Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo – Your No. 1 choice in Mokattam

Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo – Your No. 1 choice in Mokattam

Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo One of the finest compounds located in the heart of Cairo, it is designed with the finest European designs that imitate the Spanish style, and it has a wonderful touch from the most skilled architects in the world, where an oriental Arab touch was added with the Spanish design to produce for us the finest units in which a person can live, and it is on… A very world class level of design.

Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo location

Emaar Misr Real Estate Development Company has put all its experience into building a residential compound in a distinctive strategic location adjacent to all the important main axes and vital places that are easily accessible through the compound. Therefore, the compound is located in the heart of Mokattam city.

The most prominent landmarks and places near the compound

  • Very close to the Maadi area and also the ring road.
  • It is 10 minutes away from Nasr City.
  • It takes a short distance to the Mohandiseen area.
  • It is located near Cairo International Airport.
  • It approaches the Martyr’s Axis after a national gas station.
Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo

Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo

Uptown Cairo Mokattam area

Uptown Cairo Compound was built on a land area of 1,200 acres, and the owner company was keen to build the compound on a large land area in order to provide it with a full range of various services and public facilities, as well as recreational activities that work to provide all the needs of residents of all age groups. In addition to the presence of a variety of residential units of different sizes and competitive prices, so that each client can find the appropriate space and price for him, and charming natural landscapes are spread around the residential units to give a wonderful view of all the residential units from all parts of the compound.

  • Apartments’ area starts from 147 square meters.
  • The duplex area starts from 282 square meters.
  • The townhouse area starts from 310 square meters.
  • The area of villas starts from 304 square meters.

Types of compound units

The units within the compound vary greatly in order to provide units that suit different tastes so that the customer chooses the appropriate unit for him.

The units within the compound vary as follows:

  • Apartments
  • Duplex
  • Villas
  • Townhouse
  • Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo

Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo services

Uptown Cairo Compound has complete facilities and services, making it look like a small residential city with all basic needs.

The most prominent services of the compound

  • Green spaces spread throughout the compound provide a wonderful view of all units.
  • There are also artificial lakes and water fountains that add an aesthetic appearance within the compound to all units.
  • There are various sports fields that are excellently equipped for practicing various sports, including soccer and tennis.
  • A commercial mall within the compound provides all basic needs and a large supermarket to provide basic supplies.
  • A health club equipped with the latest modern sports equipment and devices to maintain physical health.
  • The Kids Area is dedicated to children and is fully secured and has all the entertainment games available to enjoy spending the best times.
  • You can find luxurious educational services in the compound, where there are nurseries and international schools, in addition to an American university.
  • The cafes and restaurants in the compound offer the most delicious foods served by the most skilled chefs.
  • There is a large group of swimming pools of different sizes, with varying sizes to suit adults and children in the project.
  • There are designated tracks for walking and cycling, quite far from where cars are located.
  • Uptown Cairo Mokattam Compound includes a huge mall, and branches of the largest banks and companies.
  • The project was designed with elegant, modern décor in the Spanish and Italian style, with the addition of oriental Egyptian touches that make it an architectural masterpiece of distinctive beauty in the project.
  • Modern surveillance cameras operate 24 hours a day to monitor all movements in the compound.
  • Guarding and security services trained at the highest level operate 24 hours a day, without interruption or vacation.
  • Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo with a sophisticated, modern design.
Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo

Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo

Features of Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo

Emaar Misr Real Estate Development Company has provided a number of indispensable features that facilitate a lot of entertainment and comfort for customers.

One of the most prominent features

  • The wonderful design of all units is in the finest style, emulating the finest European designs by the most skilled architects, so that they suit people of high taste and lovers of luxury.
  • The wide variety in size and type of units for each client, allowing the client the opportunity to choose the unit that suits all his needs.
  • The wide green spaces and bodies of water give a distinctive aesthetic view that all units overlook so that all residents can enjoy a distinctive view.
  • Close to a large number of important main axes that facilitate the process of entering and exiting the project in the shortest possible time.
  • The compound is characterized by calm, because it is completely far from any source of anxiety and noise present in the city.
  • The privacy and security in the compound are at the highest level.
  • Electric elevators and regular maintenance on an ongoing basis and units that provided more comfort for all residents.
  • There is a Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo

Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo prices

The owner company, Emaar Misr, has provided a package of competitive prices despite all the services, entertainment activities, and countless features it has provided. It has provided various prices according to the type and size of the unit that each customer will choose. A twin house is available for sale in Uptown Cairo at competitive prices.

Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo

Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo

Payment and installment systems

The owner company has built an integrated compound in all aspects, providing basic and entertainment services, in addition to a distinctive strategic location within Mokattam. Despite this, the owner company has developed a diverse package of distinctive prices, in addition to developing a diverse package of flexible payment systems. There is a twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo with flexible payment systems.

The company that owns the project

Emaar Misr Real Estate Development Company is the company that owns Uptown Cairo Compound. It has also combined all its expertise and provided it with all the basic services that the client has been looking for for a long time. The primary goal of its establishment was the comfort and excellence of all residents and the provision of the largest number of services to them. All this at various prices and flexible payment systems.

Emaar Misr Real Estate Development Company has launched a group of various residential and commercial compounds. Its founding dates back to 2015. During this period, it possessed long experience in the world of real estate and was able to gain the trust of many customers and businessmen. It also provided everything an individual needs and searches for in the markets.

Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo

Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Marassi North Coast Resort.
  • Cairo Gate Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • Belle Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • Development of the new Library of Alexandria.
  • Twin house for sale in Uptown Cairo

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Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep. Informing clients about the real estate market.