Studio for sale in Bleu vert

1 1 1 64 m²
1,154,000 EGP
Studio for sale in Bleu vertStudio for sale in Bleu vert
Studio for sale in Bleu vertStudio for sale in Bleu vert
Unit Details
number of rooms1
number of bathrooms1
receiving date2020
LocationDirectly on the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed, in the first offering, the Investors District, overlooking the Green River, in front of Celia Talaat Mostafa Compound
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Unit details

studio for sale in Bleu vert Compound that was designed with the finest

materials of construction materials and the project was prepared with

the most beautiful and latest forms of architectural designs that were

supervised by a number of the most worthy consultants and designers.

The project occupies a very important location in the heart of the New

Administrative Capital and in its most suitable residential neighborhoods.

The spaces of the Blue Vert compound and studio

available for sale in the Blue Vert:

The project is located on an area of ​​seventy acres, and the buildings

occupy about twenty% of the total project area.

The rest is distributed among green spaces, industrial lakes and various services.

The project was built to serve the elite of society and through the

reflection of the sophistication of the project and the beauty of its design,

starting with the various apartments and various public and entertainment services.

A studio is available for sale in the New Capital Compound Blooferet.

The blue vert compound, the New Administrative Capital, was able to

attract many personalities due to the luxurious designs and spacious spaces,

The units are designed in a sound and sophisticated manner, and in a

distinct, unique location, close to most landmarks of the Administrative

Capital and the capital’s compounds as well.

The location of the Compound Blue Vert New Capital:

The Blue Vert New Administrative Capital is located in the best

neighborhoods of the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the R7

residential neighborhood,

It is next to Bosco Compound and Stella Park, and the government district in plot E8.

It is located directly on the Mohammed Bin Zayed Corridor Road, steps

away from the Green River, next to the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, and next to the Cathedral

It is also next to Al Masa Hotel and the City of Knowledge and Culture.

Studio for sale in Bleu vert

The spaces of the units of the Blue Vert New Administrative Capital:

The Blue vert New Administrative Capital is located on an area of ​​

seventy feddans, and the units are twenty% of the total area.

The project offers a number of apartments with different areas, designs

and models, and varies between villas and residential units for sale in the Blue Vert New Capital.

With areas ranging from eighty square meters to two hundred square meters,

The ground floor in the residential tower ranges from 150 square meters to 190 square meters.

Available studio for sale in the New Capital Compound.

The duplicate upper floors spaces start from 140 square meters to two hundred square meters.

Also available for small spaces eighty square meters.

These units are characterized by complete finishing according to tastes, especially

when they are equipped with all forms of infrastructure, including electricity, gas and water.

The units shall be adjacent to the most important services provided by the project,

to serve the residents and to facilitate them in purchasing their supplies.

Blue Vert services and features:

The Blue Vert New Administrative Capital is characterized by a number of services

and advantages due to its proximity to the most important vital areas of the Administrative Capital.

It includes services including:

  • There is a wide range of entertainment services for holding celebrations and conferences.
  • Available in high grade and standard designs and various models.
  • There are public health clinics.
  • Commercial and administrative units are available.
  • There is an integrated social club that includes a group of sports.
  • A full health gym is available.
  • There are swimming pools
  • There are shopping centers.
  • Green spaces available.
  • There are restaurants and cafes of the highest degree and standard.
  • There are garages for cars
  • Available online portals.
  • Available studio for sale in Blovert Compound.
  • There is 24-hour security and guarding.
  • Regular cleaning and repair systems available.
  • It features an easy-to-reach location.
  • There are various payment systems
  • Various models and spaces are available for investors.

Studio for sale in Bleu vert

Costs and payment systems in the compound Available

in studio for sale in the Compound:

The Saudi Egyptian Commercial Corporation for Reconstruction and the real estate

developer of the Blue Vert New Administrative Capital provided a number of payment systems,

Which suits all characters and meets different demands.

I saved the amount in real time (cash),

There is a 5% downpayment and payment facilities up to 7 years.

It provided 5% repair and parking.

Available studio for sale in Blovert Compound.

The project also provides reasonable prices to meet all needs and satisfy all investors, whether housing or villas, as:

The price per square meter in the Blue Vert New Administrative Capital starts from approximately 13 thousand pounds.

The unit price is approximately one and a half million, depending

on the prices of the last quarter of the current year.

It should be noted that the prices referred to in the text are subject to

change, and we are keen in Aqarmap to always renew the neighborhood price list.

To make the investor aware of the catastrophic changes in the building market,

and we also measure the evidence of demand through the Aqarmap index.

About the real estate developer of the blue vert compound and

available studio for sale in the Blue Vert:

The Compound Blue Vert will be the administrative capital of the Saudi Egyptian

Foundation for Reconstruction projects.

It is an institution whose history goes back to 1975, and it is established according

to a contract between the Egyptian state administration and the Saudi government.

The commercial establishment started its real estate journey by saving land from the direction of the Egyptian authority,

The state administration of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia builds and saves business expenses.

A studio is available for sale in the New Capital Compound Blooferet.

The foundation’s net worth has reached millions of dollars, approximately $ 318 million.

The Foundation works in a large number of squares, including: the tourism economy,

buying and selling lands, preparing and constructing them as well.

The number of commercial enterprise projects reaches fifty, at a rate of

fifty thousand housing units, and the investments of these commercial projects amount to 5 billion pounds.

The company has a group of important commercial projects within the

Arab Republic of Egypt in the best terrain locations, such as:

  • Founded Lake Dream compound.
  • I established a project in Saudi Arabia in Riyadh.
  • Established housing projects in Obour City
  • Established projects in New Cairo.
  • Founded Resort Project.
  • Established residential commercial projects in Damietta
  • Established commercial projects in Alexandria.

The commercial establishment also enjoys functional experiences that came from

the hands of the best consultants and architectural designers,

To exit commercial projects with the highest standards of mastery, originality, elegance and sophistication, such as:

Compound blue vert, the new administrative capital, is one of the finest

projects in the administrative capital, which was established by the commercial

establishment to establish the concept of high-end and new residential life.

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