Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes – your unit now with only 10% down payment

Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes – your unit now with only 10% down payment

Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes It is considered one of the best compounds in the Fifth Settlement. The owner company also paid great attention to building an integrated compound with all basic and entertainment services that provide the residents of the compound with a stable and quiet life. The company also chose a strategic location that is easily accessible from all nearby places. The company also employed the most skilled engineers. And the designers offer a compound that suits its distinguished customers.

Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes location

The owner company has chosen a distinctive location with all care and precision, located near important places where services are available to serve the residents of the compound, far from places of crowds and noise to provide a quiet life enjoying sophistication within the Katameya Dunes Compound in New Cairo. The location is considered one of the most important features of the compound. All the important main axes that facilitate the transportation process for the residents of the compound.Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes

The most important places near the compound

  • The compound is located in front of Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis.
  • The project approaches North 90th Street, the largest street in the Fifth Settlement.
  • It is a few minutes away from the American University.
  • It is located next to the Grand Egyptian Antiques and Egypt Exhibition Centre.
  • It is close to the regional ring road and the Suez Road.
  • Close to the Mivida residential project, which takes a few minutes.
Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes

Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes

Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes services

Katameya Dunes Compound, New Cairo, Fifth Settlement, is one of the most important and impressive large residential projects that is characterized by the presence of an infinite number of features and services that provide residents with all means of comfort. Therefore, the compound has become the first choice of a large number of customers for the huge amount of services that we will offer as follows.

One of the most prominent services available within the compound

  • The compound is distinguished by its presence within the most prestigious residential areas located within New Cairo, Fifth Settlement, and near the northern 90th.
  • The compound’s units are characterized by the spread of wide green spaces and natural landscapes around a large area, in addition to planted gardens that give a civilized appearance within the compound.
  • There are a number of entertainment games that are suitable for children and adults to enjoy spending the most enjoyable times inside the compound with family and friends, in addition to complete security to maintain the safety of the residents.
  • A number of fountains spread throughout the compound give an attractive and elegant look, with a number of artificial lakes with crystal clear water.
  • A 27-hole golf course was designed inside the compound, fully equipped with all the necessary vehicles and equipment to spend the most enjoyable times inside the compound without having to leave it.
  • A place equipped to be designated for practicing sports and cycling, away from the areas where cars are located, to enjoy while practicing sports.
  • During the design of the compound, attention was paid to ensuring that each unit is far from the other to enjoy complete privacy within the compound.
  • A number of different swimming pools have been created within Katameya Dunes Compound to suit all different age groups, with a swimming pool designated for women.
  • A commercial mall that includes a large number of different shops with brands of makeup, shoes, and clothing that meet all your needs and suit those with good taste.
  • A large supermarket that contains all the household items needed by the compound residents. It contains all the food commodities that suffice the needs of the compound residents.
  • A number of famous restaurants offer delicious meals of the highest quality served by the most skilled international chefs, with cafés serving the most delicious drinks.
  • A health flute dedicated to the spa, jacuzzi, and sauna for relaxation and taking care of the body’s health.
  • A sports gym with the latest equipment and sports equipment with the most skilled trainers to maintain an athletic and healthy body.
  • A social club in which social events are organized, such as concerts, exhibitions, and barbecues, providing opportunities for entertainment and communication among residents.
  • Surveillance cameras inside Katameya Dunes Compound in Fifth Settlement City are distributed throughout the compound to maintain the safety of residents and protect them from any external danger.
  • The compound is characterized by its proximity to the most prestigious international schools and well-known hospitals, which provides comfort and easy access to educational schools and health care.
  • A large garage that can accommodate a large number of cars to prevent overcrowding and congestion in front of the residential units.
  • A large mosque designed in the modern European style that can accommodate a large number of worshipers to perform religious rituals.
  • A pharmacy that provides Egyptian and imported medicines and has a 24-hour delivery service to serve the residents of the compound.
  • A number of elevators in all residential units for easy movement between the compound’s units.
  • High-speed Internet works in all units of the compound to enjoy spending enjoyable times on social media.
  •  available Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes .
Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes

Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes

Katameya Dunes area New Cairo settlement

The owner company built the compound on an area of up to 170 acres, as the project is one of the huge compounds in the Fifth Settlement city, and it contains large areas of different residential units and green spaces spread throughout the compound, public facilities, and commercial and entertainment facilities, as the designers were interested in designing the compound in a manner that enhances privacy and comfort. And upscale living inside New Cairo.

Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes

Types of compound unit areas

The units of Katameya Dunes, Fifth Settlement City, range in different sizes depending on the type of unit. The developing company was keen to have a wide variety of spaces so that customers can choose what suits them from the units. The units in the compound vary as follows:

  • Luxury villas starting from 500 square meters.
  • Twin house villa for sale starts from 285 square meters.
  • Villas for sale starting from 800 square meters.
  • Apartments for sale in Katameya Dunes with an area of 225 square meters.
  • Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes with different sizes.
Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes

Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes

Prices of Katameya Dunes Compound New Cairo Fifth Settlement

Unit prices within Katameya Dunes Compound vary based on a number of factors, such as the type of residential unit, its area, finishes, and its view within the compound. The owner company offers unit prices within the compound and has been very keen to provide a package of distinctive prices that suit its customers. available Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes at special prices.

Payment and installment systems

Katameya Dunes Compound has a number of payment and installment systems. However, please note that these systems change according to the owner company. It is also interested in providing flexible systems to customers with long installment periods that suit all customers, including a lower down payment and monthly installments that extend over many years. There is a twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes with the lowest down payment and the longest payment period.

Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes

Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes

The company that owns Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes

Investing with a real estate developer such as New Cairo Company is an opportunity not to be missed because it is one of the largest leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt, as it has implemented a number of successful projects throughout Egypt. The company works on developing residential and commercial projects and other projects, and its goal is to provide an environment Integrated living and providing the highest quality facilities to its residents. Its projects are characterized by sophisticated modern design, high-end finishes, and integrated services.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Katameya Heights Compound.
  • Kattameya Creeks, Fifth Settlement.
  • Twin house for sale in Katameya Dunes.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep. Informing clients about the real estate market.

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