Penthouse for sale in Zed East – The 10 most important information about the compound

Penthouse for sale in Zed East – The 10 most important information about the compound

Penthouse for sale in Zed East. The compound was designed in a distinctive architectural way that helps you stay calm and comfortable, in addition to the presence of a large number of features for which the compound is famous. It includes all basic and entertainment services and is the appropriate place for everyone who wants to live in the heart of the Fifth Settlement with a life that includes all services and modern designs. The classy one.

Penthouse for sale in Zed East location

The compound is located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, near the main 90th Street, which is the most important street in the Fifth Settlement, which makes the project close to important vital places and various service areas and places.

The most important places near the compound

  • It is a short distance from Madinaty Compound.
  • The compound can be reached from Badr City with ease.
  • Very close to 10th of Ramadan City and Mostaqbal City.
  • A few minutes away from Heliopolis and Nasr City.
  • It is located near the American University.
  • Very close to the Administrative Capital.
  • Near South 90th Street.
Penthouse for sale in Zed East

Penthouse for sale in Zed East

Penthouse for sale in Zed East services

The owner company met all the basic needs of customers and provided all means of entertainment so that the project became a complete city in all aspects.

Among the most prominent services of the compound:

  • There are wide green spaces and many trees designed in a professional manner that make you feel psychologically comfortable and calm, and help purify the air.
  • There is a large commercial mall in the compound where you can find everything you want from basic services or entertainment services.
  • There is security and guards trained at the highest level, monitoring the entrances and exits of the compound, operating throughout the day, in addition to surveillance cameras operating 24 hours a day.
  • The compound has various swimming pools with safety factors, in addition to a private swimming pool for women to maintain safety and security.
  • There is a large sports club that includes various games such as football, tennis, and basketball, in addition to squash, learning to swim, and running.
  • Each unit has its own parking garage to prevent overcrowding in front of the buildings.
  • There is more than one place designated for beauty salons, whether for women or men.
  • Kids Area places are designated for children and have many types of games that are fully secured to maintain the safety of children.
  • Providing a large group of medical clinics with the most skilled doctors through which medical conditions are diagnosed, and there is a pharmacy that operates 24 hours a day.
  • The compound has provided a private and integrated area containing a large group of restaurants and cafes that serve the most famous foods and the most delicious drinks.
  • Providing a distinguished group of international schools that offer the best educational curricula in
  • the best methods and advanced educational systems with the most skilled teachers.
  • Penthouse for sale in Zed East with the finest services.
Penthouse for sale in Zed East

Penthouse for sale in Zed East

Features of Zed East Compound

One of the most beautiful and elegant residential compounds in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, the compound offers a real world of luxury and upscale accommodation amidst the vast green spaces that give a pleasant atmosphere and a wonderful feeling while inside the compound.

The project also provides all the services and facilities that meet all the needs of the residents, including enjoyable recreational activities and green spaces. Spacious and different swimming pools to feel the luxury of residence, in addition to the diversity of spaces between apartments, villas, penthouses, and townhouses, and it is distinguished by its distinguished location on the ring road, close to all roads and transportation.

Zed East area New Cairo

The project area was one of the most important advantages of the project, as the compound was built on an area of 360 acres. This area helped the project include all basic and recreational services, and also helped it include many residential units of various sizes.

Of this large area, Aura Company allocated a smaller percentage of it to buildings, while the remaining percentage of the area was allocated to services that came in the form of green spaces and landscapes. With the aim of creating a developed and completely different life, which helps residents live all the details in their daily lives. In a sophisticated way, they enjoy the most beautiful moments with their family and friends.

Penthouse for sale in Zed East

Penthouse for sale in Zed East

Zed East units Fifth Settlement

The project was distinguished by having a large number of different units that were designed with great precision, competing with the beauty of high-end European designs, so that the company would be able to satisfy all the desires of those seeking excellence in the heart of New Cairo.

  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Townhouse
  • Twin house

Zed East Fifth Settlement prices

The prices within the compound are considered very distinctive compared to the level of services and the important strategic location. The prices are very competitive with the huge amount of features and services. The compound’s competitive prices attract a large number of customers to own residential units in proportion to their financial capabilities. The prices of Penthouse for sale in Zed East are competitive.

Penthouse for sale in Zed East

Penthouse for sale in Zed East

Payment and installment systems

Aura provides smooth payment methods for customers to purchase a residential unit within the compound, as payment can be made in installments, in order not to impose large financial burdens on customers over long periods. Penthouse for sale in Zed East with flexible payment systems.

The company that owns the project

Ora Real Estate Development Company is the owner of Zed East Compound. The company is owned by engineer Naguib Sawiris. It is one of the largest real estate development companies in the Arab world, and the company owns a large portfolio of high-end and luxurious projects.

The company is interested in providing large and distinctive projects, so it is interested in establishing various partnerships, and seeking the help of a group of the best consultants in the world, such as those it used in Zed, Fifth Settlement. It also includes a group of engineers, designers, and workers with extensive experience, and Ora Company occupies third place among the largest Real estate development companies in Egypt because of the very high-end projects they have provided.

Penthouse for sale in Zed East

Penthouse for sale in Zed East

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Zed Towers, Sheikh Zayed.
  • Silver Sands North Coast.
  • Silver Sands Resort.
  • Hotel in Cyprus.
  • Hotel in London, Britain.
  • Penthouse for sale in Zed East.

Why do you own a unit in Zed East Fifth Settlement?

Zed East Compound includes many features that make it the most important choice for all clients looking for an integrated residential project, providing them with a diverse and new life.

One of the most important advantages within the compound

  • A strategic location in the heart of the Fifth Settlement and near the most important cities such as the Administrative Capital.
  • Zed Compound, Fifth Settlement, contains many services that satisfy all customers’ desires.
  • Engineering and architectural designs at the highest level for all units and areas of the compound.
  • The variety of residential units and their areas within the compound, which provided a diversity in the compound’s prices.
  • Smooth payment systems provided by Ora Real Estate Development Company.
  • Prices are competitive and cannot be compared to other projects, which are the most important advantages of Zed East Compound.
  • The elegant designs inspired by the modern European style give the buildings a distinctive and sophisticated look compared to other compounds.
  • Penthouse for sale in Zed East with a wonderful and distinctive view within the compound.
Penthouse for sale in Zed East

Penthouse for sale in Zed East

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep. Informing clients about the real estate market.

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