Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows – Best seller of 2024

Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows – Best seller of 2024

Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows A distinctive residential compound, the units of which were designed with luxury and creativity to emulate the upscale European style. It was designed by the most skilled and famous engineers who exerted all their efforts to make this compound one of the finest compounds in the Sheikh Zayed area without a doubt, by designing a set of distinctive services to serve the residents of the project and meet all their needs.

Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows location

One of the most important reasons for the success of the project is its location. Therefore, Arco Real Estate Development Company was keen to choose a location adjacent to all the important main axes, so the company chose a location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, where it is close to the main important places so that life will be easier and smoother.Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows

The most important places near the compound

  • This distinctive residential compound is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City.
  • It is located near 6th of October City and a hypermarket.
  • Mall of Arabia, Juhayna Square, 6th of October University, and Lebanon Square.
  • It connects the most important roads and main axes.
  • Egypt-Alexandria Desert Road and Al-Wahat Road.
Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows

Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows

Area of Royal Meadows Sheikh Zayed Compound

Arco Real Estate Development Company built the compound on a large area, and the units came in a variety of areas. The compound was built on an area of ​​up to 240 acres, divided into large green areas that give the compound a civilized and sophisticated appearance. The area is larger than the compound, while the buildings area is smaller than the compound. Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows

Area of the compound units

The compound contains many diverse residential units of various sizes, and the spaces vary until the customer chooses the appropriate unit. The spaces within the compound are as follows:

  • Independent villa areas start from 372 square meters.
  • Twin house unit areas start from 296 square meters.

Types of compound units

The owner company was keen to ensure that the units within the compound were of the finest modern designs, andthe units were varied as follows:

  • Independent villas.
  • Townhouse.
  • Twin house.

Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows services

Royal Meadows Compound contains a number of entertainment and basic services. It is an example of luxury, sophistication and relaxation for all residents, as it is a distinctive residential place with integrated services.

The most prominent services and features are the following:

  • The elegant architectural designs in Yale Meadows Compound are modern and elegant in the latest elegant European styles.
  • The presence of wide green spaces, artificial lakes, and gardens full of flowers give all Royal
  • Meadows units the opportunity to see the most beautiful scenic landscapes.
  • The crystal artificial lakes in Royal Meadows decorate the place and give it an aesthetic appearance with pure water.
  • Royal Meadows Compound has a large health club, gym, spa, and jacuzzi equipped with the latest sports equipment to maintain physical fitness.
  • A commercial area in Royal Meadows Compound that includes upscale malls, shops, and stores that provide international brands.
  • A place designated for walking and cycling, designed in a modern way to practice walking, away from cars.
  • Entertainment places that include entertaining games for children and are fully secured to maintain the safety and security of children.
  • Restaurants and cafes designed at the highest level to enjoy while spending the most enjoyable times with family and friends.
  • Large garages that can accommodate a large number of cars to prevent overcrowding and congestion in front of buildings.
  • Royal Meadows Compound has a large number of swimming pools of different sizes, designed in sophisticated modern shapes and with various sizes to suit all ages.
  • Security and guarding services that operate 24 hours a day inside the compound in order to protect people and property.
  • Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows with the finest modern designs.
Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows

Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows

Royal Meadows Compound prices

The services included in the Royal Meadows Compound, the great features it provides, and the distinctive strategic location it occupies cause a feeling of exaggeration in prices. However, the owner company considered the importance of customer comfort and announced competitive prices for housing in this upscale place to give everyone the opportunity for a luxurious and upscale life. Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows at competitive prices.

Payment and installment systems

Arco Real Estate Development Company always cares about the comfort of its customers, so it always strives for its projects to be complete in all aspects, from basic and entertainment services to a distinctive strategic location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed. The prices within the compound are also very smooth with easy payment and installment systems. There is Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows with easy payment systems

Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows

Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows

The company that owns the project

Arco Real Estate Development Company was established in 2005 and has extensive experience in the field of real estate development. The company is one of the most important real estate development companies, as it is distinguished by the implementation of a large number of diverse and high-quality real estate projects. ARCO has a work team of the highest quality that works hard to achieve the company’s vision and meet all its customers’ needs.

The company uses the finest technologies and methods in real estate development operations, which allows it to provide innovative and unique projects. ARCO is considered a diversified services company, providing residential, commercial and industrial real estate development services. Through the diversity of its projects, the company meets the needs of various clients and deals with all segments of society.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Arco Lagoon North Coast Village
  • Lavande Compound 6 October
  • City Stars Village, North Coast
  • La Fontaine Compound, Fifth Settlement
  • Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows

Advantages of living in Sheikh Zayed compounds

The desires of many customers turned towards high-end compounds in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, due to their distinction and uniqueness in the sophisticated modern designs that guarantee them a comfortable life and upscale housing.

One of the most important features of Sheikh Zayed Compounds

  • The city’s population density is very small, which guarantees residents an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.
  • The city has a large number of educational institutions at all levels, which are distinguished by the high-end services they provide in this field.
  • There are a large number of commercial malls spread across the city that provide all the residents’ needs.
  • The most famous of these malls are Mall of Arabia, Tivoli Mall, Hyper One Mall, Americana Plaza Mall and Dandy Mall.
  • There are a large number of clubs available within the city limits that allow residents to practice various sports activities, including Sheikh Zayed Sports Club, Arnold Gym, Sheikh Zayed Youth Center, and Power Gym.
  • The vast green spaces occupied the largest proportion of the city, giving the place a distinctive charm and beauty, and this matter was reflected positively on the residents to feel calm and comfortable within the city.
  • Medical centers have received special attention in Sheikh Zayed City, and this is clearly evident in the great diversity among medical units such as hospitals, pharmacies, and private clinics.
  • The compounds have a large number of residential units designed with the latest upscale designs that vary in type and size.
  • The prices of most units within Sheikh Zayed compounds are very competitive, unlike those in other compounds.
  • Most of the compounds in that city provide their customers with the best flexible payment systems, so that they can pay the unit value in a very smooth manner.
  • Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows
Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows

Twin house for sale in Royal Meadows

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep. Informing clients about the real estate market.

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