Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks 6 October | An upscale experience

Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks 6 October | An upscale experience

Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks implemented and developed by Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company, which is well known for its distinguished work history. It is an old and large company that was keen to provide a compound location within the best area in 6th of October, characterized by the presence of vast green spaces and artificial lakes that help you calm and relax. The project is incomparable to any place. It also worked to provide a variety of residential units of different sizes, competitive prices and many payment facilities.

The compound is characterized by modern architectural design and a wonderful view of the green spaces surrounded by the compound. It provides all means of high-end living, including services and facilities, and enjoyable recreational activities so that you can feel the luxury of staying and relaxing in the midst of nature. You can now reserve your residential unit in the most prestigious 6th of October compounds. Make your reservation before it is too late. hesitate.

Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

It is the first choice for lovers of tranquility and integrated services. Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company implemented the large project according to international building standards in 6th of October City, and within it follows international designs and ideas that are characterized by sophistication and luxury.

Because it offers residential units with specifications that meet the desires of a large segment of customers, living within the boundaries of this distinguished edifice is a golden opportunity that must be seized.

Location of Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

It is located in the most distinctive place within 6th of October City, as it is located near many important vital areas and public facilities. It is located specifically next to Juhayna Square at the beginning of Dahshur Road, and it is one of the largest squares in 6th of October City.A starting point for many other cities and government agencies, and it can be reached and moved to many vital places through it.

Places near Palm Parks

  • A few minutes from Juhayna Square.
  • Beside Wadi Degla Club.
  • A few minutes from Gardenia Sporting and Greenland.
  • 10 minutes from Media Production City to reach the compound.
  • Close to Helnan Dreamland Hotel, Movenpick Hotel 6th of October, and also Novotel Hotel.
  • Close to the New Administrative Capital, Fifth Settlement, and downtown in Cairo Governorate.

Design of Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

If you want to live in a real estate project within the best October compounds, your first choice will be Palm Parks, the most suitable option for you to live in a very ideal atmosphere amidst luxurious architectural designs. On a large area of 474 thousand square meters, it includes many types of residential units, In addition to the green spaces and landscapes that spread throughout the compound.

It creates a life of calm and sophistication and takes you away from the stresses of life simply by looking at it to enjoy its picturesque shapes. In addition to being spread between the buildings to separate them and give the greatest amount of privacy and freedom to the residents.

Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

Area of Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

The company wants to provide many services, so it was keen to provide a suitable space, as the area of the Palm Park Compound exceeds 113 acres. Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company has allocated more than 70% to service facilities, water bodies, and green spaces. As for the construction, it was carried out on an area of ​​about 30%. .

It includes a large number of units that varied between luxury residential apartments and townhouse units, with a total of 924 units that were implemented in varying sizes to suit all customers’ needs. The area of the units was as follows:

  • Apartments in Palm Parks start from 89 square meters and reach 170 square meters.
  • The townhouse area starts from 248 square meters.

Services of Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

Palm Parks 6th of October Compound is characterized by the many recreational and basic services that all residents of the compound need, which make them not need to leave the compound to fulfill their needs because everything is available inside it and the services come as follows:

  • Surveillance cameras operate 24 hours a day.
  • Integrated safety devices are spread throughout the compound to protect residents from fires and anything else.
  • A special parking garage under the buildings to prevent crowding in front of the buildings.
  • An integrated shopping center with many brands and everything a home needs.
  • It also includes a supermarket with all household needs
  • A health and sports center to practice the sports activities you desire and maintain physical fitness.
  • Restaurants that offer the most delicious food and drinks you desire.
  • Artificial lakes with charming designs and distinctive views add an aesthetic view to the compound.
  • Places designated for holding parties and seminars.
  • Playgrounds for practicing sports such as football.
  • Special paths for walking and cycling amidst the charming nature so that you can enjoy practicing your favorite sport.
  • International nurseries and schools provide the best educational services.
  • Pharmacies contain all types of medicines and operate throughout the day.
  • The clubhouse is equipped to the highest standard.
  • Kids Area is intended for children to have fun inside
  • A spa and gym, in addition to a beauty center.
  • Swimming pools of different sizes to suit everyone.
  • Green spaces and landscapes spread throughout the compound.
  • Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

Prices and payment systems for Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

Palm Parks prices are suitable for customers and not exaggerated, because they provide many services and features provided to the residents, which guarantee them a high level and a more comfortable life. The company has provided amazing facilities for payment over a long period, to facilitate its customers and satisfy them.

Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

The company developing a Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

Palm Parks 6th of October Compound is one of the most important projects owned by Palm Hills Real Estate Development Company. It was established in 2005 and is one of the largest real estate companies, distinguished by quality in construction, precision in design, and taking into consideration the needs of customers in every piece when building any project.

The company is famous for its successful projects that have strengthened its position in the real estate market. The company also has great experience over the years through which the company has gained the trust of a large segment of customers. This trust came from the huge projects it implemented, as well as its keenness to deliver the projects on time.

The company cares greatly about the comfort and happiness of customers, and always puts them at the forefront of its goals. Therefore, it is always keen to implement projects with extremely exquisite designs characterized by luxury and sophistication, and works to provide many distinguished facilities and services in order to provide them with comfort.

The company has extensive experience in the field of real estate, and the experience was evident in the number of huge and successful projects that the company implemented, the title of which was luxury and sophistication in every detail. The company’s residential projects were numerous, which made it a strong competitor to the largest real estate companies. Among the most prominent projects that it carried out are:

Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

  • Palm Valley Project.
  • Palm Park Palm Hills New Cairo.
  • Palm Hills Alexandria project.
  • Palm Hills Compound, 6th of October.
  • Golf Central Mall, New Cairo.
  • Casa Sheikh Zayed Compound project.
  • Halle Town project.
  • Badya Palm Hills Compound, 6th of October.
  • Capital Gardens Mostakbal City Compound.
  • Woodville 6th of October Compound project.
  • Hacienda Bay North Coast Village Project.
  • Hacienda White North Coast Resort Project
  • Crown Palm Hills October Compound
  • Palm Hills Katameya.
  • Palm Hills Katameya 2.
  • Golf Extension project.
  • Penthouse for sale in Palm Parks

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