Bareq Tower New Capital

Prices start from 1,655,000 EGP
10 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2026
Spaces starting from 33
Last updated 2023-12-17
project developerinverse group development
Bareq Tower New CapitalBareq Tower New CapitalBareq Tower New CapitalBareq Tower New CapitalBareq Tower New Capital
Bareq Tower New CapitalBareq Tower New CapitalBareq Tower New CapitalBareq Tower New CapitalBareq Tower New Capital
Details Bareq Tower New Capital
project nameBareq Tower New Capital
project LocationNew Capital
project unitsCommercial-administrative-medical
Delivery date2026
Payment Systems10% dp and rest over 10 years
Finishing typeFully finished
Spaces starting from33
Prices starting from1,655,000
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plan of Bareq Tower New Capital
Bareq Tower New Capital
map of Bareq Tower New Capital
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Project details

Inverse Company announces the launch of its project Bareq Tower New Capital in the heart of the capital. It is one of the first projects that the company intends to implement in the Administrative Capital. The mall is considered one of the most prominent landmarks, especially since it will light up the entire sky of the capital. Therefore, the company chose a distinctive location for it and insisted that the price Distinctive sparkling complex.

Barq Tower Mall, the Administrative Capital, is one of the most distinguished projects in the capital. It was built in a distinguished location in the city center near the Green River and the Al Masa Hotel. Inverse Group, the real estate development company that owns the project, provides all services and facilities to provide customers with adequate comfort and luxury. The New Administrative Capital, Bariq Tower, is also multi-purpose, as it provides various units suitable for all activities such as commercial and administrative. And medical care so that customers can choose the most suitable unit for investment within the New Administrative Capital.

One of the important projects launched by Inverse Group for Real Estate Development, through which it provides many opportunities for investors who wish to be located within the Administrative Capital, so it achieved a diverse mix of activities within the Barq Tower Mall in the Administrative Capital, which varies between commercial, administrative and medical units, which were Choosing all its details carefully so that the company ensures the ideal success of all units. In the beginning, it worked to choose the strategic location that suits the nature of the activities it provides.

Bareq Tower New Capital

Bareq Tower New Capital

Location of Bareq Tower New Capital

Inverse Company believes that choosing the location of the Bareq Tower New Capital for business starts from the most prominent area in the Administrative Capital  due to its proximity to important vital areas and its view of the most important areas of the city.

The most important areas near Barq Tower

  • Bareq Tower New Capital is a few minutes away from the Ministries District.
  • Barq Inverse Mall is 5 minutes away from the Green River.
  • A few minutes between it and the financial and government district.
  • Very close to the central monorail station, which makes it easy to reach and move from.
  • It is very close to the gold market.
  • The mall is also very close to important towers and projects in the capital, such as Park Point Mall and Vera Tower.

Area of Barq Mall, New Capital

Inverse Company has allocated a very large area, suitable for the Bareq Tower New Capital provided that the construction rate in it is lower, to provide the largest percentage of green spaces and open views, and at the same time, spaces have been allocated to the units commensurate with the activities in them,

The areas of Barq Tower units are as follows:

  • Medical units start from 33 square meters.
  • The administrative unit area starts from 25 square meters.
  • Commercial units start from 22 square meters.
Bareq Tower New Capital

Bareq Tower New Capital

Services provided by the mall

Bareq Tower New Capital includes a group of distinguished services and facilities needed by everyone who will own a unit in Barq Mall or visit it.

These services and facilities include the following:

  • An area of restaurants and cafes that includes the most famous international cuisines, to satisfy all tastes.
  • Shops carrying international brands of the most famous brands.
  • Integrated security systems, including surveillance cameras that operate at the highest level of accuracy, and a sufficient group of security and guard personnel to secure the entrances and exits of the tower.
  • A sufficient group of ATM machines, covering various banks, to meet the needs of visitors and owners.
  • All parts of the tower operate with central air conditioning and high-speed internet.
  • A group of panoramic elevators for the convenience of visitors and owners, in addition to escalators.
  • Distinctive halls for holding meetings and conferences, and a sufficient number of VIP reception halls.
  • An entertainment area for children in Barq Tower, providing all means of security and protection.
  • Electrical generators in sufficient numbers to ensure uninterrupted electricity and regular work inside the tower throughout the day.
  • Providing all medical services, including: an analysis laboratory with the highest level of accuracy and technological advancement, and a pharmacy.
  • A number of display screens that make it easier for any visitor to know his exact interface, and these screens operate with the latest modern technology techniques.
  • The Bareq Tower New Capital project in the New Administrative Capital is surrounded by a green space with a dazzling and distinctive view.
  • Providing daily maintenance for all parts of the tower, which includes cleaning bathrooms, plumbing maintenance, etc.
  • Garages sufficient to accommodate the cars of visitors and owners.
  • A distinctive walkway with a wonderful view.

Features of Bareq Tower New Capital

Inverse Group Real Estate Development Company was keen to make its first project in the New Administrative Capital distinguished in all its aspects, so; This project is considered the first project to light up the sky of the New Administrative Capital, so the choice of its location was also distinct. In addition to the fact that it has multiple activities, this comes with a unique and unprecedented design, in addition to appropriate prices and easy payment systems that extend to 10 years.

Bareq Tower New Capital

Bareq Tower New Capital

Payment and reimbursement systems

Inverse Real Estate Development Company has announced a number of Bareq Tower New Capital reservation systems, and these reservation and installment systems suit all the capabilities of interested investors and entrepreneurs from all countries of the world.

Company officials have announced that you can reserve Barq Tower units available for sale as follows:

  • Pay 10% down payment and installments will reach 10 years.

Prices of Bareq Tower New Capital

Inverse Group has set great facilitations in the prices of owning units within Barq Tower Mall, the Administrative Capital, in order to provide an opportunity for all categories of investors to be able to purchase a unit in Barq Mall, the Administrative Capital. For more details, you can contact us on the sales number 01270970000.

Bareq Tower New Capital

Bareq Tower New Capital

About the owner company and its most important work

The history of the Inverse Group Real Estate Development Company dates back to 1996, during which the Inverse Group was able to implement wonderful projects, becoming one of the leading companies in the real estate sector in the Middle East in many countries such as: Qatar, Dubai, the Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and finally its project The last one in Egypt is Burj Al-Barq. The company has been able to showcase 10,000 successful projects in 52 cities, and has allocated nearly $10 billion in financing,

All under the leadership of the company’s CEO and founder, Engineer Ahmed Shaltout, who is considered the best among hundreds of architects in Egypt. The Middle East and Africa who managed to make the company several branches in different countries such as: Canada, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. This is because the company uses the latest in urban transformation using unconventional methods and designs when implementing its projects, and the company has always had the slogan of going global, which is exactly what Barq Mall is doing with the New Capital Tower project.

The most important work carried out by the company

  • Establishing a group of investments such as commercial complexes, medical projects, and hospitals in many different regions within Egypt.
  • Establishing a residential project in the Fifth Settlement area in Egypt.
  • A group of commercial and residential projects in East Asia and Saudi Arabia.
  • Many successful projects have been implemented in Nigeria, Bahrain and some Gulf countries.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2022, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep them. Informing clients about the real estate market.

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Features of Bareq Tower New Capital
  • CCTV
  • Security

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Bareq Tower Located?
In the most distinguished area in Downtown the New Administrative Capital
Who is the Developer of the Bareq Tower?
Inverse Group Real Estate Development
What is the finishing type of The Bareq Tower?
Fully finished
What is the Type of Units in The Bareq Tower?
What are the Payment Systems in The Bareq Tower?
10% dp and rest over 10 years
What is the sales number?