The Ville New Cairo

Last updated 2023-10-31
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The Ville New CairoThe Ville New CairoThe Ville New CairoThe Ville New CairoThe Ville New CairoThe Ville New CairoThe Ville New Cairo
The Ville New CairoThe Ville New CairoThe Ville New CairoThe Ville New CairoThe Ville New CairoThe Ville New CairoThe Ville New Cairo
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The Ville New Cairo implemented and developed by Alcazar Company, provides you with a luxurious life as it should be, amidst green spaces, charming nature, and various services, in addition to its presence in the best vital and strategic location within the Fifth Settlement and on main roads and important axes.

It is an integrated residential community that includes all the services and features that customers are looking for. It provides easy payment systems of up to 8 years and competitive prices that you will not find anywhere else.

The Ville New Cairo

The company developing the The Ville New Cairo has provided a variety of villas, and all units have a wonderful view and a distinctive view of large green spaces. If you want to get a residential unit, whether for investment or residence, the compound will find what meets your desires and more.

Green spaces are spread between all the various service units and facilities with the best amazing engineering and architectural designs according to the latest international standards and at the hands of the most skilled engineering consultants.

The Ville New Cairo

The Ville New Cairo

The Ville New Cairo location

The Ville New Cairo is located in a strategic area, the Fifth Settlement area, which is considered the beating heart of life in the heart of New Cairo due to the various advantages and facilities it includes, as it is only a few minutes away from Teseen Street.

There is no doubt that choosing the location of the compound is one of the things that took a lot of thinking by Alcazar Company, and as usual, it chooses the best places surrounded by all basic and entertainment services, in addition to the project location being far from the noise of the city.

The Ville area Fifth Settlement

One of the most important features that the company has placed in the compound is its huge area of 170 acres, and this area was distributed between green spaces and bodies of water separating residential buildings and service facilities in order to provide a dazzling panoramic view that inspires stability and tranquility in the soul.

The entire compound has villas only, the green spaces and the landscape are spread across the largest area, while the rest of the area is for buildings and facilities.

The Ville New Cairo

The Ville New Cairo

Designed by The Ville New Cairo

As usual, Alcazar Real Estate Company brings in the best elite of architects in the world to implement projects in a luxurious manner, to produce for us a global architectural masterpiece in the heart of the Fifth Settlement. The colors were also chosen scientifically and not randomly to be comfortable for the eye and help calm the soul, in addition to the design of green spaces. Landscape with a new and distinctive design.

As for the roads, they are on the outskirts of the The Ville New Cairo so that there is no crowding in the middle of the project, and the internal details of the units are different, whether in area or interior design to suit all tastes.

The Ville New Cairo services

The compound is considered a complete residential community, and this did not come out of nowhere, because the company provided all the services that the residents needed, and it also took into account the small details before the big ones, and the services come as follows:

As follows:

  • The compound contains a commercial mall, in order to provide residents with a suitable shopping space.
  • There is a social club, which includes gym, sauna and spa services, in order to provide fun and relaxation to residents.
  • There are sports fields available at the highest level, inside which there are all types of sports that residents like to practice.
  • There is a special entertainment area for children, in order to spend fun times with the family.
  • Providing swimming pools of the highest standard, to give the opportunity to fans of this important sport.
  • The compound contains security and guarding services, throughout the day, in order to provide adequate safety among residents.
  • The most famous restaurants and international brands are available, in order to ensure that residents have an enjoyable time and get everything they need.
  • Providing paths for walking and cycling in order to provide the appropriate space for this sport.
  • The Ville New Cairo It includes educational nurseries for children, which are equipped to the highest standard, so that they are suitable for children and do not have to leave the compound.
  • There are medical clinics, pharmacies, and analysis laboratories, in order to provide integrated medical care to residents in the compound.
  • There are dedicated garages for cars, to make them easy to park and to provide comfort and tranquility among the residents on the other hand.
  • It contains the latest surveillance cameras, in order to increase safety among residents in the compound.
  • Providing fire extinguishing systems, in order to deal with fire situations quickly.
  • It provides maintenance and cleaning services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
 The Ville New Cairo

The Ville New Cairo

Prices and payment systems in The Ville Compound New Cairo

The prices and payment systems within the The Ville New Cairo implemented and developed by Alcazar Company, provides you with a luxurious life as it should be, amidst green spaces,vary according to the area and type of the unit, and this difference in prices suits customers and makes it easier for them to choose.

  • Repayment periods reach 8 years
  • Delivery will be within 3 years.

The company developing So Feel New Cairo

Alcazar Real Estate Development Company is one of the oldest real estate companies in Egypt and the most responsive to the real estate market and meets the requirements of its clients, in addition to the rapid growth it has gained from its total experience, which has clearly appeared in its residential and investment projects, creating a state of positive feedback around them.

Alcazar is a real estate company that derives its market strength and development skills from the Khozam Real Estate Development Company, which is the parent institution of its owner, Engineer Helmy Khozam, and whose founding dates back to the year 1960 with more than 60 years of real estate experience and expertise.

  • Previous work of Alcazar Company
  • Alcazar Compound, Fifth Settlement
  • Creek Town Compound, First Settlement
  • Nord El Alamein New Village
  • Go Heliopolis Compound, Heliopolis
  • The Ville Compound New Cairo

About the Fifth Settlement

The establishment of the Fifth Settlement area dates back to the year 2000, and the Fifth Settlement neighborhood is considered one of the upscale neighborhoods and serves as the first choice for those looking for upscale housing in an area with diverse and distinguished services.

The Fifth Settlement area is considered one of the most prestigious areas located in New Cairo. Its location is distinctive and easy to reach, as it is located near all major axes; From the east side of Cairo, it is bordered by the Ring Road from the east in the distance between the Suez Desert Road, the Ain Sokhna Road, the Katameya Road, and the Field Marshal Tantawi Axis, and near the center of Cairo and Nasr City.

New Cairo is distinguished by its excellent division and planning compared to the rest of Cairo’s neighborhoods. Its streets are wide, characterized by calm, and low population density. There are also a large number of private universities and schools.

  • The Fifth Settlement area was implemented on a huge area of up to 70 thousand acres.
  • The Ville New Cairo It has been divided into several diverse upscale neighborhoods
  • The Fifth Settlement is located in the heart of Greater Cairo and near the most important vital areas.
  • The weather in the Fifth Settlement is considered moderate compared to the rest of Greater Cairo’s weather.
  • This is because of the large area that the Fifth Settlement enjoys.
  • Easy transportation to and from the rest of Greater Cairo
  • What is special is that it has a private bus line 24 hours a day.
  • One of the most important features available in the Fifth Settlement is the presence of many vital facilities
  • Shops, international schools and lively streets
  • Such as 90th Street, which includes many important government facilities.
ذا فيل القاهرة الجديدةThe Ville New Cairo

ذا فيل القاهرة الجديدة The Ville New Cairo

Some universities located within the cluster

  • German University in Cairo.
  • the American University in Cairo.
  • Canadian International College in Cairo CIC.
  • International Higher Institute of Languages and Translation.
  • Future University in Egypt.
  • New Cairo Academy.
  • police Academy.

For more information, you can contact us on the following numbers: 01270970000

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Features of The Ville New Cairo
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains