Twin house for sale in Marassi | No. 1 on the coast

Twin house for sale in Marassi | No. 1 on the coast

Twin house for sale in Marassi the largest implemented village on the Red Sea coast and one of the most important large coastal villages in the North Coast city, which is located between the governorates of Marsa Matrouh and Alexandria.

Marassi North Coast Village was built on a large area of ​​more than 6 million square meters. This area contains many services and features that made the village the first choice for everyone looking for new meanings of comfort and luxury.

The village is distinguished by the difference in units, as well as in designs and spaces. The project contains various units of chalets, villas, and apartments, each of which comes with its own features. All of this and more comes amidst an atmosphere of calm and charming nature, where the clarity of the water, the softness of the white sand, and a large number of green spaces, landscapes, and swimming pools.

Twin house for sale in Marassi

Twin house for sale in Marassi

Twin house for sale in Marassi

The most important distinguished coastal real estate project is Marassi Village, which has been developed at the highest level of luxury, sophistication, and luxury. One of the developments of Emaar Misr Real Estate Company. The company designed the project using the most important international methods and styles to bring us this architectural masterpiece.

It is noteworthy that the Marassi North Coast project includes a place designated for a yacht marina, as the spaces accommodate approximately 400 yachts. This is in addition to other recreational services, such as jet skiing, surfing, swimming, diving, and other distinguished water games.

Marassi Village is thus the best place to enjoy a vacation full of luxury, relaxation and fun. As for investment, it is a completely safe choice for earning money and investing in the short or long term. Speaking of Marassi Resort, it contains 23 residential complexes, and its advantage is that there are many diverse units in the construction system within it.

Such as apartments and villas, and also the diversity of spaces. There are private communities in the village, where each community or unit has its own architectural character and level is different from the others, and where we notice the Greek, European and American styles, and all the architectural styles in the world, and the developer company is working on developing the beachfront from Emaar. Twin house for sale in Marassi

Location of Marassi North Coast Village

Twin house for sale in Marassi. Many people wonder about the location of Marassi Sidi Abdel Rahman village, and the answer is the village is located in the Arab Republic of Egypt in North Sal, specifically in the city of El Alamein, in the best area, which is the Sidi Abdel Rahman area, and is distinguished by its distinguished location. It is located at kilometer 126 in The North Coast is 10 km from New Alamein City and 25 km from Marina, which makes the village in a distinguished and upscale location.

The village of Marassi is 125 km away from the city of Alexandria and you can reach it easily after the construction of bridges carried out by the Egyptian government, as a lot of time has been saved. You can use the Cairo-Alamein road if you come by car and it takes about one hundred and twenty minutes. You can also reach it through the airport. Burj Al Arab in Alexandria if you will come through plane.

Twin house for sale in Marassi

Twin house for sale in Marassi

Twin house space for sale in Marassi

Marassi is considered a city, not a village, due to its large area. Emaar Misr has allocated an area of 1,500 acres to build the village of Marassi, North Coast, on a 6.5-meter beach. It has this advantage as one of the largest tourism projects in the city, North Coast, as well as in the Middle East. Emaar Misr Real Estate Company has invested in this space. Which exceeded 6 million square meters in providing all the services, facilities and entertainment through which the village’s visitors live, and who own them all their time within the project.

This large area was covered by many green spaces and swimming pools, and many various fun summer games. All units of Marassi Emaar Misr North Coast village enjoy a view of the sea in front of them, and the color of greenery around them, thus living an atmosphere completely far from the noise of the city, and full of… Comfort, calm and sophistication.

Marassi North Coast Village Services

Twin house for sale in Marassi The Marassi North Coast Resort contains 3,000 unique hotel rooms for visitors from abroad, Marina North Coast, which are integrated into the hotel system.

  • It contains a large and unique golf course.
  • There is also a hospital and an outpatient unit.
  • There are also many lakes, gardens and swimming pools of all shapes and sizes throughout the
  • village, accompanied by various men and women.
  • There are no designated shopping areas, entertainment areas and special play areas just for children.
  • There are also excellent international hotels, making it the best project on the North Coast.
  • The resort’s yacht and fishing pier are suitable for French adventure lovers.
  • There are also designated trails for children and seniors to get away from cars and traffic, and designated parking.

Some other services:

  • Providing parking spaces and large and small spaces for this purpose and helping them to have complete comfort.
  • Serving the interior of the resort for outdoor parties such as BBQs and other private parties, entertainment and a range of events.
  • There are many family and teen clubs, health clubs, gyms and sports fields to increase activity and activity.
  • There are many supermarkets, pharmacies and mosques.
  • The resort has many restaurants, cafes, and a restaurant that serves delicious and delicious meals.
  • There are several villages in North Shore Marina, each with all inclusive services and facilities.
  • It also includes a group of restaurants that combine good taste and stunning views, but Marsa
  • offers you this unique pleasure, which makes it more charming and unique, as you can…
    Choose from the best local and international dishes to delight the senses.
  • Marassi has many areas suitable for children of all ages, featuring a fun and cheerful atmosphere in a safe environment.
Twin house for sale in Marassi

Twin house for sale in Marassi

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