Twin house for sale in Naya Bay | Kilo 212 , Alexandria – Matrouh Road

Twin house for sale in Naya Bay | Kilo 212 , Alexandria – Matrouh Road

Twin house for sale in Naya Bay, a new vision and distinct style in building and construction; Jumeirah Egypt Company has implemented Naya Bay, which introduces an exceptional concept to the real estate industry in Egypt. Naya Bay North Coast is your ideal choice for housing within private units enjoying charming views of the dazzling and beautiful Crystal Lagoons; You are surrounded by many high-end services, including highly designed restaurants and cafes that attract the eye, and paved paths far from places where cars are available, ensuring that you can enjoy the fresh morning breeze or ride bicycles at sunset and feel comfortable and relaxed amidst the natural scenery around you.

Now, do not hesitate and book your twin house unit for sale in the distinguished Naya Bay in a luxury resort in the most important locations of all and close to the most important roads and main axes, and it is characterized by many wonderful services and features that meet all requirements and needs, at very competitive prices and easy and convenient systems. Payment extends to long-term years in Naya Bay North Coast Village. Twin house for sale in Naya Bay

Twin house for sale in Naya Bay

Twin house for sale in Naya Bay

Twin house for sale in Naya Bay

Twin house for sale in Naya Bay One of the most important and best projects established in recent times is Naya Bay North Coast Village in the most important areas of the city, North Coast, through Jumeirah Real Estate Development Company.

What distinguishes Naya Bay, in addition to its strategic location, is its beautiful engineering designs inspired by modern and luxurious European designs, along with the abundance of green spaces and landscapes that increase the number of buildings, which creates a distinguished residential environment that is compatible with nature.

In addition, the diversity of the units in terms of designs and spaces was among the things that made Naya Bay Coast fulfill the desires of all customers. One of the most important things to mention is that all the units enjoy a great deal of privacy, as the green spaces are a detail between the buildings and each other. This will make you enjoy all the time even while you are inside the unit.

Location of Naya Bay North Coast Village

The most important advantages of the Naya Bay project is the strategic location that was chosen with great care by the company responsible for constructing this great edifice, as it chose the heart of the city on the northern coast, specifically at kilometer 212 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road. Al-Kaman is considered one of the most important places in this region due to the availability of all services. Basic and recreational facilities, in addition to its proximity to main roads that facilitate transportation to and from the project. Twin house for sale in Naya Bay

Twin house for sale in Naya Bay

Twin house for sale in Naya Bay

Places near Naya Bay Coast Village

  • The location is distinguished by its proximity to New El Alamein Airport, with an estimated time of no more than 60 minutes by car.
  • The project is also separated from the famous village of Sidi Abdel Rahman by approximately 60 minutes.
  • You can also reach Alexandria in less than 170 minutes.
  • The city is distinguished by being close to the city of Matrouh, with a maximum of an hour’s journey by car.

The Naya Bay resort is also very close to vital places and distinguished projects, for example:
Silver Sands Coast project.

  • S Bay Coast Resort.
  • Hacienda North Coast
  • Marassi North Coast Village.
  • Smeralda Bay.
  • Fouka Bay Village.

Twin house for sale in Naya Bay North Coast

Twin house for sale in Naya Bay the distinguished building in the center of the North Coast and one of the works of Jumeirah Properties, provides us with an unparalleled design project. It is a very distinctive tourist resort and we will see from the first services and facilities that it provides that the excellent company of this resort is yours, which makes you not want for anything. Book your place with us now and see the sea directly with the famous luxurious design and beautiful units.

The name of the village expresses the tranquility, charming nature, and comfort that you will feel. It is also taken from the word “flute”, which is characterized by its soft sound when played, and it also has an Indian meaning. The company’s inspiration is from soothing music, making you feel comfortable and unparalleled pleasure. Nyawan Village is beautiful all around.

Twin house for sale in Naya Bay

Twin house for sale in Naya Bay

Naya Bay Ras El Hekma services

You are the winner in every case. If you are a lover of luxury and freedom and feel as if you are living alone in a kingdom, then this project is the best choice. Adjacent to the unit’s green spaces and private swimming pool, apart from enjoying the complete privacy and freedom of living in Naya Bay, these services are as follows:

  • Naya Bay North Coast Village includes many green spaces spread around all sides, allowing residents of the resort to enjoy tranquility and sophisticated life.
  • Nay Bay North Coast Resort includes many swimming pools of different shapes and sizes for all ages.
  • Naya Bay Ras El Hekma also includes a five-star hotel. In addition to the boutique hotel, it has 30 rooms, in addition to cleaning and delivery services for rooms, restaurants and cafes.
  • Security and guarding throughout the day, so that all residents of the project live in complete safety.
  • Naya Bay also includes the best surveillance cameras that operate throughout the day and are placed throughout the project to monitor all activities and deal with riots and theft, if any. Twin house for sale in Naya Bay

The real estate developer of Naya Bay North Coast Village

Twin house for sale in Naya Bay, Naya Bay Village, North Coast. L Urban and Development Company is one of the leading real estate investment companies in the Egyptian market and is unique in building and construction projects in Egypt and the Middle East. It has different concepts on a global scale, and is visionary and prominent. Position in the Egyptian real estate sector.

The company was established in 2016. During this period, it built many projects to strengthen the Egyptian economy and worked hard to find various investment opportunities to achieve prosperity in the real estate industry and develop tourism investment in the North Coast region. Jumeirah Misr Real Estate Investment Company announced the launch of its “Jumeirah Bay” project, which covers an area of 6 million square meters with investments of 15 billion pounds.

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