Penthouse for sale in Diplomats | Discover 7 precious

Penthouse for sale in Diplomats | Discover 7 precious

Penthouse for sale in Diplomats Living in one of the residential units that was widely searched for by those seeking residential units for sale. It was the penthouse or the roof as they say about it, and this is because it has a sophisticated and distinctive architectural design. It is a residential unit attached to a large roof that provides you with distinctive views of many of the picturesque natural landscapes available. In the diplomats’ area in general.

Features of the Diplomats website

Penthouse for sale in Diplomats is located in a distinctive strategic location within the northern coast, adjacent to all the important main axes that make it easy for you to own a unit and live within a place adjacent to the main important places and close to the most important service areas.

One of the most important features of the Diplomats website

  • It is located in the Ras Al-Hikma area.
  • It is located near Dabaa Road and Wadi Natroun.
  • Close to Caesar Bay Village and nearby Mountain View Ras El Hekma.
  • A short distance to Cairo.
  • The project is 50 km from El Alamein International Airport.
Penthouse for sale in Diplomats

Penthouse for sale in Diplomats

Penthouse for sale in Diplomats services

Living in an upscale place within upscale areas in the heart of the North Coast is something that many customers are looking for, while providing all the basic and indispensable entertainment services.
  • Enjoy the recreational facilities in Diplomats, as it includes a number of playgrounds, gyms, swimming pools, and other various recreational facilities.
  • Enjoy your time and practice your favorite sports and entertainment activities inside the Diplomats Resort.
  • Enjoy security and privacy in Diplomats, as it features an integrated security system and beautiful gardens that give an aesthetic appearance.
  • This place is considered very ideal for families and individuals who are looking for a sophisticated and luxurious life experience.
  • It is provided with luxurious residential units with modern designs that mimic modern European style.
  • Enjoy luxurious life in your residential unit, beautifully and elegantly designed according to the highest standards.
  • Enjoy luxury and sophistication in every part of your unit.
  • Enjoy living in an important strategic location adjacent to all important main axes.
  • These locations provide you with easy access to all your daily needs nearby.
  • The developer offers flexible payment terms and different payment options to suit different customer needs.
  • Pay a monthly installment or use the flexible installment system to facilitate the purchase and payment process.
  • Penthouse for sale in Diplomats with the finest modern designs.

Penthouse prices for sale in Diplomats

Building high-end units within the Diplomats Resort is something that the developers have been keen on providing complete projects that meet all the needs that all unit owners need. If you are looking for the finest service in your place of residence at the best possible price, this should be at the Diplomats, your first and last destination, because the prices of the units offered for sale are very competitive. There are also Penthouse for sale in Diplomats at unbeatable prices.

Penthouse for sale in Diplomats design

The ingenuity of the developers and their long-standing experience is demonstrated in the heart of the projects by presenting the finest engineering designs that are characterized by simplicity and extreme sophistication and that imitate European designs, with the help of the most famous competent designers and the use of the best construction equipment in order for the implementation to be well executed. The units are distinguished by designs that match the international and modern style in order to suit all tastes, The decorations are executed to the strictest standards and use attractive colors that enhance the feeling of comfort and calm, and preserve the residents’ privacy and private space.

Penthouse for sale in Diplomats

Penthouse for sale in Diplomats

Area of Penthouse for sale in Diplomats

Diplomats Village is a prestigious residential community known for its spacious and luxurious living spaces. Located in a peaceful and secure environment, this exclusive village offers an exceptional standard of living for diplomats and discerning residents. The residences within Diplomatic Village feature spacious spaces designed to accommodate an upscale lifestyle.

The spaciousness of the units atPenthouse for sale in Diplomats is evident in their generous floor plans, which provide ample space for comfortable living and entertaining. The villas and apartments feature well-appointed living areas, large bedrooms and stylishly designed bathrooms. Each space has been carefully designed to create an atmosphere of elegance and tranquility.

Types of residential units

The interiors of the units at Diplomat Village feature high-quality finishes, premium materials and attention to detail. The wide windows allow abundant natural light to enter the living spaces, creating a bright and inviting ambiance.

The residential units vary as follows:

  • Chalets
  • Independent villas
  • Luxury apartments
  • Townhouse

Payment and installment systems

Penthouses for sale in Diplomats include upscale and distinctive coastal projects that were specially designed to serve a large number of customers who aspire to upscale housing and a quiet life. Life within the compound is truly different due to its tranquility, privacy, and wonderful location near the most important areas, in addition to the great diversity of residential unit spaces. And the huge number of services, all of this made the project a distinctive destination and a wonderful choice for many clients in the Diplomats Resort.

Penthouse for sale in Diplomats

Penthouse for sale in Diplomats

The company that owns the project

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company is a well-known and reputable real estate development company with a strong presence in the industry. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Mountain View has established itself as a trusted brand in creating exceptional residential, commercial and mixed-use projects. The company offers a variety of developments, which feature Meticulous, thoughtful design and attention to detail. Mountain View projects are distinguished by their quality of construction, architectural excellence, and integration with the surrounding environment.

One of the company’s main strengths is its focus on creating sustainable communities. The company prioritizes environmentally friendly practices and incorporates sustainable features into its projects, such as energy-efficient designs, green spaces and eco-friendly technologies. Mountain View is committed to promoting a harmonious balance between modern living and environmental responsibility. Mountain View is committed to providing excellence in customer service. From the initial stages of project planning to final delivery, the company ensures clear communication, transparency and a seamless buying experience for its customers. Their professional and knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing exceptional support and assistance throughout the entire process.

The most important work carried out by the owner company

  • Heartwork Mountain View Fifth Settlement.
  • Mountain View 3 Compound, New Cairo.
  • Mountain View in New Cairo.
  • Mountain View 1 New Cairo.
  • Mountain View 2 New Cairo.
  • Mountain View iCity New Cairo.
  • Mountain View Executive Fifth Settlement.
  • Mountain View Hyde Park.
  • Mountain View Giza Plateau.
  • Mountain View Ras El Hekma.
  • Mountain View Ain Sokhna 1.
  • Mountain View Ain Sokhna 2.
  • Mountain View Chillout Park.
  • Mountain View iCity October.
  • Rhodes Mountain View Resort
  • Scala Mountain View Resort
  • Paros Mountain View Resort
  • Crete Island Mountain View Resort
  • Penthouse for sale in Diplomats
  • Mountain View Mostakbal City
Penthouse for sale in Diplomats

Penthouse for sale in Diplomats

Diplomats are an experience you will not find anywhere else

Owning a residential unit within Diplomats on the North Coast is an irreplaceable opportunity, especially because it contains the huge amount of services and features that we mentioned before, because it is distinguished by its strategic location in the heart of the North Coast, minutes away from large cities such as El Alamein and Cairo Governorate, and it was implemented on a large area with sophisticated designs

that combine Between authenticity and modernity with the latest building materials and raw materials, it includes an infinite number of residential units that suit all tastes, including independent villas, townhouses, twin houses, and Penthouse for sale in Diplomats. It is unique in features and services that provide residents with luxury in living that is unparalleled anywhere else.

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