2,644,500 EGP
For sale office in Marquee mallFor sale office in Marquee mallFor sale office in Marquee mallFor sale office in Marquee mall
For sale office in Marquee mallFor sale office in Marquee mallFor sale office in Marquee mallFor sale office in Marquee mall
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receiving date2023
LocationLocated near commercial banks. The project is located near the government district, which is located near the eastern side of the mall. The money district is located on the western side of the mall
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For sale office in Marquee mall

Marquee Mall the administrative capital, and available

for sale office in Marquee Mall:

Investing in the new administrative capital is considered a golden opportunity

in order to obtain a great financial return,

Therefore, we will get to know together through this article about one of the

best investment projects in the New Administrative Capital, which is Marquee

Mall, the administrative capital.

There is an office for sale in Marquee Mall, the administrative capital.

It is implemented by Warren, which is well known in the field of real

estate investment.

The R7 area that was chosen for the implementation of this project is one

of the main central areas in the Administrative Capital,

It includes many facilities, government services and other institutions,

and the developer was able to choose the best  location  for the

implementation of this project.

There is an office for sale in Marquee Mall in the New Administrative Capital.

The units within the Marquee Park Business Administrative Capital are divided

into medical, administrative and commercial units with various spaces in order

to suit all modern projects and ideas.

The project is built on a large area of ​​8,800 square meters, while

the percentage of buildings is less than 30% of the total area.

Marquee Mall New Capital is one of the mega projects that are being

implemented in the heart of the Administrative Capital.

It shall be with the latest modern designs in the financial and business district

in order to suit the most powerful projects in the Middle East.

For sale office in Marquee mall

Spaces and payment systems, prices and available for sale Office

 in Marquise Mall:

Marquee Mall New Capital characterize by the diversity of units

between commercial, administrative and medical units of various sizes.

The total area of ​​the parquet mall, the Administrative Capital, is 8,800

square meters, but the construction rate is only 30%.

The commercial units are located on the ground floor and on the first floor

with areas starting from 26 square meters.

Medical units are available on the second, third and fourth floors, with

areas ranging from 23 square meters to 130 square meters.

An office is available for sale in Marquee Mall, the New Administrative Capital.

There are administrative units occupying the fifth, sixth and seventh floors,

and the spaces start from 230 square meters.

Waren developments, the real estate developer of the Marquee Mall,

the new administrative capital project,

To provide many payment systems in order to suit all investors’ desires.

Therefore, you can only pay 10% of the total unit price.

The rest of the unit price is to pay in installments over a period of up to

108 months, in equal installments.

The mall’s prices are suitable for all investors.

However, prices generally vary according to the area and the type of

housing unit and role

Obtaining a unit inside the Marquee Mall project, the New Capital,

is a good investment opportunity.

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