Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo | 10 minutes from Maadi

Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo | 10 minutes from Maadi

Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo Uptown Cairo is one of the projects of Emaar Misr Development and Real Estate Development Company and is distinguished by its location in the heart of Cairo on the highest plateau in Egypt, specifically in the Mokattam area, as it extends over an area of 4.5 million km2, or approximately 1,200 acres, and Uptown Cairo Mokattam Compound was built at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level, and only 20% of the total area of the compound was used for residential units, and the rest of the space was used for green spaces, facilities, and services.

Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo

Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo

Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo

Address Uptown Cairo Mokattam is distinguished by being far from the best residential neighborhoods in Cairo, which are as follows:

  • Uptown Cairo is 10 minutes away from Maadi.
  • Close to Uptown Cairo is Nasr City and Heliopolis.
  • Uptown Cairo is a quarter of an hour away from the Mohandiseen area and New Cairo Airport.

Uptown Cairo location

Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo, the compound in downtown Cairo in the Mokattam area. Moreover, it is safe from noise and crowding, and the location of the Uptown project was chosen with great care to be in a region characterized by stability and tranquility. The Uptown Cairo project is one of the first and most important fully integrated residential projects. Services in the Mokattam area in the Fifth Settlement.

The most important landmarks near Uptown Cairo Mokattam Compound:

  • The first entrance to Uptown Cairo Compound: through the Ramses Street extension
  • The second entrance: after Nafoura Square in Mokattam.
  • The third entrance to the Uptown Cairo project: from Al-Shaheed Axis, from the entrance to Mokattam, after a gas station and Tanya, to the right of Al-Shaheed Axis.

Emaar Misr’s location: Uptown Cairo is easily accessible through Emaar Drive, which connects it to the Ring Road and the 6th of October Bridge. It is directly linked to New Cairo through Al-Shaheed Axis, which has greatly helped and reduces traffic congestion in central Cairo, and facilitates Of traffic between New Cairo and the downtown area of Cairo

  • Uptown Cairo Mokattam Compound is 10 minutes away from Nasr City and Maadi
  • It is 15 minutes away from Cairo and Mohandiseen Airport.
Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo

Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo

HILLTOP GOLF VILLAS stage inside Uptown Cairo

This stage expresses the natural scenery and the singing. Imagine that you wake up to this atmosphere and an ideal atmosphere that refreshes the soul and relaxes the eye as well. These requirements are poured into our project and this is one of the distinguished stages inside Cairo, specifically in Mokattam. HILLTOP GOLF VILLAS is considered a distinguished place that offers you many distinguished designs that suit With the modernity and diversity happening in the world of real estate now, it allows customers to obtain a beautiful unit with distinct decorations and engineering design, a great difference from other residential complexes.

Uptown Cairo Mokattam Compound has a number of important features, as it overlooks a huge golf course with about 18 holes, which was designed by the international company in the field of stadium design, and for more luxury and beauty happening inside the Uptown Cairo Emaar project, work was done to make the place In many vast spaces that give a distinct aesthetic appearance to the place, you can now live amidst the lush colors of nature.

Moreover, this distinguished place has been allocated to luxurious villas that differ in terms of design that takes into account the client’s privacy and the importance of the view he has in his unit, as well as spaces that are appropriate to the size. Families, whether small, medium or large. Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo

Mokattam provides many diverse features, including green spaces, swimming pools, and also a Crystal Lagoon over a vast area, which makes the entire project very integrated, in addition to that, a huge commercial area and unique decorations for the entire place. As for the spaces available in the project units, they are commensurate with the very diverse prices offered and the distinct payment systems that work primarily to provide greater freedom for the customer to own units suitable for him. The available spaces and prices are as follows:

  • Spaces start from 350 square meters and reach 750 square meters.
  • There are more than reasonable prices and good payment systems available due to the different and varied advantages that the place contains
Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo

Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo


Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo One of the important stages in the Uptown Cairo compound is Fountain Side, which is located in a distinguished location inside Mokattam, close to a number of important places in the place, including that it is 10 minutes away from Maadi and also not far from Heliopolis and other areas of Greater Cairo. This gives you the opportunity to move better around Cairo and also makes getting to a place easy.

Arkan Fountain Side has large bodies of water that you would like to live near because its residential units overlook many lakes and huge fountains that dance in a very luxurious and aesthetic way that makes you look at the wonderful scene and enjoy just being near it.

A diverse standard of living and a beautiful lifestyle is provided to you by FOUNTAIN SIDE, which is truly a distinguished place and a complete, integrated compound that gives you all the means of happiness and enjoyment of the true meaning of luxurious life. There are also many features in the place, including schools, as well as a health club on a huge area, and a number of different swimming pools. Spaces and others. Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo

There are many spaces that have been worked to be available in the place, and FOUNTAIN SIDE Mokattam has residential apartments of different prices and sizes that are suitable for the size of families, whether small, medium or large, and provide its residents with all the facilities that are close to the units for freedom of movement of the residents within it. Uptown Cairo Mokattam Compound is also characterized by being surrounded by many distinct artificial lakes that give various views to the units located in it. The areas of these residential apartments start from 157 square meters and reach about 319 square meters, and the prices offered in the place are very diverse. Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo

Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo

Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo

A brief about the real estate developer of the Uptown Cairo project

Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo Emaar Misr Real Estate Development Company is considered the company that owns the project and was listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in 2015. The Uptown Cairo Emaar Misr Mokattam project is the company’s newest project. Duplex for sale in Uptown Cairo

The most important previous works of Emaar Misr

  • Cairo Gate Compound Sheikh Zayed (West Cairo)
  • Marassi Resort on the North Coast
  • Mivida Business Park Mall in Fifth Settlement
  • Lea Marassi North Coast
  • Skya Marassi North Coast
  • Belle Compound in Sheikh Zayed
  • New Alamein Hotel
  • Mivida Boulevard Residence, Fifth Settlement
  • Mivida Compound, Fifth Settlement
  • Developing the Library of Alexandria and establishing a new facility in the same old library location.

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