Penthouse for sale in Taj City | 5 amazing features are waiting for you

Penthouse for sale in Taj City | 5 amazing features are waiting for you

Penthouse for sale in Taj City is a compound of a larger company, one of the leading companies in the real estate market, which is Nasr City Housing and Development Company. It is one of the distinguished projects as it specializes in constructing large mega projects.

It is committed to providing the best services and designs within its projects, which include the Taj City New Cairo Compound, where It is distinguished by its distinctive services and long-term payment systems, despite the differences and the multiplicity of projects in New Cairo. Now that Taj City Compound offers these projects and has become the preferred choice and the first for investors, it contains its advantages and the splendor of successful design and various luxury.

Penthouse for sale in Taj City location

Penthouse for sale in Taj City is located in a vital strategic location. It is located on a main road, which is the ring road between Old Cairo and New Cairo. It is located near cities such as Nasr City and Heliopolis on the Suez Road and in front of Cairo Airport, which is one of the main landmarks in Cairo. It is also near the hotel. Kempinski and the J Double Marriott Hotel, which makes its location strategic due to its easy access from more than one place and also its proximity to the main landmarks. This is convenient for the residents and a very great opportunity for investment. Here are some places near the compound:

  • Suez Road, passing directly in front of Taj City, New Cairo.
  • Nasr City.
  • Heliopolis.
  • Ring road.
  • Heliopolis
  • Cairo airport
  • Downtown Cairo, 10 minutes away from the project.
  • Kempinski Hotel and JW Marriott Hotel
Penthouse for sale in Taj City

Penthouse for sale in Taj City

Design of Taj City Compound New Cairo

One of the most important factors for the success of a penthouse for sale in Taj City is the engineering design of the compound and the interior units. All customers seek design and aesthetic appearance, so the company was keen to present an excellent technical engineering design and an interior design for the units that is unique and elegant to differ from other projects.

The company designed the project so that the ratio Architecturally, the project does not exceed 18% of the total area, and the rest of the 82% is for the wide green spaces that serve as a natural outlet for the residents and all the services and facilities that the residents need. The company was also keen on the difference, so it developed designs that suggest privacy by leaving partitions between each building and the other to increase privacy between Residents and for residents to enjoy the open views.

Areas of the Taj City Compound New Cairo project

The company has launched the Taj City Compound with a variety of areas to suit different segments of customers. It is one of the best elements for the success of the residential compound located in the Fifth Settlement. It comes with large areas and small areas of villas, apartments and duplexes with unique designs overlooking vast green spaces and water fountains on an area of 82% of the area. The total area of the compound, and some of the areas in the compound are as follows:

  • The area of residential apartments in the Taj City New Cairo project starts from a 65-meter studio with one room.
  • A group of apartments are available for sale in the Fifth Settlement, Taj City Compound, with areas ranging from 86 square meters to 200 square meters.
  • A group of villas for sale in New Cairo in Taj City has been provided with areas starting from 280 square meters.
  • Penthouse for sale in Taj City
Penthouse for sale in Taj City

Penthouse for sale in Taj City

Services in Taj City Compound New Cairo

The compound offers many services that residents need inside the compound without the need to go outside, and some of the services were as follows:

  • Gardens with vast green spaces. The compound contains green spaces, which gives residents the opportunity to practice various activities such as reading books or yoga. They act as a natural outlet and give fresh air to all residents.
  • A private parking lot for all residents of the compound, which reduces traffic congestion inside the compound, facilitates the process of walking without congestion, and maintains the safety of passers-by in the compound.
  • Penthouse for sale in Taj City
  • Special gardens for children so that children can practice various activities to develop their physical and mental abilities through practicing physical and mental activities.
  • A track dedicated to morning walking and breathing fresh air in the middle of the wide green areas.
  • Guarding and security from companies with the highest training and technical levels working 24 hours a day to increase care and safety inside the compound.
  • Penthouse for sale in Taj City
  • The presence of artificial lakes and water fountains inside the compound to increase the aesthetic appearance of the project and increase the natural scenery that the units overlook and differ from other compounds.
  • There are many restaurants and cafes that residents need for outings and family outings from various restaurants and countries within the compound.
  • Gyms equipped with the highest levels and containing many machines and devices for practicing healthy sports without the need to go outside the compound.
  • Penthouse for sale in Taj City
  • Spaces designated for holding barbecue and barbecue parties in green spaces, providing a great opportunity for family gatherings and a sense of family warmth.
  • Designated spaces with seating in the middle of the green spaces for reading, walking, and the elderly.
  • Celebration halls in which all parties are held for the residents of the compound and large gatherings in a joyful celebration atmosphere.
  • Halls for businessmen to hold private meetings and conferences in the compound without the need to go out to private companies or workplaces.
  • Medical centers at the highest level equipped within the compound to provide the necessary health service to residents and complete care for patients.
  • International hotels licensed at the highest level are located inside the compound, which increases the investment value of the compound and distinguishes the compound from other surrounding places.
  • Penthouse for sale in Taj City
  • Surveillance cameras that operate 24 hours a day to increase the safety and security of residents inside the compound.
  • The existing modern electronic gates operate with technology on all gates of the Taj City Compound to increase care and safety in the compound.
  • A health club equipped to the highest levels, containing a gym for exercising, a spa, and a jacuzzi for rest and relaxation, a feeling of energy and calm, and getting rid of the negative energies present inside the body.
  • Penthouse for sale in Taj City
  • A variety of swimming pools of various sizes and depths suitable for all ages, including children, young people, and the elderly.
  • There are also covered swimming pools for women to maintain privacy for female residents.
  • Language schools within the Taj City Compound at the highest levels that students go to.
  • An international cultural club with libraries and many books, as well as cultural activities circulated among the residents of the compound
  • A large commercial mall that includes many shops and international brands so that all residents can go shopping and meet their needs. It also includes many different restaurants and cafes for outings and going out on vacation.
Penthouse for sale in Taj City

Penthouse for sale in Taj City

The real estate developer of Taj City Compound

madent nsar  Development Company for Real Estate Development is one of the companies that has a great history and a distinguished business precedent that helped give it a leadership position in the Egyptian real estate market. The company was able to gain this position after great effort and effort, the results of which appeared in its successful projects.

  • And previous projects of Nasr City Development Company:
  • Sarai Compound New Cairo.
  • Taj Sultan Compound in New Cairo.
  • Penthouse for sale in Taj City
  • Strip Mall New Cairo
  • Zed East Compound
  • Azzar Compound
  • Fifth Square Compound
Penthouse for sale in Taj City

Penthouse for sale in Taj City

“Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep clients informed of the real estate market.”

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