Twin house for sale in Lena Springs | A residential project in 3 stages

Twin house for sale in Lena Springs | A residential project in 3 stages

If you want to put your money in a safe property, this project is for you, which is the Lena Springs Compound, Fifth Settlement, where we have provided you with everything you need from a variety of units, such as a twin house for sale in Lena Springs, and all the services that you will need. We have also chosen the best locations near the most important roads to reach. From him and to him, so what are you waiting for now? Book at Lena Springs

Twin house for sale in Lina Springs Lina Compound Fifth Settlement is a complete and integrated residential project in New Cairo City, with a total area of 36.5 acres, and it provides a wonderful residential opportunity for customers, and it is an entire residential complex with a different group of residential units and various spaces for apartments, villas and duplexes, Various services that meet the needs of the population, and convenient payment methods, are implemented by Lina Misr Company for Investment and Real Estate Development, which worked on designing the project in accordance with the latest building and construction standards.

Twin house for sale in Lena Springs

Twin house for sale in Lena Springs

Twin house for sale in Lena Springs

Lena Springs Compound is located in a distinguished location of its kind, making it close to various services, specifically in the Fifth Settlement, close to many important areas such as 90th Street, the American University, and close to 90 Avenue Compound and Acacia Compound. Twin house for sale in Lena Springs

Roads and areas near Lina Springs Compound

  • It is located near the Mountain View 2 residential complex
  • Close to Villette Sodic Compound, Palm Hills New Cairo Residential Complex, and Aswar City
  • It is located 5 minutes away from New Cairo Club and Platinum Club
  • It is 5 minutes away from Al Rehab City and Madinaty
  • It is about 15 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital

Residential properties in Lina Springs Compound, New Cairo

Twin house for sale in Lena Springs .. Lina Springs Compound includes a group of residential properties in the form of different villas, including independent villas, twin houses, and townhouses, and it contains some residential apartments, so that each client can choose the type of residential unit that suits him.
The project consists of 3 phases, the first and second consisting of detached and attached villas, and the third phase also consists of villas but divided into apartments and duplexes.

Twin house for sale in Lena Springs

Twin house for sale in Lena Springs

We will talk about the different types of villas

Twin house for sale in Lena Springs There are many types of villas within the Lena Springs Compound due to the abundance of various options for the customer, as the villas are the luxury residential unit for those who love vast spaces and an upscale lifestyle, which is what the compound provides you. The villas in the Lena Springs Compound differ as follows:


The townhouse is one of the most important types of residential villas, but with a small area compared to independent villas, and it contains a group of small villas adjacent to each other on the same row. Townhouse-type real estate units are also distinguished by having a small private garden in front.

Twin house

It is similar to the townhouse type, but it is different from it because it consists of two houses connected on one side and each of them has a garden on three sides. Unlike townhouses, they share an entrance, as the twinhouse allows its residents some independence.

Independent villas

A type of villa characterized by a large area, especially those that are independent villas. They have a private entrance and a private wall surrounding all sides. They are more private, and contain from two or three floors to four floors as well, and contain a private garden, and sometimes a private swimming pool.Twin house for sale in Lena Springs

Twin house for sale in Lena Springs

Twin house for sale in Lena Springs

Designs of Lena Springs Compound, Fifth Settlement

Lena Springs Compound was designed according to the latest building and construction standards, in the best modern style, and on a vast area of 36.5 acres that was divided precisely and professionally, and only 40% of the total area of the compound is being built and the rest of the area has been allocated to green spaces.

The company has allocated spaces for commercial malls, restaurants, and cafes, in addition to space for private gardens. In addition, it has allocated spaces for parking lots.
We have allocated residential apartments, townhouses, and twin houses on an area of approximately 10,000 square meters, and the company is keen to increase the area of the compound to 38 acres to increase residential units and green spaces.

Features of a twin house for sale in Lena Springs

  • A vast area allowed for green spaces that make up most of the compound’s area.
  • There are automated teller machines distributed everywhere.
  • The compound is completely surrounded by the project and is isolated from external noise and bustle.
  • Vast streets for more privacy for residents.
  • Proximity to all malls and entertainment areas due to its location in the 90th.
  • Cycling and walking areas away from car paths.
  • All buildings are equipped with high-quality electric elevators.
  • The facade design of the project is made of reflective glass, which gives a beautiful and modern look.
  • An environmentally friendly luxury housing project in Egypt, where solid agricultural and household waste is converted into fertilizer and recycled materials.
Twin house for sale in Lena Springs

Twin house for sale in Lena Springs

Lena Springs Compound services

  • Many diverse restaurants and cafes that satisfy all tastes.
  • Shops and hypermarkets provide a variety of famous shops.
  • A gym equipped to the highest level, in addition to a special health center for women.
  • The best beauty center for women and men.
  • Jacuzzi and sauna equipped to the highest standard for both sexes.
  • Different swimming pools suitable for adults and children.
  • Fully secured parking garages are available.
  • There is an equipped social club.
  • 24-hour security and guarding, and surveillance cameras distributed everywhere.
  • Providing the project with electrical generators to deal with power outages.

Some other services:

  • Wide green spaces.
  • The project is environmentally friendly.
  • Intercom.
  • Fire extinguishing system.
  • Regular maintenance of all facilities.

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