Mall La Puerta New Capital

Prices start from 2,000,000 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2026
Spaces starting from 45 sqm
Last updated 2023-10-31
Mall La Puerta New CapitalMall La Puerta New CapitalMall La Puerta New CapitalMall La Puerta New CapitalMall La Puerta New Capital
Mall La Puerta New CapitalMall La Puerta New CapitalMall La Puerta New CapitalMall La Puerta New CapitalMall La Puerta New Capital
Details Mall La Puerta New Capital
project nameMall La Puerta New Capital
project Locationnew capital
project unitsAdministrative units
Delivery date2026
Payment Systems10%dp-up rest to 7 years
Finishing typeFully finished with air conditioners
Spaces starting from45 sqm
Prices starting from2,000,000
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map of Mall La Puerta New Capital
Other units inside the compound
Project details

Mall La Puerta New Capital is the newest Strip Mall in the eighth residential district within the scope of the Laverde Compound, as it provides comprehensive commercial and administrative services to the project’s residents. It offers ideal prices for those who wish to invest in real estate at the lowest value.

Laverde Real Estate Development Company offers a great investment opportunity, especially for the residents of Laverde Compound who have a clear vision for the future, as the developer provides them with residential and investment opportunities, especially since the population density creates a state of stability for their investments.

Location of Mall La Puerta New Capital

The implementing company does not choose project sites randomly. It tries to place its clients in the heart of the best strategic places that achieve the ideal results they aspire to. The choice was made in Mall La Puerta New Capital  in the eighth district, R8, and it is one of the distinctive places due to its wide fame and proximity to the most important landmarks. Going to it from the project takes only minutes.

Places near the mall

  • It is located directly on the central axis.
  • It can be accessed from the Green River.
  • Within walking distance of Al Masa Hotel.
  • It is a short distance away from the Diplomatic Quarter.
  • Near the government district.
  • The mall is within walking distance from the monorail station.
Mall La Puerta New Capital

Mall La Puerta New Capital

Area of Mall La Puerta New Capital

Laverde Company relied on the best engineering consultants. It was able to provide a very distinctive division of commercial and administrative units and achieved diversity in the level of spaces in a way that satisfies the different tastes of customers, so the project units can meet multiple needs, from small to large spaces.

Mall unit area

  • The area of ​​administrative offices on the first floor starts from 33 to 143 square meters.
  • While the office space on the second floor starts from 33 to 130 square meters.
  • The area of shops on the ground floor ranges from 36 to 182 square metres.

Design of La Puerta Mall Administrative Capital

Laverde Company paid great attention to the design of the project so that it would be suitable for people with good taste, and therefore it hired engineer Muharram Bakhoum as an engineering consultant for the project because he has great experience and showed great ingenuity in designing La Puerta Mall, the Administrative Capital, in a way that mimics the finest international malls in achieving harmony between the buildings, the plaza areas, and the landscape. .

All units have distinctive panoramic views, and the mall was designed taking into account the Spanish style, and the mall’s design is as follows:

  • Allocating a large portion of the mall’s space to the plaza and landscape areas to provide comfortable views of the units.
  • The commercial units occupy the first floors while the administrative units are on the upper floors.
Mall La Puerta New Capital

Mall La Puerta New Capital

Prices of La Puerta Mall Administrative Capital

The developer company worked to make the mall’s prices competitive and suitable for everyone. Investors can buy the units offered for sale at the best prices, because the company provided a distinctive package of reasonable prices that are commensurate with the size of the features and services it provides in the project. It is also one of the strengths that distinguishes Mall La Puerta New Capital among other projects. Administrative Capital, these prices are as follows:

  • Commercial units: Prices for commercial units start from 4,850,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Administrative units: Administrative unit prices start from 2,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

 La Puerta Mall payment systems

La Puerta , the Administrative Capital, is the best payment system provided by the company in order to make it easier for customers to pay for the units without financial obstacles. These systems are characterized by the fact that they start with the lowest down payment and have long payment periods. The administrative units in Mall La Puerta New Capital are received fully finished, as for the installment systems. They are as follows:

  • 10% down payment and the remainder over a payment period of up to 6 years.
  • Payment of 15% down payment with the remainder paid over 7 years.
  • In addition to a 10% maintenance fee
  • Mall La Puerta New Capital will be delivered within 3 years.
Mall La Puerta New Capital

Mall La Puerta New Capital

Services of La Puerta MallAdministrative Capital

Mall La Puerta New Capital La Verde Company cares a lot about its customers and works to make them comfortable in various ways, which is translated into the range of facilities and services it has provided in the Mall La Puerta New Capital in order to facilitate their experience within the project in addition to a large number of means of entertainment and amusement that give them happiness, and you can Feel the creativity in choosing these facilities as follows:

  • There are electronic gates that regulate entry and exit from the project to prevent crowding.
  • It contains panoramic elevators and escalators to facilitate movement between the mall’s multiple floors.
  • Laverde Company works on the comfort and well-being of customers, so it provided spa and jacuzzi services.
  • Security and guarding services operate 24 hours a day to provide safety and privacy in the mall.
  • Installing modern surveillance cameras  so that the company increases the security factor further.
  • There is a Kids Area  so that the children have a space where they can have fun.
  • It includes gym halls of the highest level, which contain the latest sports equipment.
  • To make financial transactions as easy as possible for those present, automated teller machines have been widely provided.
  • It includes safety factors such as fire extinguishing systems so that they can be used when necessary.
  • Providing maintenance and cleaning services to ensure that the project always appears in good condition
  • The latest technological systems are available through which it is managed to provide a comfortable and easy experience for everyone involved in the project.

The company that owns La Puerta Mall the administrative capital

Laverde Egypt Real Estate Development Company is considered one of the most important leading companies that began its journey since 2017. Laverde Egypt aims to create an ideal residential and investment environment for its clients through its various projects, in accordance with the highest standards in construction and construction, especially with its strong launch that it began.

It has also proven itself through the many projects it has implemented, and the company has placed the quality and efficiency of projects among the most important priorities that it seeks to achieve for clients, and it has succeeded in a short period of time to be among the best real estate development companies in Egypt.

  • The company’s previous work
  • Laverde Cassette Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • La Verde Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • Mall La Puerta New Capital
Mall La Puerta New Capital

Mall La Puerta New Capital

An overview of the eighth residential district

Mall La Puerta New Capital is located in the eighth residential district, south of the Investors District and the Green River, east of the diplomatic district, and west of the Suez Road. The R8 residential district is also close to the government district or the ministries district, the seventh residential district, and Ain Sokhna Road, regardless of information about the neighborhood:

  • Al Marwa Contracting Company took over the design and construction of the Eighth Government
  • District in cooperation with the New Administrative Capital Company.
  • The eighth residential district was established on an area of up to 4,000 acres, including 20% buildings and 80% for landscape areas and service facilities.
  • The R8 neighborhood was designed to ensure coordination between residential projects, schools, universities, and service facilities such as sports clubs and malls.
  • The area of ​​residential buildings reaches only 2,500 acres.
  • The units vary between residential, administrative, commercial and medical according to their purpose, as well as the diversity of their areas and designs according to the company implementing
  • the project to suit the needs of customers.

Services of the eighth residential district

  • 2 sports clubs, one on 73 acres and the other on 35.5 acres.
  • There are also 2 public parks; One of them is on an area of 40 acres and the other is on an area of 15 acres.
  • While the company that designed and implemented the Eighth District did not neglect the
  • distribution of educational facilities such as schools and nurseries.
  • Religious facilities in addition to garages and petrol stations.
  • Medical facilities such as clinics and pharmacies.
  • There are also a group of luxury hotels within the R8 residential district.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2023, so they are subject to change. We at Masharef Real Estate are keen to update the spaces, price and type of listings for both residential and commercial units to keep them. Informing clients about the real estate market.

You cancontact us on sales number 01270970000

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Features of Mall La Puerta New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is La Puerta Mall located?
The Eighth District, R8, in the heart of the New Administrative Capital
Who is the real estate developer of La Porta Mall?
Laverde Egypt Real Estate Development Company
What is the type of finishing for La Porta Mall?
Fully finished with air conditioners
What type of units is La Porta Mall?
Administrative units
What are the payment systems for La Porta Mall?
Down payments starting from 10% and payment systems up to 7 years
What is the sales number?