  • Twin house for sale in upville
  • Duplex apartments.
  • Townhouse units.
  • Independent villas.
  • Twin house for sale in upville

Design of Upville Compound

The company also chose the distinctive strategic location and built the compound on a large area. It was keen to choose the designs for the compound in the best form, so the company sought the help of the best engineering consultants to present a European engineering design with international touches and characterized by a character of sophistication, luxury, and oriental touches that enchant the eye in the midst of the vast green spaces and water fountains spread throughout the compound.

Twin house for sale in upville

Twin house for sale in upville

Services in Upville Compound

The company decided to provide all basic services and entertainment services to provide a decent life within the compound, and some of the services include the following:

  • Providing many green spaces widely spread throughout the compound for residents to use for sitting and reading books, and to serve as a natural outlet.
  • There are many water fountains overlooked by most of the units within the compound to complement the aesthetic appearance of the compound and make residents feel comfortable and calm with the natural scenery.
  • There are security companies and guards at all gates of the compound, and they have been trained to the highest level to guard the compound throughout the entire day.
  • The presence of medical clinics that provide medical services to the population when necessary by the best distinguished doctors in the field of medicine. The medical clinics operate 24 hours a day during the day. There is also more than one pharmacy in the compound to provide medicines and therapeutic supplies for patients inside the compound and for emergency cases.
  • The presence of garages on a large area underground to save space in the compound, reduce traffic congestion, and maintain the safety of children and pedestrians in the compound.
  • There is a high-level surveillance system everywhere in the compound that operates 24 hours a day
  • There are special tracks for walking inside the compound and special tracks for riding a bike and enjoying the atmosphere
  • Twin house for sale in upville are restaurants and cafes from different countries to provide the best types of food and drinks to the residents inside Upville Compound.
  • Twin house for sale in upville
  • The presence of a commercial center on a large area with many international stores and brands that residents need for shopping and outing on vacation with friends and family.
  • The presence of a health club, which includes a gym for practicing sports and fitness games, as well as a gym, swimming pool, and a jacuzzi to feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Twin house for sale in upville
  • There is a social club inside Upville October Compound for families and residents to gather and hold parties and meetings
  • Twin house for sale in upville are designated areas for barbecuing and enjoying the atmosphere in the middle of the charming, picturesque nature.
  • Twin house for sale in upville
Twin house for sale in upville

Twin house for sale in upville

The real estate developer in Upville Compound

Wadi El Nile Company for Contracting and Real Estate Investments was established in 1989 as an Egyptian joint stock company, and since its inception it has been able to consolidate its position as one of the largest companies in the field of contracting, real estate investment and project management, whether governmental or private sector projects. The core work team consists of about eight thousand employees of various specializations and skills. And trained workers, and the company follows a policy of constant communication with work teams, based on its belief in its societal responsibility towards service and development projects, uniting in this regard on international methods of safety and quality and full commitment to environmental preservation standards.

The company has contributed to urban development through the implementation of many high-quality residential projects for more than 32,000 housing units. They vary between luxury, urban and community housing projects, and slum development projects.

Twin house for sale in upville

Twin house for sale in upville

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