Azadir Compound New Cairo

Prices start from 1,560,000 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 1%
Delivery 2022
Spaces starting from 102 Sqm
Last updated 2022-04-10
project developerOUD for real estate
Azadir Compound New CairoAzadir Compound New CairoAzadir Compound New CairoAzadir Compound New Cairo
Azadir Compound New CairoAzadir Compound New CairoAzadir Compound New CairoAzadir Compound New Cairo
Details Azadir Compound New Cairo
project nameAzadir Compound New Cairo
project LocationNew Cairo
project unitsResidential Apartments - Penthouses - Duplexes.
Delivery date2022
Payment SystemsDown payment starts from 1% and installments up to 7 years.
Finishing typeFully Finished - Semi Finished
Spaces starting from102 Sqm
Prices starting from1,560,000
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plan of Azadir Compound New Cairo
Azadir Compound New Cairo
map of Azadir Compound New Cairo
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Project details

Azadir Compound New Cairo, or as it is known as Azadir Project new Cairo is one of OUD Real Estate Development Companies, which will be explained below:

Azadir Compound New Cairo

The pioneering Oriental Urban Development Company launched its latest project in New Cairo, which is the new Azadir New Cairo compound. In performing it, it was keen to meet the various demands and aspirations of customers,

as it provided a lot of diverse service infrastructure to provide a degree and standard of living characterized by luxury and sophistication.

It is one of the recent projects that the Oriental Weavers for Urban Development Company has undertaken.

Masharfis A one-stop-shop that will provide you with the option to choose your new home by presenting all the necessary information to VIA reliable agents.

Masharf Real Estate.

The geographical location of the Azadir New Cairo project

Azadir is strategically located in the New Capital, as it is located in one of the most vital areas in the heart of the 5th Settlement,

a few minutes from the 90th Street and the American University, and approximately 1/4 hour from the New Administrative Capital.

The location of Azadir Compound guarantees an ideal shelter for families, as it is located close to the largest school complex

and many universities, in addition to a place of full vital services that meet all the needs of its residents,

as it is easy to move to and from it, as it is next to the Katameya Dunes Compound and Mountain View,

as it is located on the ring road .

The area of ​​the Azadir project New Cairo

The Orientals Corporation for Real Estate Development built the Azadir project on an area of ​​17 acres,

about 20% of the total area was allocated for apartments and service facilities, while the other 75% occupied vast green spaces,

the road network and the ring road occupied the remaining 5%.

It is worth noting that the apartments were designed into 13 towers with a unified design and segmentation.

Each tower combines 4 symmetrical floors and a ground floor with a small garden attached.

Each tower includes two elevators from the basement to the last floor, in addition to 3 different gates.

The wonderful features of the Azadir compound in New Cairo

The Orientals Corporation for Urban Development, the owner of the project,

provided a large number of the necessary recreational features and services that aspire to save the largest amount of sleep for customers.

customer, and in the following lines we will learn more about those features:

The most prominent feature of the Compound Azadir in the 5th settlement is the highly elegant and luxurious design for all those looking for sophistication and originality,

as it was design by Engineer Yasser Assem, who is clear with his experience in the field of design

and planning to produce an architectural masterpiece.

The spaces and types of units in the residential project varied to give the possibility for all investors to purchase the unit that matches their needs only.

The flowers and green spaces, which accounted for 80%, remain incomplete flow with the artificial lakes

and the bright lights around the apartments, giving an attractive aesthetic view that the residents enjoy looking at.

Although the compound is close to many projects, it enjoys complete calm and tranquility,

as the people consider it their biggest haven to escape from the town with the pressures present in it.

Good exploitation of the spaces and their excellent distribution between the landscaping and buildings,

and between the area of ​​each unit and the other to ensure the advantage.

The electronic entrances common throughout the areas of Azadir give a sense of security to all residents, as it is completely gat.

The presence of 3 gates similar in luxury to hotel outlets, to facilitate entry and exit to and from the compound.

The buildings are design with the smart home system to control the temperature, lighting, and ventilation,

to increase the pace of the customers.

Azadir Compound New Cairo

The real estate developer of Azadir New Cairo

Orientals for Urban Development (OUD) is the owner of the Azadir project in the 5th settlement.

It provided all its experiences in that compound, as we are used to above in the rest of the projects.

It was founded in 1994, and it also led to the formation of many successful projects throughout that stage,

and this moment is consider one of the pioneers in the field of building and construction.

OUD has presented about 23 projects in various parts of the country, through which it has won the admiration and confidence of many

investors and businessmen, due to its provision of necessary services, entertainment, costs, and unparalleled payment systems.

Among the most prominent practices that the institution has implemented are:


  • Baron City Maadi project.
  • Heliopolis Hills project.
  • Oriental Coast Marsa Alam Village
  • Matengy village, Marsa Alam.
  • South project in the new administrative capital.
  • Korba Royal Residence project in Cairo.
  • Baron Mall in Maadi.
  • Baron Royal Towers project in Katameya.
  • Plaza Compound Maadi.
  • Royal Residence Heliopolis project.
  • Al Yasmeen project, which is the first residential complex in the Tenth of Ramadan City.
  • Dahiet Al-Nakhil Compound inside Al-Shorouk Town.
  • The Fountain Park project in the 5th settlement area, knowing that the first dancing fountain was built in that compound.
  • Renovation of nearly eighty acres in the North Coast.
  • A group of real estate projects in Obour City.


The most important features of Azadir Compound New Cairo :

Azadir project New Cairo includes a large percentage of green spaces, Which made the project designed for lovers of green spaces and landscapes.

The residential units include many classic and modern designs.

Azadir Compound New Cairo was designed with many main roads, Which were completed It is designed in the form of grids,

In addition to many garages Designed underground.

Orientals have hired real estate development And is known to be one of the groups Oriental weavers companies are experts in project design,

So I decided to collaborate

With the consulting engineer Yasser Asem to design Azadir Compound New Cairo Who designed many Known mega urban projects.

The location of the Azadir Compound New Cairo :

Azadir project New Cairo is strategically located in New Cairo As it is located in one of the most vital areas in the heart

Of the Fifth Settlement, as it is located on A few minutes from 90th Street and the American University,

And about a quarter of an hour From the new administrative capital.

Azadir New Cairo’s location guarantees ideal accommodation for families,

As it is located in close proximity It is the largest school complex and many universities,

In addition to a full vital service area It meets all the needs of its residents,

And it is easy to move to and from it, and it is near Kattameya Dunes and Mountain View Compound,

As it is located on the Ring Road.

Azadir Compound New Cairo location

Azadir Compound New Cairo units


  • It starts from 124 m² to 179 m².


  • It starts from 279 m² up to 359 m²


  • Starting from 102 m²

Services available in Azadir Compound New Cairo :

The Orientals Real Estate Development Company designed Azadir Compound New Cairo in accordance with

With the latest international standards, to suit the tastes of customers And meet their different desires and needs,

Where the Azadir Compound New Cairo includes many features, In addition to saving all recreational, vital

And commercial services and facilities, The two most important factors that must be met In Azadir Compound New Cairo are privacy and safety

On top of the services provided by this distinctive project to its visitors, As it was provided with a security crew

And surveillance cameras working around the clock, as well as fences It is 3 meters high with electronic gates.

Azadir project New Cairo includes large green spaces and swimming pools Suitable for all ages, along with a social club, spa, spa and gym,

As well as a jogging and cycling path, golf courses, As well as the evergreen Indian Neem.

Azadir New Cairo provides a number of different And distinctive services and facilities,

Also, it was not overlook to provide a distinctive commercial area That contains a mall, luxury restaurants and cafes.

In addition, a Smart Home system has been approv for all units Within Azadir Compound New Cairo.

In addition…

Prices and payment systems for the units in Azadir Compound New Cairo :

The unit prices in Azadir project New Cairo start from 1,560,000 EGP.

There are 4 payment systems at Azadir Compound New Cairo including the following:

  • Pay 1% as a reservation deposit, and the rest in installments over 4 years.
  • In addition, a 5% reservation deposit is paid, and the rest is paid in installments over 5 years.
  • Pay 10% as a reservation deposit, and the rest in installments over 6 years.
  • It is also possible to pay 15% as a reservation deposit, and the rest in installments over 7 years.

Note that the prices and spaces referred to in the topic are for the second half of 2021, and therefore they are subject to change, and we are keen on the Masharef Real Estate website to renew spaces and record prices and types of apartments and commercial always so that the customer becomes aware of the changes in the real estate market.

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Features of Azadir Compound New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Azadir Compound New Cairo Located?
in 5th Settlement, New Cairo.
Who is the Developer of the Azadir Compound New Cairo?
Orientals Urban Development OUD Company
What is the finishing type of Azadir Compound New Cairo?
Fully Finished - Semi Finished
What is the Type of Units in Azadir Compound New Cairo?
Residential Apartments - Penthouses - Duplexes.
What are the Payment Systems in Azadir Compound New Cairo?
Down payment starts from 1% and installments up to 7 years.
What is the project area?
17 acres.
What is the sales number?