Penthouse for sale in Vinci – A great opportunity to invest in 2024

Penthouse for sale in Vinci – A great opportunity to invest in 2024

Penthouse for sale in Vinci The high-end housing suits the sophisticated modernity that all clients are looking for. The large Vinci project is characterized by a completely distinct specialty, far from the shoulders and crowding. All of this is the Vinci Compound, the first choice for those looking for excellence and difference. Book your unit now inside this edifice and enjoy a life of sophistication and luxury.

Penthouse for sale in Vinci location

The Vinci project has an important strategic location, as the owner company chose it with great care in order to achieve the ambitions of all customers, as it is located in one of the most important residential neighborhoods in the R7 area, which made it close to the most important vital areas and famous landmarks.

The most important places near the compound

  • A few minutes away from the embassy district and the exhibition grounds.
  • It is a short distance from the Green River.
  • The compound is easily accessible from Bin Zayed South Axis.
  • It is very close to the presidential district.
  • It is very close to Al Masa Hotel and the British University
  • It is located next to Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque.
  • The project is close to Rhodes Compound and Broad Walk Compound.
Penthouse for sale in Vinci

Penthouse for sale in Vinci

Vinci area the new administrative capital

Vinci Compound was built on an area of ​​110 acres, and the owner company allocated the largest area to green spaces, while the rest was allocated to buildings. The company also provides many different and diverse residential units with many spaces and distinctive prices. Penthouse for sale in Vinci in multiple sizes.

Area of the compound units

The large area played a major role in the multiplicity of unit areas in the Vinci project, and therefore all tastes will find a great opportunity to obtain the units they dream of, from small to large spaces, all of which enjoy charming views.

  • The units’ area starts from 133 square meters.

Vinci services the new administrative capital

If you are looking for an upscale life with many upscale services and features and located in a strategic location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital.

The most prominent services of the compound

  • Inside the compound there is a walkway designated for exercising, running, and cycling, away from cars.
  • For lovers of swimming and diving, the compound provides swimming pools of multiple sizes to suit different ages, and a covered swimming pool designated for women.
  • The Kids Area is fully secured with various entertainment games suitable for their ages to spend the most enjoyable times in the company of their friends.
  • Within the compound, there are designated places for restaurants and cafes that serve the most famous meals and the most delicious drinks, designed in the international style.
  • Installing several high-quality surveillance cameras to monitor all movements to maintain the safety of residents in the Vinci project.
  • Providing an international shopping center within a compound with many diverse stores equipped with the latest international brands that suit those with good taste.
  • Security and guard services to secure the entrances and exits of the compound, trained at the highest level, working 24 hours a day.
  • The compound includes spacious garages for cars to prevent overcrowding and congestion inside
  • the compound and to preserve the property, as surveillance cameras and a sound alarm are provided that operate 24 hours a day.
  • For those who like to maintain their physical fitness, there is a sports club within the project with
  • many playgrounds to practice all various activities so that everyone can practice their favorite sport.
  • Penthouse for sale in Vinci modern designs.
Penthouse for sale in Vinci

Penthouse for sale in Vinci

Penthouse for sale in Vinci Designe

The compound was designed according to the latest elegant engineering and architectural styles, as the Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company combined the project’s designs between the ancient Egyptian style and the sophisticated Italian style, and was able to present the civilization of the two countries through the compound, as this appears greatly in the interior and exterior designs.

The compound offers residential units of various sizes, ranging from apartments, penthouses, and duplexes. The buildings are designed in a very distinctive way that ensures a high level of privacy and security. The Vinci project was designed with wide green spaces that provide a quiet and beautiful environment for residents. Penthouse for sale in Vinci

Prices of Vinci Compound new Capital

The owner company decided to offer the prices of the compound at a reasonable price, in addition to setting the unit price based on the type of unit, design, vision, area and other factors. It also took into account the features it provided in the unit. Misr Italia was keen to provide an opportunity for all customers and investors wishing to own one of the units. The project. Penthouse for sale in Vinci at competitive prices.

Payment and installment systems

Misr Italia has provided competitive prices where you can enjoy the best installment and flexible payment systems announced by the owner company, as it has developed a group of different systems that suit all customers with their various needs.Penthouse for sale in Vinci with easy payment systems.

Penthouse for sale in Vinci

Penthouse for sale in Vinci

The company that owns the project

The Vinci Compound was implemented by the real estate investment and development company Misr Italia Real Estate Development, a company with long experience in the field of real estate development and providing residential compounds of the utmost sophistication and sophistication. Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company was established in 1998, and since that time the company has presented a group of real estate projects. The large company that achieved great success, achieved very large sales rates, and was able to chart the company’s path to great success within short periods.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Sila Compound New Cairo.
  • Musa Coast village in Ras Sidr.
  • Italian Neighborhood Compound in 6th of October City.
  • Lanova Vista Compound in Fifth Settlement.
  • Kai Sokhna Village.
  • Cairo Business Park project in New Cairo.
  • Bosco Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • Kai Village, North Coast.
  • El Bosco City Compound in Mostakbal City.
  • Penthouse for sale in Vinci
Penthouse for sale in Vinci

Penthouse for sale in Vinci

Why do you own a unit inside Vinci Compound?

Owning a unit within Vinci Compound is a very great opportunity for all those looking for an upscale compound within the Administrative Capital, as it gives you a great opportunity to invest in one of the most important cities in the world that all investors in the world are waiting for.

One of the most important features of investing within the compound

  • The designs vary between sophisticated modern elegance and classic luxury, which is what the owner company was keen to pay attention to within the project in order to produce this fine architectural masterpiece.
  • Entertainment and recreation places spread throughout the compound, which Italy Egypt has worked to provide to give residents a feeling of calm and tranquility, in addition to the wide green spaces surrounding all units.
  • The compound has flexible payment and installment systems, which give you a great opportunity to own the unit you desire and pay in installments over many years.
  • The characteristics of the units offered for sale in the compound, which have many countless advantages, including a variety of spaces, designs, prices, views, and location.
  • The reputation and fame of the company has been known for many years, and it is Misr Italia Company, the largest real estate development company in Egypt and the Middle East, and investing with a company like this is a great opportunity.
  • Available penthouse for sale in Vinci with a wonderful and distinctive view.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep. Informing clients about the real estate market.

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