Discover the Exquisite Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue Resort | A Closer Look at its 4 Captivating Stages

Discover the Exquisite Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue Resort  | A Closer Look at its 4 Captivating Stages

Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue If you are looking for a village far from the hustle and bustle that provides a close-knit community whose goal is luxury and enjoying life with pristine beaches, then you should get Blue Blue Sokhna units, which is one of the best and most beautiful tourist villages in Egypt because of the wonderful features it contains.

Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue location

Blue Blue Village, which is considered the most famous tourist resort in Ain Sokhna, is located only 16 km before Zaafarana at Kilometer 55, that is, only 55 km after the gates of Ain Sokhna. Blue Blue Sokhna is characterized by moderate weather throughout the year, and is also distinguished by being on the sea. Directly, in an area with a sandy beach without rocks.

The most important places near the village

  • The village is located only 20 km from Porto Sokhna.
  • 150 km separates the village from Cairo.
  • The village is 110 km away from the city of Suez.
  • 90 km to reach the New Administrative Capital.
Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue

Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue

Designed by Blue Blue Ain Sokhna

It is considered one of the most important large projects that were established in the village of Ain Sokhna due to its distinctive strategic location, which made the Blue Blue project an artistic painting to make its visitors feel that they are in the European countryside, due to the high-end designs available in the resort, in addition to the services it provides to its visitors, as it provides all means of entertainment and recreation.

It is located directly in front of the sea, with a 300-meter beachfront. It is characterized by its yellow sand, turquoise waters, and the availability of beach playgrounds to play all kinds of games and enjoy the picturesque nature. You can enjoy all the tourist attractions due to its proximity to Mount Galala, which is located in Ain Sokhna. There is Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue with elegant designs.

Services of Blue Blue Village Ain Sokhna

The owner company was keen to provide all the basic and entertainment services that all customers need and provide them with an ideal life with the amount of luxury they need.

The most prominent services of the village:

  • A large health club with a spa, gym, jacuzzi, and other recreational activities inside Blue Blue Sokhna Village.
  • A large shopping center in the village that includes a number of major stores that provide you with what you and your family need.
  • A dedicated dining area with restaurants and cafes that provide excellent services, and this place is close to Blue Blue Sokhna units.
  • There is a large medical center in Blue Blue Sokhna Village that provides the necessary medical care to residents 24 hours a day and is supervised by qualified doctors.
  • there are also pharmacies.
  • There are large paths designated for cycling and running, and Blue Blue Village also includes an area prepared for photography.
  • A special place for holding various events such as barbecue parties, birthdays, and many others inside Blue Blue Sokhna.
  • A large hotel that includes several luxurious rooms and is equipped to receive visitors at any time.
  • An integrated security system provides the necessary protection and peace within Blue Blue Sokhna Village.
  • A large garage was designed to accommodate a large number of cars and reduce crowding within the resort.
  • Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue with the finest modern designs.
Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue

Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue

The area of Blue Blue Resort Ain Sokhna

The company that owns the project, MG Real Estate, was able to provide a variety of spaces within the village. Through this, it succeeded in satisfying all customers’ tastes and giving a great opportunity to a number of customers. This helped it achieve diversity in the spaces of the units in the village.

The units’ area in Blue Blue Sokhna is as follows:

  • Azure Phase: Chalets area starts from 100 square meters.
  • Cyan stage: Chalets area starts from 100 square meters.
  • Navy phase: There are chalets for sale starting from 110 square meters.
  • Indigo Phase: Chalet area starts from 115 square meters.
  • Villas: The area of villas ranges from 250 to 300 square meters.
  • The area of the twin house units starts from 153 square meters and reaches 350 square meters.

Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue

Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue prices

The owner company has offered very competitive prices for the units of Blue Blue Sokhna Resort when compared to the prices of other projects. Prices vary according to the types and sizes of units to suit all categories. The company developed the village and provided it with many different units that are distinguished by containing a large number of basic and recreational services. At unbeatable prices.

Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue

Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue

Payment and installment systems

This diversity of spaces and prices set by the owner company necessitates the provision of many facilities in payment and payment systems, which is what MG Real Estate Development Company has done, as it has provided customers with easy reservation and installment systems that make it easier for them to purchase units offered for sale. There is a penthouse for sale in Blue Blue with easy payment systems.

The company that owns the project

The company that owns the Blue Blue Sokhna project is Metawee Group for Real Estate Investment, which is a very large company in the field of real estate investment. Also, Metawee Group for Real Estate Development was founded in 1998 by engineer Mohamed Mustafa Metawee, meaning that it has nearly 23 years in the real estate field until it became A long name and history in the Egyptian market.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • The Mark Downtown Mall, New Administrative Capital.
  • Pro Mark Mall, New Administrative Capital.
  • Premium Business Center Mall, New Cairo.
  • Headquarter Business New Cairo.
  • Lavida New Heliopolis Compound.
  • Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue.
Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue

Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue

Enjoy the most beautiful entertainment times at Blue Blue

Blue Blue Sokhna Village has many advantages that make it one of the most prestigious projects in the region, advantages that provide you with a life full of recreation, happiness, and relaxation.

The most prominent of these features are the following:

  • The strategic location that was chosen for the project, with soft sand, charming sea water, and picturesque landscapes.
  • The large area on which Blue Blue Sokhna is located helped provide all the capabilities that made it an integrated project.
  • The village’s elegant architectural designs make you find yourself living in a world of dreams.
  • The wide variety of residential unit sizes, whether chalets or villas, so you can choose what suits you.
  • The basic and entertainment services included in the resort in order to provide all means of comfort and luxury to customers.
  • The competitive prices that were offered were in line with a number of advantages enjoyed by the project.
  • Investment in Blue Blue Village is considered a very great success due to the vital location that the
  • project enjoys, in addition to the continuous increase in prices over time.
  • Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue with the highest finishing.
  • The goal at Blue Blue Sokhna Resort is not just to build chalets with a distinctive and unique architectural design, but the goal is for each chalet to be a means of luxury and safety for all family members and to enjoy the atmosphere.
Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue

Penthouse for sale in Blue Blue

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep. Informing clients about the real estate market.

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