750,000 EGP
Medical Clinic in Marquee MallMedical Clinic in Marquee MallMedical Clinic in Marquee MallMedical Clinic in Marquee Mall
Medical Clinic in Marquee MallMedical Clinic in Marquee MallMedical Clinic in Marquee MallMedical Clinic in Marquee Mall
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receiving date2023
LocationLocated near commercial banks. The project is located near the government district, which is located near the eastern side of the mall. The money district is located on the western side of the mall
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Medical Clinic in Marquee Mall , founded by the Warren Company, within

a group of developers, 15 years ago, and the company has built 350 buildings

in Al Shorouk.

The company that developed the mall and available

a medical clinic in Marquee Mall:

Waren Developments announced the launch of the Marquee Mall project,

the new administrative capital, in the heart of the business and financial district.

This project was assigned to the consultant OKOPLAN, which has

implemented many major works and projects, including:

European University project in the Administrative Capital.

Medical clinic in Marquee Mall

Al Maqsad project in the Administrative Capital.

Marassi Coast Compound.

The Monte Galala resort project, Ain Sokhna.

Lake View Compound, Fifth Settlement.

The development of the American University in Cairo.

Concorde Slack Hotel project.

Castle Landmark New Capital.

Stone Park and Stone Street projects.

Compounds in Telal Al Sokhna and Telal Al Sahel.

El Alamein city resort project in the North Coast.

Establishment of the Taj Sultan phase in the Taj City project.

 Medical Clinic in Marquee Mall

Mall services and features and availability of a medical clinic in Marquee Mall:

Marquee Mall is one of the major projects that are strategically

located through the waren developments.

It is located in front of the complex of ministries, banks and cinemas, in addition

to entertainment facilities, and among the features and services of the mall

are the following:

It is located near the stock exchange towers.

There is a medical clinic in Marche Mall.

It is located near a commercial area that includes a lot of restaurants and cafes.

The existence of Kids Area.

There is a square dedicated to major celebrations similar to Red Square in Russia.

Monorail presence.

Marquee Mall New Capital is the second largest tower in the capital after

the iconic tower.

 Medical Clinic in Marquee Mall

Spaces and Payment Systems and Prices:

Marquee Mall New Capital is characterized by the diversity of units

between commercial, administrative and medical units of various sizes.

The total area of ​​the parquet mall, the Administrative Capital, is 8,800

square meters, but the construction rate is only 30%.

The commercial units are located on the ground floor and on the first floor

with areas starting from 26 square meters.

Medical units are available on the second, third and fourth floors, with

areas ranging from 23 square meters to 130 square meters.

There are administrative units occupying the fifth, sixth and seventh floors,

and the spaces start from 230 square meters.

A medical clinic is available in Marquee Mall, the new administrative capital.

Waren developments, the real estate developer of the Marquee Mall New

Administrative Capital project, aims to provide many payment systems

in order to suit all investors’ desires.

Therefore, you can only pay 10% of the total unit price, and the remainder of

the unit price is paid in installments over a period of up to 108 months,

in equal installments.

The mall prices are suitable for all investors, but the prices generally vary

according to the area and according to the type of housing unit and role,

But having a unit inside the Marquee Mall project, the New Capital,

is a good investment opportunity.


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