Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo | Unparalleled sophistication in 6 factors

Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo | Unparalleled sophistication in 6 factors

Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo which is considered one of the best compounds in Cairo. The compound was designed in the Spanish style and the compound has wonderful designs by the best architects. An oriental touch was added to the compound with Spanish design to produce a mixture of the best designs for the units at a very high level.

Emaar Misr Company implemented the project in Cairo with high quality and international accuracy. It is one of the branches of Emaar Company, as its headquarters are in the Emirates and they have many projects around the world.

The compound is characterized by an excellent location, as Uptown is located in New Cairo, specifically in Mokattam, before the beginning of the most famous 9th Street in the Mokattam area. It has its own entrance separate from other places. It can be reached from the highway or through Sayyida Aisha.

Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo

Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo

Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo location

Uptown Cairo Compound by Emaar is distinguished by its distinguished location in the heart of Cairo. It is located in the Mokattam area, on the highest plateau in Egypt. Its area extends over 1,200 acres and is 200 meters high above sea level. The construction percentage did not exceed 20% of the total area of the compound, and the remaining 80% was for services. Facilities and green spaces.

It is distinguished by its proximity to many residential areas as follows:

  • It is located 15 minutes away from Mohandiseen
  • It is located 15 minutes from Cairo Airport
  • It is located 10 minutes from the Maadi area
  • It is located 20 minutes from Nasr City and Heliopolis

The compound is characterized by its proximity to main roads and axes, making it easy to reach anywhere.Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo can be reached in several ways, including the following:

  • Through the extension of Ramses Street
  • From Nafoura Square in Mokattam
  • From the martyr axis inside Mokattam

There are many roads, as it reaches the 6th of October Bridge easily and facilitates traffic between New Cairo as well, making it easy to reach Nasr City, Maadi, Mohandiseen, Settlement, and Heliopolis.

Spaces of Uptown Cairo Compound

Emaar was keen to diversify the spaces and geometric divisions of the units in the penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo within the project in order to suit all customer segments, so it came with a variety of standalone villas – townhouses – apartments – duplexes.  – Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo .The buildings consist of ground floors and 4 floors.

Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo  units within Uptown Cairo varied from regular apartments – duplexes – townhouses – standalone villas and penthouses for sale in Uptown Cairo:

  • Apartment areas in Uptown Cairo Compound start from 147 square metres
  • Duplex spaces in Uptown Cairo start from 282 square meters.
  • Townhouse areas start from 310 square meters.
  • Villa areas within Uptown Cairo start from 305 square metres.
  • Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo
Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo

Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo

Penthouse services for sale in Uptown Cairo

Uptown Mokattam includes many diverse and integrated services, the most prominent of which are the following:

Golf Club: The compound is distinguished by the presence of a golf club inside it, which makes residents feel comfortable and calm due to the abundance of green spaces, wide open spaces, and golf practice. It is distinguished by being classified as one of the best golf clubs in the world, and it also includes many different sports activities and family gatherings.

  • Security and guarding: The compound has a security company at the highest level that provides guarding, surveillance cameras, and a television network that operates 24 hours a day to increase caution and safety.
  • American Schools: The compound contains an American International School, which was built on an area of 40,000 square meters. This increases the value of the compound because it is difficult to have a compound with an American school inside it, and it also gives students a high level of education.
  • Health Resort: Uptown Cairo Mokattam Compound is distinguished by its presence of natural water sources and rich soil, which allowed for the establishment of a world-class health resort to benefit from the unparalleled features of the region. The resort includes providing exceptional services to residents through its distinguished facilities.
  • Tennis courts: The compound contains tennis courts so that residents can practice sports inside the compound without the need to go outside.
  • Health Club: The compound is distinguished by the presence of a health club with a gym, spa, and jacuzzi for practicing sports and exercises, as well as enjoying and relaxing in the jacuzzi, releasing negative energy, and feeling relaxed in the spa.
  • Entertainment area: The compound is characterized by the presence of entertainment areas for children to play and enjoy. There are designated areas, and there are also entertainment areas for adults.
  • Commercial Mall: There is a commercial mall inside the compound that contains restaurants and cafes so that residents can shop inside the malls, take a walk, and spend time inside the various restaurants and cafes.
  • Walking track: There is a walking track inside the compound, as walking helps stimulate blood circulation, and inside the compound there are large and spacious green spaces that help calm and regulate breathing, as well as an area for recreation and reading books and novels.
  • Medical clinic: The presence of a medical clinic inside the compound to facilitate the first aid process when accidents occur and to quickly respond and respond to sudden children’s illness. It operates 24 hours a day to facilitate the provision of medical service and sufficient supplies for treatment and to maintain the safety of the residents inside.
Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo

Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo

Phases of Uptown Mokattam Compound

Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo goes through several stages, each of which differs in features in terms of the design of the buildings, the view, the shape of the buildings, and the engineering designs to suit all the markets in the compound.

  • Top Golf Villas Stage
  • Fountainside stage
  • Stage Golf Residence
  • Golf Vistas stage
  • Celesta Hills stage
  • Stage  Celesta by the Lake 2
  • Celesta by the Lake stage 3
  • Dream Street stage
  • The Fourteen Golf Residences stage

Prices and payment systems

The company launched the residential compound in the Mokattam area and was keen on diversity in units and designs, as the project consists of different units, including villas consisting of two floors and residential buildings consisting of four floors, with different spaces and interior engineering designs. All units overlook the landscape, green spaces, or water fountains. Depending on each stage within the project and Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo

It was keen to offer a competitive meter price in the region, so it came at excellent prices with long payment systems to suit different customers and be the best investment opportunity for the project. It came with the lowest down payment and longest repayment period, as:

  • Pay 5% down payment and the rest in installments over 8 years
Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo

Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo

The real estate developer of the compound

Emaar Real Estate Development Company has established Uptown Cairo Compound, and it is one of the leading and best companies in the field of real estate development, as it has great experience in the field of real estate and has a history of many works on the ground, and it has succeeded in building trust and credibility between itself and customers to become a distinctive mark in the real estate market. The company’s most important works are the following:

  • Mivida Compound, Fifth Settlement
  • Marassi North Coast Village
  • Bell Project in Sheikh Zayed
  • Compound Cairo Gate, Sheikh Zayed
  • Lea Marassi North Coast
  • Skya Marassi North Coast
  • New Alamein Hotel
  • Mivida Boulevard Residence, Fifth Settlement
  • Developing the Library of Alexandria and establishing a new facility in the same old library location.
Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo

Penthouse for sale in Uptown Cairo

“Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep clients informed of the real estate market.” 

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