Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay | A guide to luxury living in 6 elements

Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay | A guide to luxury living in 6 elements

Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay developed by Tatweer Misr Company for Investment and Real Estate Development, as it is well known in the real estate market and has always been characterized by a unique imprint in every work it does. It has worked to provide all basic services and recreational activities that work to meet the necessary needs of the population, and has provided designs A wonderful village, designed with the latest international designs. It provided a group of the best and most skilled experts and engineers in the field of architectural engineering to design the project in a sophisticated architectural style.

The village is considered an artistic painting that gives the best view in the middle of the picturesque nature spread in all directions. The developing company also took care to choose the best vital and strategic location in the heart of the Ras El Hikma area, so the company put its expertise to be next to the most prominent tourist attractions and very close to the most important main roads and important areas as well as Close to some major direct axes.

Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay

Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay

Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay

The village follows a system of tiered terraces and provides all your needs, in addition to its excellent location in the heart of the picturesque Ras El Hekma Bay, which is considered one of the 3 most beautiful beaches in the world. In addition to these features and more, it is affiliated with one of the largest real estate companies, the Tatweer Misr Company.

The village offers a variety of chalets of different sizes and prices to suit everyone and great services. All chalets enjoy views of the Mediterranean Sea. The village is specifically located in Ras El Hekma Bay, one of the most important and beautiful beaches in the world. Own your unit and choose from the different units and pay with flexible payment systems. Convenient and competitive prices.

Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay

Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay

Penthouse location for sale in Fouka Bay

Tatweer Misr Company for Investment and Real Estate Development was interested in ensuring that the location of the compound is strategic and lively, close to all the important places and landmarks on the North Coast, as it is an exceptional and unique location that is close to important roads and also the main direct axes that facilitate access to customers without taking a long time to arrive, so it is located specifically in a village. At Kilometer 211 of Alexandria/Marsa Matrouh Road, in the heart of Ras El Hekma area.

Places located near the village

  • 75 km from Fouka Bay coast to reach Marsa Matrouh.
  • Only 132 kilometers from the village to El Alamein Road.
  • Near New Fouka Road.
  • Close to the most famous tourist villages such as Hacienda Bay North Coast.

Penthouse design for sale in Fouka Bay

The village was designed to allow everyone to see the sea, as it is equipped with a number of terraces, which allow you to see the sea from a height of up to 6 meters. The village was divided into four phases, each with different services and a distinctive name, in addition to giving great attention from Tatweer Misr to provide the highest level of comfort to its customers, so that they can enjoy the picturesque natural scenery in a pleasant atmosphere.

In addition, the village was designed with great care to provide privacy and comfort for customers, which is characterized by a thoughtful layout that includes a variety of luxury residential units that suit the needs and tastes of different customers. It is a charming place that combines natural beauty and comfort, where you can enjoy every moment you spend inside Fouka and enjoy With the stunning natural scenery that surrounds you, the company provided the best designers and consultants to design the village.Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay

Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay

Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay

Area of Fouka Bay North Coast Village

Fouka Bay North Coast Village was built on a large area of approximately 195 acres with a beachfront of approximately 850 square metres, and the depth of the beach reaches 1,300 square metres, where part of the area was allocated to be used for buildings containing a variety of residential units of varying sizes.

The largest area of the total area was also allocated to green spaces, services, recreational activities and games, as well as picturesque landscapes and crystal lagoons to give the residential units a distinctive view overlooking them from all aspects of Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay.

Penthouse services for sale in Fouka Bay

Tatweer Misr Company for Investment and Real Estate Development offers a wide range of recreational and basic services as well as various public facilities that guarantee all customers a good standard of housing and also to enjoy a summer vacation in Fouka Bay North Coast Village. Among those services and features available in the village are the following:

  • Crystal Lagoons is spread over a large area, and green spaces are also spread throughout the village.
  • The hypermarket provides all the products you need daily.
  • A commercial mall that provides all needs, including international and local brands to suit all tastes.
  • Aqua Park is located on the compound’s beach, suitable for all ages.
  • A rescue team is present on the beach for protection at any time for rescue.
  • A 5-star hotel for visitors with the best hotel services in Fouka Bay.
  • Swimming pools of various depths, and there are swimming pools designated for women to be suitable for everyone.
  • A group of different restaurants and cafes offering delicious food and drinks to suit all tastes.
  • A health club that includes a gym, sauna, and jacuzzi to get everything you want.
  • A gym equipped with the latest sports equipment and includes a group of trainers at the highest level to maintain your physical fitness.
  • Large tennis and football courts.
  • Private parking garages that are fully secured to prevent overcrowding.
  • Medical services through the presence of a medical center that provides all specialties that operate throughout the day.
  • A pharmacy that provides all supplies and medicines and also has a home delivery service.
  • Security and guard personnel trained to the highest level.
  • Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay
  • Modern surveillance cameras are also spread throughout the resort.
Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay

Penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay

The company developing a penthouse for sale in Fouka Bay

Tatweer Misr is one of the largest leading real estate companies that was established in 2014. It is considered one of the companies that had a vital incentive for change. It provided great value and this is evident through its exemplary projects that have mastered all aspects of development. It possesses an enormous wealth of industrial and technical expertise. It also offers an innovative view of integrated living, in order to highlight its strength as a leading real estate developer in the Egyptian real estate market, in order to meet all the increasing demands for mixed-use projects that enrich the lives of its communities.

Tatweer Misr proves itself with excellence through world-class designs, innovation and sustainable development, and that advantage lies in its comprehensive approach directed towards quality designs, construction and unique architecture along with natural landscaping, and providing amenities that enhance population growth.

It also builds expertise through its shareholders to respond strategically to all customer-centric visions, forms strategic partnerships with global specialists and renowned innovators in every field, and is proud of four iconic developments that represent true testimonies throughout Egypt.

Previous work of Tatweer Misr Company

  • D Bay North Coast Resort.
  • The Lakes Bloomfields Mostakbal Compound.
  • Bloomfields Mostakbal City project.
  • The Lakes Mostakbal City.
  • Monte Galala Village, Ain Sokhna.
  • Via Monte Galala Village, Ain Sokhna.
  • Il Monte Galala Marina, Ain Sokhna.
  • Rivers Sheikh Zayed Compound.
  • The Views Compound, New Cairo.

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