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Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast


Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast, or as it is known as  Project

Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast or Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast, is one of  Marseilia Real

Project Area: 140 acres

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast:

also Marseilia Beach is a popular resorts chain whose beauty speaks about it, and the day after tomorrow a modern resort joins it, confirming that magnificence, and in the end it was joined by Marseilia Beach 4, one of the most beautiful and elegant resorts of the North Coast, as it is located on the sea immediately and has A privileged location, charming nature, luxurious weather, clean turquoise sea water, abundant details knocking through that headquarters can be recognized with us at this moment.

Marseilia Beach Units


Chalet areas start from 80 square meters.

Fully finished, Super Lux

Twin House

Twin House spaces start from 185, 210, 290 square meters.

Fully finished, Super Lux


Standalone villas areas start from 350 square meters to 516 square meters.

Fully finished, Super Lux


Standalone villas areas start from 680 square meters.

Fully finished, Super Lux

Location of Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast:

This project is the fourth period in the series of Marseille projects, and the owner organization has chosen a strict site of excellence to become the first component of bringing in its new project, and the most important features of the site are the following:

It occurs on the Egyptian northern coast, specifically on the 124th kilometer on the Alexandria-Matrouh coastal road.

It is a unique resort that occurs alongside other projects that are no less distinguished, including the village of Marassi, the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is only 2 km away, and the famous Hacienda Bay village.

The location of the village is close to the main Egyptian cities, namely Marsa Matrouh, Alexandria, and El Alamein, and is separated by a few minutes.

The village is located about 124.5 kilometers from the town of Alexandria, and specifically to its west.

The distance between the resort and the west of the town of El Alamein has been reduced by only 24 km, so it represents the closest tourist village to that charming town.

It is possible to reach from Cairo to the village in a timeframe that does not exceed one hour, only by car.

The strategic location of the village makes it very close to international airfields, which are El Alamein Airport and Burj Al Arab Airport, which makes it easily accessible by all means by land and air.

Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast

Location Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast

Services and areas of Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast:

Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast is built on a place of 140 acres on the spot on the sea.

It enjoys a beach of 650 m, and the bottom of the project reaches about 950 m. The construction is about 22% of the total area of ​​the project.

As for the rest of the area, estimated at 78%, is devoted to green spaces, water bodies, and other services; That is why it enjoys the lowest download rate.

The construction within Marseilia Beach 4 is divided into 85% villas, and about 15% chalets, knowing that the village will be performed over 3 periods.

The stage has been completely delivered.

Especially the second stage immediate delivery.

The third phase will be delivered on 6/2021.

Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast

Areas of Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast :

We note that the project is built in 3 periods, the first and second periods were delivered with its services in the most complete way, and the areas of the third phase are as follows:

Chalet for sale in Marseilia Beach 4, place of 85 m 2 consisting of one bedroom and a bathroom.

Chalets of 90 m2 consist of 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.

Especially a twin villa with sizes 185, 210, and 290 square meters.

There are Alpha villas with areas of 516 square meters, with a private swimming pool and 500 square meters of garden.

Also, Palace Place 680m2, with private swimming pool.

Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast

 Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast services:

A large shopping mall.


Administrative property.

Industrial lakes.

Swimming pools of different sizes, including a swimming pool on the beach of about 2,600 m.

Green spaces.

Entertainment areas for children.

Excellent-equipped sports fields, the most important of which is a professional football competition being held.

A space for restaurants and cafes on the beach.

A huge festive place on the beach, equipped with the latest lighting systems.

Transfer rooms on the beach.

Halls and hotel services.

Limit waves.

Parking lots.

Security and guarding.

Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast

Prices and payment systems in the Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast project:

Moderate cost of units in Marseilia Beach 4 km 124 starts from 2,000,000 EGP, despite this, we find that the Foundation provides a large number of facilities for payment.

We find that the prices of Marseille Beach 4 Sidi Abdel Rahman reasonable compared to the rest of the luxury resorts located in the same area.

Especially, we find that the chalet prices in other resorts such as Amwaj, Hacienda, and Marassi start from 3,000,000 EGP.

Therefore, one of the biggest factors that made there was a rush to the units of the Marseilia Beach 4 village, whose prices are comparable to the largest villages on the coast.

The most important of which is White Bay North Coast, Stella, and Marina, you will get your unit in Marseilia Beach 4, with super lux finishing, the finest decorations, the most elegant forms of luggage, and with subtle interior designs and retail, comfortable for the eye, and gives the rooms spaciousness.

From the outside, the units in Marseilia Beach 4 characterized by new facades, and warm colors, which more complementary and perfect in the image.

Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast

Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast

Marseille Beach 4 payment systems

While the payment systems are related, they are very easy and different.

Of them, you can pay a 40% down-payment, and installments of up to 6 years for the second phase of the project and instant delivery.

Or spend ten% down-payment and the rest for 6 years, and delivery in the summer of 2021

Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast project

Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast

The owner company and past business:

The owner of Marseilia Beach 4, the coast in the north, is the Marseilia Real Estate Company.

Especially, it an Egyptian joint-stock company founded in 2001 AD, and since that past time and up to the present time, the Marseille company emphasized its overwhelming rank in the place of sale and purchase of the real estate.

Therefore, because the company has a purpose and insight, the company is building to adopt life, and therefore its approach takes into account the preservation of its anchorage in the various businesses that it conducts.

As the group of Marseille institutions is keen to make an example of an Egyptian example among the Egyptian real estate institutions, in terms of accuracy, ingenuity, and speed of introduction.

Therefore, by emphasizing the launch of a modern scientific and academic, coupled with practical experience, to prove to all its clients that the company is a forerunner in the field of real estate modification, and deserves their precious trust.

Business of Marseilia Group Real Estate:

Marseilia Resort 1 on the 70th kilometer.

Especially the resort of Marseille 2 on the 69,5 km.

Marseille Matrouh Resort.

Marseille Beach Villages 1.2.3.

City of Hayat Marseille Alexandria

Blue Bay Asia Resort, Ain Sokhna

Golden Yard Administrative Capital

Marseilia Beach 4 North Coast Project.

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Features of Marseilia Beach 4 village North Coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains