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Last updated 2023-12-04
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Get your special real estate unit in the Compound Palm Capital Shorouk which will be launched in the coming days in the Shorouk area by the best real estate companies and provides you with the best services you need, in the middle of which there are green spaces and elegant designs within the compound. The company was keen to choose a strategic location for the compound that is easily accessible from all surrounding areas. It also offered suitable payment plans and facilities to the customer over long payment periods. Book your unit now in Palm Capital Shorouk Compound.

 Compound Palm Capital Shorouk location

The company was keen to choose the location carefully, as Compound Palm Capital Shorouk is distinguished by its strategic location, as it is near the Suez Road, which is a main road that is easily accessible from all parts of Cairo, and it is close to many surrounding places.

  •  It is located 5 minutes from Suez Road
  • 10 minutes away from Nasr City and Heliopolis.
  • 10 minutes from the compounds in New Cairo
  • It is also only minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
  • It is also close to Al Burouj Compound in Shorouk City.

Project area and design

Compound Palm Capital Shorouk offers a variety of spaces for residential units, including two- and three-bedroom apartments of various sizes and divisions. The compound was designed in a modern style, which makes the shape suitable for the eye and comfortable for the nerves to look at, as Tahoun Contracting and Real Estate Investment Company relied on the best engineering design companies.

As a real estate investor, obtaining an investment unit with an excellent design is your main destination, and this is what Tahoun Contracting and Real Estate Investment Company has provided in the Compound Palm Capital Shorouk which offers the best architectural designs and combines the sophistication and sophistication that the client needs.

Advantages of Palm Capital Shorouk

Compound Palm Capital Shorouk is characterized by many services that create the appropriate environment for the client and provide means of comfort, as the client does not need to leave the compound to meet his needs. The company has provided all services for him within the compound, including health and utility services, and services for children and adults. Among the most important services available within the compound:

  •  Compound Palm Capital Shorouk contains many high-level restaurants and cafes offering the most delicious food and drinks and access to all distinguished services within the compound.
  • Many swimming pools designed with the latest architectural designs have been provided for relaxation at any time and to continue swimming exercises for your children.
  •  Compound Palm Capital Shorouk includes modern electric elevators that facilitate the process of moving between the different floors at critical times and for the elderly.
  • The compound has a pharmacy that provides the client with the medications he needs. This gives the client the opportunity to obtain medications quickly, especially in cases of emergency illness, and saves time instead of the client going outside.
  •  Compound Palm Capital Shorouk has a social club that provides the services and amenities that the client and his children need.
  • There is also a supermarket with all the products customers need, food resources, entertainment, and household needs
  •  Compound Palm Capital Shorouk contains a mosque for performing prayers at their times.
  • The compound has many sports fields, such as golf and tennis, which help develop the skills of children and adults and spend their free time in mathematics that is useful for developing the mind and building a healthy body and mind.
  • Palm Capital Shorouk Compound has a gym and a jacuzzi that helps you relax, unwind, calm down, and spend time with yourself.
  •  Compound Palm Capital Shorouk includes a health club for practicing healthy sports, maintaining health and relaxing.
  • There is an area designated for children to keep them safe during playtime and leave them freely without worrying about them because children always need to play to release negative energy.
  • A commercial mall that includes many commercial brands, as well as cafes and restaurants. It is a place for entertainment, marketing, and meeting daily needs without the need to go outside the compound.
  • A private garage for residents, which reduces traffic congestion within the compound and facilitates easy movement and mobility.
  • Vast green spaces for psychological comfort, relaxation, and fresh air that the client needs. Green spaces always give the heart psychological comfort and help with clarity of mind and purity of thinking.
  • Medical clinics have the best doctors for easy treatment of patients and emergency cases without leaving the compound.

An overview of Shorouk City

Its location

Shorouk City is located in New Cairo, as it is located at the thirty-seventh kilometer on a road connecting Cairo and Ismailia. It is located near many cities, such as Badr City, Heliopolis City, 10th of Ramadan City, and Madinaty. It is surrounded by many cities on all its eastern, northern, western and southern sides.

Its origin

Shorouk City is considered one of the third generation cities. It resulted from the urban expansion of Cairo to reduce the size of the population and go there for reconstruction because it enjoys a strategic location that makes it close to many places and easy to reach quickly, so the transit city has become a place for many residents.

City services

In terms of health, it contains many hospitals such as

  • El Shorouk General Hospital
  • And Al-Shorouk Health Center
    And the International Medical Center

In terms of education, it contains many schools and universities such as

  • British university
  • French University
  • Shorouk Academy
  • It contains many schools


Because Shorouk is characterized by an excellent location, this facilitates the residents’ diversity in means of transportation and quick access to the places surrounding the Shorouk area. There is external transportation that reaches Lebanon Square and Abdel Moneim Riad, as well as internal transportation within the city and easy movement between its neighborhoods as well as abroad, such as the Suez Road, which is considered one of the main roads.

 Compound Palm Capital Shorouk advantages

The company is keen to provide customers with a comfortable and quiet residential life within Palm Capital Shorouk Compound through the following services:

  • Security personnel are present in the compound 24 hours a day
  • Surveillance cameras at the highest level.
  •  Compound Palm Capital Shorouk makes sure that strangers do not enter the compound in order to maintain the security of customers
  • There are water fountains, which give a cosmetic appearance to the compound
  • There are special spaces for walking and cycling to maintain the safety of passers-by
  • There are designated places for barbecues and barbecue parties.

The company developing the project

Tahoon  Investment and Contracting Company is one of the major leading companies in the field of contracting, as it has built many diverse places and buildings between residential, commercial and medical, and now it is launching its new project in the Shorouk area in a distinguished location and imposes flexible payment systems and diversity in various spaces.

“Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep clients informed of the real estate market.”

For more information, you can contact us on the following numbers: 01270970000

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