Duplex for sale in Monte Galala | No. 1 in Ain Sokhna

Duplex for sale in Monte Galala | No. 1 in Ain Sokhna

Duplex for sale in Monte Galala One of the most beautiful and most distinguished beaches in the world is the Red Sea. This is because it has beautiful, extremely clear waters ranging in color between transparent white and bright crystal blue. The beauty did not stop there, but extended to the yellow beach sand, which is characterized by its softness. Spread throughout, creating a magnificent, unparalleled aesthetic view. Tatweer Misr chose this beautiful “view” to complement it by constructing the largest tourist village in Ain Sokhna, which is Monte Galala Village.

Duplex for sale in Monte Galala

This village is distinguished by its elegance, luxury, and tranquility, and this is what many seek for spending holidays or special times. As it is located directly on the Red Sea, you can enjoy a distinct and charming view through which you can clear your mind, make you feel relaxed, and give you huge positive energy.

Duplex for sale in Monte Galala The excellence of the Tatweer Misr Resort, Ain Sokhna, was not limited to building in a distinguished location on the sea, but rather it increased to reach the distinguished architectural design, the main services and facilities, and also the countless entertainment features that you will not find anywhere else, so that this resort becomes a legend of beauty and magic. Which takes you to a world that you have never dreamed of before. We will now show you many important details about Monte Galala International Village.

Duplex for sale in Monte Galala

Duplex for sale in Monte Galala

Location of Monte Galala Ain Sokhna Resort

Duplex for sale in Monte Galala When establishing Monte Galala Village, the developer chose a distinctive strategic location. It was built in the Ain Sokhna area at the foot of a mountainous area rising above sea level between the mountain ranges of Galala and the Gulf of Suez, and near the city of Galala. The most prominent feature of the location of Monte Galala Ain Sokhna Village is that it Close to many vital places.

They are as follows:

  • Monte Galala Village is located in the Ain Sokhna area. It was designed 11 kilometers from Porto Sokhna.
  • It is located next to Mostaqbal City, Madinaty, and the New Administrative Capital. It is one of the very large real estate projects that was implemented on a large area of 168 acres, and is separated from Ain Sokhna by about 60 km.
  • Square metres, nothing more.
  • Monte Galala Resort is 150 kilometers away from Cairo.
  • It is located 7 kilometers from both Porto Ain Sokhna and the Movenpick Hotel, which is located on the Sokhna-Zaafarana Road.
Duplex for sale in Monte Galala

Duplex for sale in Monte Galala

The most important features of Mont Galala Sokhna

Duplex for sale in Monte Galala There are many advantages in the duplex for sale in Il Monte Galala, among the advantages that made it one of the most important resorts in the Ain Sokhna region at all, and these advantages are represented in the following: –

  • Monte Galala Sokhna Resort is far away from crowding and pollution, and this makes customers enjoy tranquility and psychological comfort, in addition to being the first of its kind to be the first
  • mountainous coastal resort covered with bright green trees.
  • Monte Galala was provided to allow customers the opportunity to move on the surface of the high mountains, which characterize the resort. Duplex for sale in Monte Galala
  • Providing customers with the opportunity to practice mountain climbing, accompanied by a group of trainers who have great experience and quality in this sport in the Monte Galala Sokhna project.
  • The Monte Galala Sokhna resort is characterized by easy transportation to and from it thanks to
  • the presence of a bridge separating the Tatweer Misr Resort, Ain Sokhna, from the Sokhna-Zaafarana Road, which was built specifically for this purpose.
  • The most important feature of Monte Galala Sokhna Resort is its picturesque nature and mountain peaks, which make it very similar to the Italian city of Portofino. Duplex for sale in Monte Galala
  • The Monte Galala Resort was designed with great geometric precision and splendor on a terrace system in the form of 5 terraces above each other, covered with flourishing green grass at a height of 220 square meters above sea level, which made all the residential units within the Tatweer Misr
  • Ain Sokhna Resort enjoy a distinctive view of the city. Enchanting landscapes.
  • Monte Galala enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year, making it a distinctive destination for many people during the various seasons of the year.
  • The entire Monte Galala Resort overlooks the waters of the Red Sea, which are extremely clear and contain coral reefs of beautiful colors.

Design of Monte Galala Resort

Duplex for sale in Monte Galala The project consists of Il Monte Galala, Ain Sokhna, designed in stages as a wonderful and charming small tourist village, consisting of multiple residential units of different designs and sizes.

These stages are as follows:

  • Like a small island in the middle of the resort, 104 meters above sea level.
  • All units enjoy a sea view.
  • Maesta: The platform is located on the Galala Plateau, surrounded by picturesque nature, with a wonderful swimming pool at an altitude of 210 meters above sea level, giving you an unobstructed view of the sea.
  • Via Resort: It is located in a charming area on the beach, and its units are only 70 meters from the sea, and its unique design combines Greek and Nubian style.
  • ELARA Phase: This phase was designed near the sea and has a pure artificial lake and soft sandy beaches suitable for swimming, allowing its units to see the endless water landscape.
  • Marina Phase: This phase is the last phase of Ain Sokhna Monte Galala Village, where the units provide various views of the sea and the mountain. Duplex for sale in Monte Galala
Duplex for sale in Monte Galala

Duplex for sale in Monte Galala

Services of Monte Galala Village Ain Sokhna

The developing company was keen to provide leisure and entertainment services and facilities to include the abundant amount of services that can be provided to customers to make it easier for them to spend their time at the resort.

  • The most important services and facilities are the following:
  • It is considered one of the first tourist villages to care about bodies of water, so a large number of various swimming pools were created that have a view of the beach.
  • The owner company was keen to build and construct the largest mountain crystal lagoon, which is
  • the first of its kind in Egypt. It was built on an entire area of 45 acres and extends 11 kilometers along the seashore.
  • There are international yachts for all beach activities, as they provide you with all the tools and equipment you need, and you can also practice diving, as it reaches a depth of up to 600 metres.
  • It was built on one of the magnificent peaks of the Galala Mountains, so it is a fertile environment for all the various mountain activities.
  • It is an integrated entertainment center managed by the company (Rock & Robs), owned by international mountaineer Ali Samra. This place includes all possible mountain activities, including climbing, camping, and other activities. Duplex for sale in Monte Galala
  • Distinctive entertainment activities held among the mountains.
  • The project designers were inspired by this place, the arts area created in collaboration with the international painter
  • (fabrizio plessi) inside the village of Monte Galala, Ain Sokhna, to be an integrated complex attended by artists and specialists.
  • From all over the world to provide an integrated model for fine artistic activities.
  • The tourist promenade extends for a few meters inside the resort and has a complete and
  • integrated commercial area that provides you with an unprecedented shopping experience because
  • it includes shops and international brands, including restaurants and cafes.
Duplex for sale in Monte Galala

Duplex for sale in Monte Galala

The developer of Monte Galala Sokhna Resort

Duplex for sale in Il Monte Galala The developer company of Il Monte Galala Village, Ain Sokhna, is Tatweer Misr Real Estate Company, which was established in 2014 and was classified as the best real estate economic institutions in 2016. It is an Egyptian joint stock institution that contains a number of investors and shareholders, including Samir Arafa and Ashraf Arafa. Dr. Shalabi, Advisor to the Minister of Housing, Hamada Daoud, and Professor Sami Zatoun, owner of the Madeco Foundation, which specializes in water motors. Tatweer Misr has many projects through which it has won the trust of customers thanks to its wonderful designs. Duplex for sale in Monte Galala

These projects are as follows:

  • The Views Compound, New Cairo.
  • Bloomfields Compound New Cairo.
  • Fouka Bay North Coast Village.
  • Monte Galala village.

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