Duplex for sale in Amwaj | 3 steps to a luxurious life on the North Coast

Duplex for sale in Amwaj | 3 steps to a luxurious life on the North Coast

Duplex for sale in Amwaj is considered the most luxurious and best project presented by Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company recently. This project is considered a huge project. The company provided it with many experiences, and Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company excelled in its customers’ trust in all the work it provides.

The Amwaj Al Sahel project is distinguished by its charming location and its beautiful views of the distinguished nature, white sandy beaches, blue waters, and clear skies. The North Coast Amwaj also varies in its units, and offers endless services and features. Below we will present more information about the Amwaj project.

Duplex for sale in Amwaj

Duplex for sale in Amwaj

Duplex for sale in Amwaj

The most luxurious tourist villages that have been created recently to provide unparalleled entertainment means is Amwaj Village, which is classified as the best village for everyone looking to spend an enjoyable vacation and enjoy the natural atmosphere, tranquility and fresh air. We can point out that if you are one of those seeking distinction and sophistication, then your first path to sophistication and idealism is a village.

Duplex for sale in Amwaj which is considered one of the most important large projects in which services are integrated among the most important villages and resorts of the northern coast, in addition to the distinguished geographical location that is able to give customers a new start to a luxurious life, far from crowds and traffic congested areas, and fully enjoying the psychological comfort in every way. Its details.

Amwaj North Coast Village

Amwaj is one of the most luxurious tourist villages that was recently established in one of the most prominent and distinguished locations in the North Coast region. It is one of the most mega and huge projects in which all services are available in the North Coast region. The village was established in a unique geographical location far from crowds and congested areas and to enjoy psychological comfort. The Amwaj North Coast project is one of the most touristic villages in the hotel style.

It is located on the Mediterranean Sea in direct view of the sea. It was founded by one of the giants of real estate development in the Egyptian buying and selling area, which is the Al-Ahly Sabbour Foundation. For Real Estate Development, the commercial facility was established in 1994 with the participation of an Egyptian. Duplex for sale in Amwaj

Location of the Amwaj North Coast project

Duplex for sale in Amwaj Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company chose a very luxurious and charming geographical location in the lap of nature, as it is located on the northern coast, especially in the wonderful Sidi Abdel Rahman area, 135 kilometers away from the Alexandria – Matrouh Desert Road, and the shortest duration is as follows :

  • Amwaj North Coast Village, 30 km from Dabaa.
  • It is located on El Alamein Road, 25 km away.
  • The project is also close to many tourist attractions that attract tourists, such as the Leucaspes Monument and the El Alamein Cemetery.
  • It overlooks many picturesque beaches, such as Green Beach, Marathi Beach, and El Alamein Beach. Duplex for sale in Amwaj

The institution was keen to choose the most prestigious strategic locations on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, which made the village a focus for residential investment. This is due to the location with distinguished specifications. The village is located at kilometer 135 of the Alexandria/Matrouh Desert Road in the Sidi Abdel Rahman area.

Duplex for sale in Amwaj

Duplex for sale in Amwaj

Amwaj North Coast area

Duplex for sale in Amwaj Al Ahly Sabbour North Coast Village includes many recreational and basic services and features that every person needs, and in order for all these requirements to be met, there must be an abundant space for the Amwaj project to extend over, and its area has become about 360 acres, which is a very sufficient area that was divided in a wonderful way.

Because it contains green spaces and artificial lakes, it represents the largest area of the Al-Ahly Sabbour North Coast project, while buildings and facilities represent the smallest percentage of the project area as a whole.

The units in the Amwaj North Coast project varied in shape, area, and type to include many options available to customers. Your choice of chalets for sale in Amwaj North Coast, twin houses, and villas, where the number of various residential units is about 1,600, and these spaces vary as follows:

  • The area of chalets in Amwaj North Coast village starts from 75 and reaches 137 square metres. Regarding the price of a chalet in Amwaj, it varies according to the area and features. Contact us to find out more details.
  • The area of twin houses starts from 111 and reaches 226 square meters.
  • The area of independent villas reaches from 275 square meters.

Some other services:

  • The resort includes two international hotels that provide the best hotel services with the highest level of luxury and sophistication.
  • Revit is a huge commercial area in Amwaj, which includes many commercial units, in addition to a large shopping center that includes the most famous and best international brands.
  • The village takes everything related to worship very seriously, as there is a large mosque decorated in the Islamic style.
  • A large area is allocated for 36 swimming pools of different shapes and sizes to accommodate customers of all ages. Duplex for sale in Amwaj
  • Private garages for all units to ensure complete security and privacy and prevent traffic congestion. Duplex for sale in Amwaj
  • 24-hour security and guarding are provided by trained security personnel and modern surveillance cameras.
  • The water park includes many water games for adults and children of all ages for more entertainment and enjoyment.
  • The project includes a supermarket and a pharmacy that meets the many needs of residents throughout the day.
  • There are ATMs located throughout the project, making it easy to withdraw money from anywhere.
Duplex for sale in Amwaj

Duplex for sale in Amwaj

The real estate developer of Amwaj Village, North Coast

Duplex for sale in Amwaj Al-Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company, which owns Amwaj Sidi Abdel Rahman Village, was established in 1994 on the basis of cooperation with the National Bank. It is now considered one of the largest companies in the field of redevelopment and offers many different successful works and projects. There are more than 20 in number and the high quality standards and services and features are countless. she has.

Among the most important previous works of Al-Ahly Sabbour Company:

  • Odyssey City Compound.
  • Aria Sabbour Compound, 6th of October.
  • Science and Technology Development Complex.
  • The city of L’Avenir is arrogant.
  • Zoya North Shore.
  • Platinum Club New Cairo.
  • Mostakbar Green City Square.
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  • Piacera Sabbour project in Ain Sokhna.
  • Grand Residence in New Cairo.
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  • Rare complex, Mostaqbal City.
  • Qantas Jaya North Coast.
  • Diamond City, the administrative capital.

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