Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo – Top 10 compounds

Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo – Top 10 compounds

Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo Searches have increased in recent times for penthouses for sale in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, and this is because it has a large number of various advantages, and there are also many other services that will facilitate the lives of residents and make it more comfortable, happy, and calm.

Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo

Owning a penthouse has many advantages that make living in the place truly unique. The charming view provided by living in the penthouse is that it has a distinctive roof that gives a distinctive aesthetic appearance to the unit and makes you enjoy sitting in the open air.

The most important compounds in New Cairo

New Cairo Emirate Compound by New Plan Development is one of the latest projects launched by the owner company, and it will be the ideal choice for those looking for residential units with their modern, modern concept so that they can enjoy their lives. The company has been keen to provide all the factors that provide residents with the privacy and sophistication they are looking for.

Services of the Amara compound new Cairo

The happiness that residents get in New Cairo Emirate Compound cannot be described due to the amount of unique features it provides to residents.

Among the most prominent services of the compound are the following:

  • The presence of the vast green spaces and landscape in the compound gives residents the full opportunity to conduct all recreational activities.
  • Providing swimming pools of the highest standard in the project that are suitable for all ages.
  • The garages located in the compound will enable residents to park their cars with great comfort at any time.
  • The restaurants in the compound provide a lot of food and drinks for residents at any time.
  • Running and cycling paths are provided in the compound to make it easy for residents to practice this hobby.
  • Clubs In the project, residents will be able to obtain spa and jacuzzi services.
  • The presence of a clubhouse works to provide all means of entertainment for residents 24 hours a day.
  • A special play area has been provided for children so that they can enjoy their time with their families.
  • The project’s security and guard personnel work 24 hours a day with surveillance cameras throughout the compound.
  • Providing electrical generators and fire extinguishing systems that can be relied upon in times of need.
  • A penthouse is available for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo, with the finest modern designs.
Penthouse for sale in New Cairo - New Cairo

Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo

Creek Town New Cairo

The compound is one of the finest and most luxurious residential compounds located in the heart of New Cairo, which includes a large number of diverse and distinctive services and facilities. It is a great opportunity to stand out and obtain luxury and sophistication in the compound.

Features of Creek Town New Cairo location

Creek Town Compound has an ideal strategic location in the heart of New Cairo, next to all the important vital areas that contain many distinctive and diverse services that residents in general need. It is a large and luxurious project designed in a luxurious modern style.

The most important places near the compound

  • Near Tulip Hotel.
  • The project is located near Al-Rehab City.
  • It is located on the New Suez Road.
  • The compound is close to entertainment services.
  • Close to many health, educational and entertainment services.
Penthouse for sale in New Cairo - New Cairo

Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo

Compound Silvia New Cairo

The compound was designed in a unique design by the most skilled designers in Egypt to produce a huge and distinctive residential edifice in the modern European style surrounded by green spaces and wonderful fountains. The décor is characterized by luxury and sophistication in all its details. If you are looking for a residential complex that enjoys many distinguished services and diverse units and designs. With stunning architecture, you will find all of this and more inside Sylvia.Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo

Penthouse for sale in New Cairo - New Cairo

Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo

Moon Residence Fifth Settlement

Now is your opportunity to reserve units in Moon Residence Compound, Fifth Settlement, one of the most prominent and important projects of Al Marasem Real Estate Development and Investment Company, which was able to launch many large projects through which it was able to meet all the needs of investors in the real estate market in Egypt specifically. Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo

Compound Cattleya New Cairo

The real estate developer was keen to build the compound on a large area of up to 8 acres, and the largest area of the project was allocated to green spaces, so that the residents of the project would enjoy comfort and tranquility. Also, the spaces in the Catalia Compound apartments are very diverse to suit all needs. Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo

Penthouse for sale in New Cairo - New Cairo

Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo

Elan New Cairo

The features of Elan New Cairo Compound are diverse, ranging from an important strategic location in the heart of New Cairo, and close to the most important main axes, to sophisticated modern details, related to the sophisticated modern design and the world that the project will look like, in addition to the fact that there will already be a set of details related to the payment packages. The easy payment will help you pay the price of the unit you want in the shortest period of time. Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo

Peerage compound new Cairo

Riyadh Misr Real Estate Development Company is proud to launch the Pirage New Cairo Compound, which will be a distinctive architectural icon among residential projects because it will provide various types of units that satisfy the tastes of all customers, which is compatible with the aspirations of customers. There are Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo.

Mountain View iCity Compound

In its designs within the compound, the company combined upscale European and upscale American designs, and as a result, it is the first project in Egypt to which the science of happiness is applied in the construction of buildings, facilities, and services in the project, as the owner company followed the highest quality standards in implementing the compound, and focused on providing the most important The necessary atmosphere to enjoy staying in the compound, in addition to the presence of advanced technology to provide electrical energy around the clock. Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo

Penthouse for sale in New Cairo - New Cairo

Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo

Advantages of investing in New Cairo

Investing in New Cairo is a great opportunity because it is considered one of the most prestigious cities that enjoys a huge amount of features and services. Therefore, you have a great opportunity to own your unit within the administrative capital.

Among the most important features of the administrative capital:

  • It has advanced infrastructure, including wide streets, appropriate lighting, and public facilities.
  • This enhances the comfort of residents and attracts investors.
  • The compounds are characterized by modern, modern designs and innovative architecture. There are elegant residential units that meet all the needs of investors and provide a comfortable residential experience.
  • There is an advanced guard and security system to ensure the safety of residents and property. This gives real estate investment the advantages of security and safety.
  • The area is witnessing continuous development of residential and commercial properties and large real estate projects.
  • The value of real estate in New Cairo may increase over time, providing an opportunity to achieve a high return when selling the property in the future.
  • New Cairo boasts a wide range of facilities and services available, including international schools, luxury malls and shopping centres, hospitals, specialized medical clinics, restaurants and cafes, entertainment areas and public parks.
  • The presence of facilities and services that increase the attractiveness of the area for investors and residents, and contribute to increasing real estate value.
  • Penthouse for sale in New Cairo – New Cairo

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