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Square One Mall New Cairo

Square One Mall New Cairo ,

or as it is known as  Project

Square One New Cairo

or Square One New Cairo  ,

is one of  Raslan group Real

Estate Development Company’s,

which will be explained below:

Gaedenia City Compound

Square One Mall New Cairo :

It is a good project in all its details,

as it is a large administrative,

commercial and medical complex

with wonderful architectural designs,

located in a privileged location

in the heart of New Cairo,

Square One Mall is the suitable residence

for all who are looking for

a distinguished unit to start their work

and immediate progress in order to win,

its units are complete Completion

and its prices are of

distinguished specifications,

many features that can be identified

in a documentation specially prepared

to shed light on the most luxurious malls

in the Egyptian capital,

modern Cairo.

Square One New Cairo project

units Square One Mall New Cairo

  • Commercial units
  • Administrative units
  • Medical units

Location of

Square One Mall New Cairo:

  • The wonderful location achieves success
  • and success for the project units,
  • as Square One Mall is located
  • in a vital strategic place characterized
  • by activity and close to all methods
  • and services,
  • and the site features are as follows:
  • Strategic location
  • near the main roads and axes,
  • especially the Suez Road
  • and the Ring Road.
  • A few minutes separate
  • the mall from the arrangement
  • of the New Cairo Court.
  • It is located near
  • luxurious residential compounds
  • A highly distinguished location,
  • close to the most vibrant 5-street
  • of the assembly,
  • as it maintains entertainment services,
  • cafes and restaurants,
  • and luxurious residential compounds.
  • In addition to the mall,
  • there are many fields of employment,
  • including the Baghdad area.

Square One New Cairo project

Services and features :

The services in Square One Mall make it

an integrated project

and a very unique investment potential,

because it provides luxurious

environmental conditions to work

in a location that combines silence,

cleanliness, vitality and activity

at the same time.

The most important of its services are:

  • Green spaces surround the mall
  • and provide a distinct sense
  • of psychological comfort to all customers.
  • The mall combines the area of ​​
  • a food court with distinctive specifications,
  • in which there are plenty of restaurants
  • and cafes that provide delicious meals
  • throughout the day.
  • The mall maintains a health club,
  • gym,
  • and spa that have been equipped
  • with the latest sports equipment
  • of an international standard.
  • Unique services available to manage
  • and maintain property infrastructure.
  • It remains a large sumptuous
  • meeting room,
  • equipped to the highest standard.
  • Square One Mall is available
  • with skilled systems
  • to deal with crises,
  • fires and an alarm system.
  • It remains a private office
  • to book flight excursions to
  • all countries of the world.
  • The mall has clever electronic entrances
  • that make it completely safe.
  • Financial services, banking,
  • cash machines
  • and exchange offices are available.
  • The generator is equipped
  • with dedicated power generators
  • that operate simultaneously
  • in crisis situations
  • when the power is cut off.
  • The mall has repair services
  • for every escort that works
  • in a tournament style.
  • There are regular cleaning services
  • for all units.
  • Wi-Fi and high-speed internet
  • available for all units.
  • The surveillance cameras
  • that have been used to
  • protect Square one Mall are all new
  • and operate regularly
  • throughout the day.
  • The defense
  • and security services fully trained
  • and operate 24 hours
  • without interruption.
  • Plenty of services are available
  • to facilitate work,
  • especially dry cleaning services,
  • caring for young children,
  • and vehicle cleaning
  • and repair services.

Area of ​​Square One Mall,

the 5th settlement:

The project was carried out

on a huge area in order for

the commercial establishment

that owns the project to be able

to provide a project with

all the services

and accompanying available.

The Foundation has been building

on an area that amounts

to 47% of the total project area,

and the remaining part of

the place is devoted to entertainment

and landscaping,

so that all project units get a distinct look.

The features of the spaces

in the mall are as follows:

  • There are different types of
  • spaces in the mall to
  • suit all branches of specialization,
  • as it remains as administrative units,
  • medical clinics
  • and commercial units.
  • The project consists of
  • a smart individual property
  • in which there are all services
  • and smart spaces.
  • Additional spaces are available
  • that allow employers to expand
  • in their units and businesses.
  • A fully insured garage
  • for cars formed between the mall
  • and accommodates more than 224 cars.
  • Many units remain in
  • the Square Mall for commercial use.
  • Administrative units spaces
  • start from about 90 square meters.
  • Medical units in the mall start
  • from about 90 square meters.
  • This diversity means that
  • there are many areas for units,
  • whether commercial,
  • administrative and medical,
  • so that each customer can choose the area
  • that suits his activity,
  • with a unique possibility
  • of expanding the effort
  • to acquire skilled areas that are flexible.

Square One New Cairo project

Square One Payment Systems and Prices:

All of these clever services and features

that remain in Square One Mall

in a unique way,

can obtaine over them at premium prices

and the competition not approve,

especially if they compared

to the prices of other tournament projects.

Knowing that the prices are different,

as a result of the fact

that the mall composed

of abundant, large and small spaces,

which is the reason behind

a clear diversity of costs

to suit the capabilities of all customers.

Features of New Cairo Town:

The new town of Cairo is one of the largest

and most prestigious cities

in the Cairo Governorate,

with an estimated area of ​​

about 70 thousand acres,

consisting of several residential communities,

the largest of which is the 5th settlement,

in addition to Al-Rehab, Madinaty,

the largest settlement,

the 3 settlement and others.

The town is located in

the arc from the east of Cairo,

in the east of the ring road,

in the restricted distance

between the Cairo-Suez Desert Road

and the Katameya-Ain Sokhna Road.

New Cairo distinguished by its amazing retail

and planning compared

to the rest of the neighborhoods of Cairo,

as its streets are wide,

and it characterized by calm

and low population growth.

Most of the neighborhoods of New Cairo

counted from the high-class,

high-standard areas.

It bordered by the basic methods

that connect the neighborhoods

and areas of that town

with the capital

and other governorates,

and it provides them with access

to the abundant quantity of

neighborhoods in the center

of the capital as soon as possible,

especially with

the steady modernization

that the road network sees.

The 5th settlement bounded

by the ring road

that surrounds the entire capital,

and on its hand it is possible to come

to many different parts,

and the NA road

that connects the people

of New Cairo

with the Nasr City area

by passing some of its vital

and main streets as it connects it

in the city of Mokattam

and from it to

the center of the state.

And in view of the increase

in the new town of Cairo,

you are enjoying a

milder atmosphere than Cairo,

which is somewhat less than five degrees.


and entertainment centers

in New Cairo:

(Kirovestival City –

Concord Plaza –

Meeting Point –

Americana Plaza –

The Spot Mall –

Pointe Ninety –

Seven Star –

Hala Mall –

Moon Valley)

Universities of Modern Cairo:

(German University in Cairo –

American University in Cairo –

Canadian University in Cairo –

Future University in Egypt –

Cairo Academy near Ahed –

Security Services Academy)

New Cairo Schools:

(Al Yasser Specialized Language School –

Cairo Experimental Language School –

Lycée Balzac International French School –

Misr International School –

Modern British School –

Modern Egypt 2000 Schools –

Concordia International French School –

Egypt British International School –

New Horizons International School –

German School in Cairo –

American International School –

European School in Cairo –

Egyptian Language School –

French International School –

Canadian International School –

Integrated Ajyal Language Schools –

Akhenaten Language School –

Al Haramain Specialized Language School –

Choueifat International School –

Manor House International Schools –

Bedaya International School –

Manar School Al Faruq

Islamic Language School –

Saladin International Turkish School)

Square One New Cairo project

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Features of Square One Mall New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains