An administrative office in Citadel Mall

36 m²
1,422,492 EGP
An administrative office in Citadel MallAn administrative office in Citadel MallAn administrative office in Citadel MallAn administrative office in Citadel Mall
An administrative office in Citadel MallAn administrative office in Citadel MallAn administrative office in Citadel MallAn administrative office in Citadel Mall
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LocationDirect view of the Presidential Park. And it is only about 50 meters from the ministries. The project is also about 150 meters from the headquarters of the Central Bank, and less than 100 meters from the new headquarters of the Stock Exchange. You will find the mall in close proximity to Al Masa Hotel, Mohammed Bin Zayed Axis, and Parliament House
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Unit details

An administrative office in Citadel Mall is one of the huge projects inside

the New Administrative Capital,

This honorable image came to light thanks to the good planning and

implementation of El Fath Group, the real estate development company

that took over the establishment of Citadel Mall Administrative Capital,

And it succeeded in carrying out its mission to the fullest, as it is characterized

by the splendor of design and the multiplicity of services and units in it.

An administrative office in Citadel Mall

An administrative office in Citadel Mall location:

The distinctive strategic location of the Citadel Mall, the Administrative Capital,

predicts the success of this project, and also guarantees the success of

the shops or projects built within it,

It is located in 2B2, which is a vital and elegant area to the greatest extent,

due to the presence of many ministries, agencies, departments and banks in it.

The area in which the Citadel Mall New Capital is located is near many important

and prominent places such as the Presidential Palace and its palaces.

Behind the mall is the Parliament building and there is an administrative office

at Citadel Mall.

The availability of all these important facilities around or near the mall guarantees

the service and vitality of the area and deals with the finest layers of society.

Services, spaces, and administrative office available in Citadel Mall:

“Citadel” means the castle, which is the impression that will take hold in you

when you see the distinctive design of the building; It is an architectural icon

in the heart of the capital.

There is an administrative office for sale in Citadel Mall.

Citadel Mall New Capital was designed; To be the ideal destination for

ambitious businessmen,

And those looking for a place that provides that wonderful combination of

work and entertainment at the same time.

The building is inspired by the art deco architecture that captivated the world

with its beauty, and was followed in the buildings of Europe during the 1920s.

But with a modern touch, it was added by the engineering consultant, who is

well known, Raef Fahmy, who is the author of the most important designs

for the largest projects in the capital.

Including the Armonia New Capital Compound, The Waterway Compound,

New Cairo, Park Lane Compound, the New Administrative Capital, and many


An administrative office in Citadel Mall

Services and An administrative office in Citadel Mall:

There is a range of luxury restaurants and cafes available inside the ground

and first floors.

Green spaces are available, and a wonderful landscape is available in all

aspects of the project; To create a natural environment

There is an airy one inside the concrete; To provide a creative and

encouraging work atmosphere.

Administrative office available in Citadel Mall.

There is a group of luxury stores offering the finest international brands.

As well as a gymnasium, equipped to the highest standard.

Garage extends over two floors, and can accommodate about 300 cars.

Offices with flexible spaces, equipped with a range of services and

facilities available for shared use.

The design of the building, and the materials forming it; It includes

the least amount of pollution, or noise inside it.

A safe working and shopping environment is provided; Providing security

personnel, and surveillance cameras that work around the clock.

Central air conditioning service.

Emergency electricity system.

As well as a fire extinguishing system.

Modern building management services, represented in the access control

system, fire alarm, and related systems (Voice, Data and TV).


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