Penthouse for sale in Al Karma 6 october | Where dreams come true

Penthouse for sale in Al Karma 6 october | Where dreams come true

Penthouse for sale in Al Karma developed by Badr El Din Real Estate Development Company, one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt. It was keen to choose the best strategic and vital location for the compound to be close to all the places you need to go to. It was designed in an integrated and comprehensive manner. The compound also contains all the basic and impressive entertainment services in addition to… There are suitable prices for everyone and it is considered an investment opportunity that does not occur often.

A piece of architectural art that combines elegance and excellence in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City. This residential project is distinguished by its unique design that combines aesthetic and functional factors in an exceptional way. Al Karma Compound is a combination of high-end services, green environment, and comprehensive security, providing residents with an integrated and unique residential experience.

Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

The developing company was keen to provide its customers with a distinguished level of luxury that they needed by working to provide integrated services and vital and recreational facilities, in addition to its keenness to provide the ideal location and green spaces that surround the compound from all directions.

Do not miss the opportunity to live in one of the best compounds in 6th of October City, and in the Sheikh Zayed area in particular. Book your unit and enjoy very distinguished services and a life of endless luxury. The project is distinguished by providing various residential spaces that meet the various needs of the residents.

Location of Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

The developer company realized the importance of the location for the success of any project, so it chose one of the best locations in 6th of October City and Sheikh Zayed, to give its urban project a unique location, as the Al Karma Sheikh Zayed project is located specifically at the entrance to Sheikh Zayed, directly next to the Rabwa Compound project. The compound is located near all… The vital places you need to go to within a strategic and lively location. Here are some places near the compound:

  • The compound is a minute away from Juhayna Square, located before Beverly Hills.
  • Few minutes from Hyper One.
  • 10 minutes away from Mall of Arabia
  • Near Dahshur Link and 26th of July Corridor.

Penthouse for sale in Al Karma design

The design of the compound reflects luxury and elegance in every detail. Badr El Din Company worked to provide the best designs, so it hired the largest consultants and engineers to design it. Therefore, it has an innovative and elaborate architectural design that combines modern and traditional elements in an ideal way. The buildings have a unique character and attractive colors that add exceptional beauty to the project.

The villas and apartments in the compound were designed in a modern and elegant style, with attention paid to providing large spaces and green spaces that spread widely within the compound, in addition to using the best high-quality materials and luxurious finishes to create a residential environment characterized by comfort and beauty.

The interior design of the residential units is characterized by a distinctive distribution of rooms and spaces, allowing natural entry of light and air. In addition to the exceptional landscaping of the green spaces and gardens in Al Karma Residence, so that they all overlook the landscape carefully to provide a calm and refreshing environment for customers, with walking paths, relaxation areas, and places to exercise outdoors.

Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

Space of Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

Al Karma Sheikh Zayed Compound extends over a very suitable area to include all the services you need. The compound is located on an area of 16 acres. The buildings occupy the smallest percentage of the total area of the project, while the largest percentage is left for green spaces, water bodies, and various service facilities.

The residential units in Al Karma Compound in Sheikh Zayed vary in design and area, and are as follows: separate apartments, duplexes, twin houses, townhouses, and independent villas.

Services of Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

It was designed to be an integrated residential community, so Badr El Din Company was keen to provide all basic services and vital and recreational facilities, in an effort to meet the needs of customers and fulfill their various needs. Among the most prominent services and features that the compound contains are the following:

  • A huge mall, which includes a large group of shops offering the most famous international brands.
  • Restaurants and cafeterias that serve very delicious food and the drinks you want.
  • A security team works 24 hours a day and there are surveillance cameras throughout the compound.
  • Private garages for compound residents to prevent overcrowding
  • Specialized maintenance centers equipped at the highest level for car maintenance and repair.
  • Medical centers that include all the specialties you need.
  • Pharmacies operate around the clock to provide your medication needs.
  • Green spaces spread throughout the compound.
  • Walking, cycling and horse trails.
  • A sports and social club that includes playgrounds for practicing various sports; Such as football, squash and tennis.
  • A large mosque for prayers to be held inside.
  • Penthouse for sale in Al Karma
Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

prices of Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

Badr El Din Company, the real estate developer of the compound, did not limit itself to choosing the best strategic locations in October City and providing all the services you need in the project. It worked to provide a diversity of units, their areas and designs, with the aim of providing many choices and competitive prices that suit all customers’ needs. The company offered the units at prices Unparalleled competitiveness, and not compared to the great amount of features available in the project.

payment systems of Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

Badr Al-Din Company, the developer of the project, is keen to gain the trust of its customers and meet all their needs. It has provided facilities and flexible payment systems that are suitable for everyone to own their units without feeling like a burden on them. Book your unit now and do not hesitate or miss the opportunity.

It is an integrated residential experience that combines modern life and picturesque nature in the best possible way. There are many payment systems for owning residential units, where you can reserve and contract now with the lowest down payment and highest payment period.

The importance of investing in karma

Real estate investment is one of the best and safest solutions available to everyone looking for a real, safe opportunity to put their money in, without feeling fear or anxiety about loss or decrease in value. Karma comes among the distinguished residential projects that have won the admiration of many investors, businessmen, and clients who want to own a unit. An upscale residential complex in a quiet area full of basic and entertainment services.

It provides many of the basic and entertainment services that you need within a vital location close to all the places you need to go to, to be close to all the places you want because the company is well aware of the importance of the site in terms of its success and investment within it. It also provides flexible and easy payment systems over several very long years. And very competitive prices.

Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

The company developing a Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

Karma Sheikh Zayed Compound is one of the achievements of Badr El Din Real Estate Development Company, whose management is headed by Engineer Mamdouh Badr El Din. This company is one of the large companies in the field of real estate in Egypt.

It was founded by the Badr El Din family in 2006 and has extensive experience in real estate investment, and over these years it has presented many residential and commercial projects. The company is considered the first Egyptian commercial real estate developer and has more than 1.2 million square meters of projects under construction, the most important of which is the Karma Sheikh Zayed Compound, which It cooperated with Orascom.

Previous work of Badr Al-Din Real Estate Company

  • Arkan Plaza Mall in Sheikh Zayed City.
  • Al Karma Compound Series.
  • Mazar Mall Mazar Mall.
  • Kayan Compound 6 October.
  • Penthouse for sale in Al Karma

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