AZZAR Compound New Cairo

Prices start from 65,000,000 EGP
8 installment years
Down payment 5%
Delivery 2024
Spaces starting from 65 m
Last updated 2024-05-20
project developerReedy group developments
AZZAR Compound New CairoAZZAR Compound New CairoAZZAR Compound New CairoAZZAR Compound New CairoAZZAR Compound New CairoAZZAR Compound New Cairo
AZZAR Compound New CairoAZZAR Compound New CairoAZZAR Compound New CairoAZZAR Compound New CairoAZZAR Compound New CairoAZZAR Compound New Cairo
Details AZZAR Compound New Cairo
project nameAZZAR Compound New Cairo
project LocationNew Cairo
project unitsStand alone, townhouses, twinhouses
Delivery date2024
Payment Systems5% dp and rest over 8 years
Finishing typeCore and shell
Spaces starting from65 m
Prices starting from65,000,000
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AZZAR Compound New Cairo
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Project details

One of the most luxurious residential areas in the heart of New Cairo, Azzar New Cairo Compound. It is a comprehensive city that provides residents with all the basic and indispensable services. It is located in one of the best locations in New Cairo, and has a strong vitality, among many important landmarks, 25 acres of land have been allocated To implement one of the most luxurious residential complexes.

AZZAR Compound New Cairo

AZZAR Compound New Cairo

AZZAR Compound New Cairo

A mixed-use residential complex, where developers are keen to provide it with all the services and amenities that residents may need, in addition to the abundance of gardens and water that provide units with distinctive views. It is characterized by suitable prices, coupled with various payment systems and on-time delivery, which distinguishes Reedy Group in the field of real estate development, which has now become a prominent place in the real estate market.

The location of AZZAR Compound New Cairo

The developers put most of their efforts in choosing a strategic location in the heart of Azzar New Cairo, as you are well aware of the importance of this important location for creating a residential area. The company chose one of the most prominent plots of land within the Golden Square, in the heart of the Fifth Settlement, which is characterized by many unique features, as it contains the most famous and best buildings in the Fifth Settlement, the most important of which is Mountain View 2.

The compound is located in the midst of a network of roads designed according to the latest international standards, which facilitates the residents’ journey to various important landmarks and new cities. Near the Fifth Settlement

The most important places near the compound

  • It is just minutes away from Teseen Street, the most famous street in the Fifth Settlement.
  • It is just minutes away from the American University.
  • New Cairo Azar is about 20 minutes away from Cairo Airport.
  • The compound is only 20 minutes away from Heliopolis and Nasr City

The space of Azzar Compound New Cairo

The compound occupies an area of 25 acres, and the real estate developer has been keen to provide all services and facilities to achieve the best level of luxury, and the residents of the compound do not need to leave the compound as they find their various needs within the compound. The compound is characterized by a wide variety of spaces and unit designs in the project, and the following are the areas and types of units in AZZAR Compound New Cairo.

AZZAR Compound New Cairo

AZZAR Compound New Cairo

Spaces and designs of Azzar Compound New Cairo

It is one of the best and most luxurious residential complexes, as it is distinguished by its strategic location near important areas, including the Administrative Capital (the best projects and new cities). A major engineering consulting office was contracted to do the architectural design, which amazes everyone because of its unique architectural style and focus on green spaces and swimming pools. It is being implemented by Reedy Group, and the project covers 25 acres and specializes in villas.

Azzar Compound Services Fifth Settlement

The company revealed many features on offer, through which it distinguishes its clients from the various residential projects in the region and throughout Egypt. The following details the project’s privileges and functionality

Each of them provides privacy for all individuals and residents within the compound, especially in the twin house units, which are separated by a very large distance of 90 meters from each other. Ready Group is keen to provide many advantages as follows:

  • A huge screen in the open air where you can watch the latest international movies and the most famous international games.
  • One of the rare areas of artificial beaches that are not easily available in any residential project, it is presented to look like a completely natural beach.
  • The water park provides a very large margin of safety to protect children.
  • These privileges are mostly available in coastal areas.
  • It offers the first artificial beach of its kind.
  • A large group of gardens and trees that occupy the space between the villa and some of the villas.
  • Extra large green areas are provided to provide a comfortable and quiet relaxation area.
  • Work has been done to provide a wide range of distinguished shops, through which the residents of the Fifth Settlement can shop and buy homes for all their needs.
  • There are vast areas for walking and running in large green spaces to help residents exercise in the morning or at different times of the day in a comfortable, clean and quiet environment.
  • A children’s play area with a unique selection of games and entertainment for all ages.
AZZAR Compound New Cairo

AZZAR Compound New Cairo

Features of AZZAR Compound New Cairo

AZZAR Compound New Cairo has a wide range of advantages, as the company is keen to present its projects in various ways to ensure their comfort as follows:

  • Residents, customers and investors of the unit.
  • Cafes and restaurants.
  • Several swimming pools.
  • Lots of water games.
  • A comprehensive gym with the latest equipment.
  • Security and guards all day.
  • Paths for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • It offers a giant screen.
  • A team worked to restore the devices and faults within the compound to provide the utmost luxury.
  • The entire space within the compound has been allocated to make you feel like you are in a resort.

Find out the prices of AZZAR Compound New Cairo

The compound units vary between twin houses, townhouses, and separate villas, and the compound has many services and facilities, and the compound is located in one of the most prominent locations in the Fifth Settlement, and the price of AZZAR Compound New Cairo is very special. The developers are also keen to offer the compound units for reservation at very reasonable prices compared to the number of services in the compound, as the compound’s price is one of the most competitive prices in New Cairo.

It is also keen to provide a variety of payment systems commensurate with the various capabilities of its customers. All the different payment systems are easy to use, as the contract down payment for the compound units starts from only 10% and the payment period can be up to 10 years.

AZZAR Compound New Cairo

AZZAR Compound New Cairo

Project payment and settlement systems

The company that owns Azzar New Cairo compound offers many special prices, because the unit price is the cheapest within the Fifth Settlement, through the payment system:

  • 10% down payment, 5% after 3 months, 5% receipt and payment in equal installments up to 9 years.
  • Special cash discounts of up to 26%.

The company that owns the project and its most important business

Azar New Cairo Compound by Ready Group in cooperation with major real estate development companies, Dorra Group has more than 79 years of experience in the field of real estate development, so it has cooperated with Ready Group with other companies to develop important real estate projects, competing projects in the Egyptian real estate market . This partnership seeks to achieve international standards in all its residential, commercial and tourism projects.

Dorra also completed the complete renovation of Azzar Compound units, which is one of the most important works carried out by the Ready Group: The Ready Group has completed 35% of some important works in Sheikh Zayed City.

  • Azzar 2 Compound, Fifth Settlement.
  • Address East Compound in New Cairo.
  • Mohandessin Gardens.
  • Zayed Heights Compound.
  • Design of 27 towers in Dubai.
  • 13 towers have been designed in Qatar.
  • Zayed 2000 Compound.

You can contact us on sales numbers or via WhatsApp 01270970000

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Features of AZZAR Compound New Cairo
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Azzar New Cairo located?
This residential project is located very close to the 90th Street as well as the American University and is one of the most important landmarks located in the area, and it is separated from the project by a few minutes.
What is the payment method in Azzar Compound New Cairo?
5% dp and rest over 8 years
What is the sales number?