White 14 Tower Mall New Capital

Prices start from 2,035,000 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2026
Spaces starting from 37 sqm
Last updated 2023-10-31
project developerMaster Builders Group
White 14 Tower Mall New CapitalWhite 14 Tower Mall New CapitalWhite 14 Tower Mall New CapitalWhite 14 Tower Mall New CapitalWhite 14 Tower Mall New CapitalWhite 14 Tower Mall New Capital
White 14 Tower Mall New CapitalWhite 14 Tower Mall New CapitalWhite 14 Tower Mall New CapitalWhite 14 Tower Mall New CapitalWhite 14 Tower Mall New CapitalWhite 14 Tower Mall New Capital
Details White 14 Tower Mall New Capital
project nameWhite 14 Tower Mall New Capital
project Locationnew capital
project unitsAdministrative - commercial
Delivery date2026
Payment Systems10%dp-up rest to 7 years
Finishing typeFully finished
Spaces starting from37 sqm
Prices starting from2,035,000
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plan of White 14 Tower Mall New Capital
White 14 Tower Mall New Capital
map of White 14 Tower Mall New Capital
Other units inside the compound
Project details

White 14 Tower Mall New Capital the third success story that takes place in Downtown, which was established by the giant MBG Real Estate Company. It is one of the administrative commercial projects that has a beautiful view and an ideal location. The White Mall is considered one of the most important malls that offers competitive prices and impeccable reservation systems. Unparalleled suitable for all investors.

White 14 Tower Mall New Capital

It launched its new project White 14 Tower Mall New Capital  in continuation of its series of successes from other projects. MPG Master Builder Group Real Estate Company carries in the same area, including medical and another residential, and its third project came carrying a new investment activity only, as it is intended for commercial and administrative units only, and it chose the capital. Administrative to establish many projects because it knows well that it is a modern real estate city and it is the focus of attention of many clients and investors from inside and outside Egypt.

A city with integrated services and facilities, designed with the most beautiful international designs and the finest details that made it a project White 14 Tower Mall New Capital is a meeting place for people with good taste. It is a wonderful opportunity for investment because it is located in the most prestigious and active areas in the heart of the New Capital, in addition to the features available from the largest companies, as they provide entertainment means and stunning landscapes that help you accomplish what you want in an atmosphere Of unparalleled sophistication and luxury.

White 14 Tower Mall New Capital

White 14 Tower Mall New Capital

White 14 Tower Mall location

The real estate developer was interested in choosing the project location for more than one reason. One of them is that the project is located near all the service places available in the New Administrative Capital, as well as entertainment ones, so that you can enjoy a life experience that meets all your needs without trouble, and the other, which is more important, is that it is located close to more than one vital place. He is active to ensure the prosperity and success of your investment.

In addition to the tower being easily accessible and moving from it to all directions of Greater Cairo, it was built in the heart of the capital, specifically in the famous Downtown area with a view of the tourist district and the Green River, for a lot of luxury and recreation, and one of the most important features of the location is

  • It is located near the famous Al Masa Hotel.
  • Steps away from most of the government districts in the new capital, which are the Ministries
  • District, the Diplomatic District, and the Financial and Business District.
  • White 14 Tower Mall New Capital location enjoys a direct view of the luxurious tourist promenade and the Administrative Capital Park.
  • It is located 20 minutes from the Administrative Capital Airport.
  • It is far from the new monorail station.
  • White 14 Tower Mall New Capital is located near one of the most vital roads, which is the northern Bin Zayed Corridor, linking all parts of the new capital.
  • A short distance from the ring road, the new regional ring road.
  • Location advantages: It is close to White 14, one of the most important projects established in that
  • area, such as Capital Diamond Tower and Downtown Mall.
  • A short walk from the new Opera House.
  • Close to Misr Mosque and Christ Cathedral.
  • It is located in the area of banks and various automated teller machines.

Area of White 14 Tower Mall New Capital

White 14 Tower Mall New Capital is one of the most high-end investment projects that are complete with luxury and sophistication within the Administrative Capital, and it is unique in everything that makes your investment impossible, and from here came the idea of allocating each part of the project in proportion to it and dividing its total area to give each place its right in terms of building area. Providing services and entertainment venues, and large areas of green areas and artificial lakes that give the place more sophistication and luxury.

Therefore, it was built on an area of 4,618 square meters, of which the real estate developer allocated 30% for construction only, and the rest of the area for services of all kinds and green and water bodies, so that all units enjoy a beautiful view of the finest natural landscapes for more recreation.

White 14 Tower Mall New Capital contains many administrative and commercial units of different sizes, and the mall includes 15 floors as follows: a ground floor, and 14 upper floors, which are dividedas follows:

  • The ground and first floors are designated for commercial units only in White 14 Tower.
  • The second floor up to the fourteenth floor is for administrative units only in White 14 Tower.
White 14 Tower Mall New Capital

White 14 Tower Mall New Capital

White 14 Tower Mall the Administrative Capital services

It is the ideal choice for starting a new activity, whether commercial or administrative, in the Downtown area because you will get the integrated services provided by a company with a history of success in the same region, and it has gained superior experience in providing all customers’ needs in one place, with the highest level of luxury and sophistication, and from The most important services provided Environmentally friendly:

  • Electricity is produced by many solar panels, to create a clean, healthy life.
  • White 14 Tower Mall New Capital is an entertainment area for children, Kids Area, with many different types of entertainment for them, and there are amusement parks suitable for their ages, with the presence of specialized supervisors.
  • It includes a huge hall dedicated to receiving visitors, providing its services at the highest level of sophistication, and there is also a VIP hall designated for VIP visitors.
  • It is fully equipped with attractively shaped glass panels that are completely insulated from heat and noise, in order to maintain calm and avoid stress and anxiety.
  • The security system is of a very high level, including trained security personnel to keep you, your unit, and customers safe throughout the day
  • Providing high-speed Internet service to all investors, commercial and administrative units.
  • The entire mall operates with a smart facility system, including central air conditioning, a central shower, and other advanced technological means.
  • Dedicated meeting and conference halls equipped with all modern audio technology and display screens.
  • An area dedicated to restaurants and cafes that provides distinguished hotel service, and it also serves the most delicious Western and Eastern food.
  • It provides continuous cleaning and sterilization services in the place to maintain public safety.
  • The architectural developer took care to have teams equipped with the latest equipment that carry out periodic maintenance for each part. There are also dedicated offices to receive complaints and
  • others for maintenance requests, and they also carry out their services as soon as they occur and with the utmost speed.
  • There is a huge supermarket with all your daily needs
White 14 Tower Mall New Capital

White 14 Tower Mall New Capital

The company that owns the project

White 14 Tower Mall New Capital is the owner and implementing company of MPG Master Builder Group development, a leading company in the field of real estate headed by Dr. Mahmoud Al-Adl. It enjoys a very great position among many major companies in Egypt and the Middle East, and it has also undertaken many projects within The Administrative Capital and throughout it has achieved huge success, and the volume of its investments is estimated at 10 billion Egyptian pounds.

It cares about the customer through the countless features and services it provides in its residential, commercial and administrative projects, until it has gained the trust of more customers. It enjoys huge credibility, and it also includes a huge group of highly experienced consultants and engineers in all architectural fields.

One of her most important previous projects

  • Pukka Compound, New Administrative Capital.
  • River Green Administrative Capital project.
  • Establishment of the Liberation Tower.
  • Building AlUla City in Mansoura.
  • Sunset Compound in Ras El Bar.
  • A group of educational projects, the most important of which is Nile Academy.
  • Establishment of Elite Medical Center in Mansoura.
  • International Medical Center in Mansoura.
  • Construction of Dar Al Safa Hospital.
  • White 14 Tower Mall New Capital

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the second half of 2023They are subject to change, as we are keen to update the list of spaces, prices and types of residential unitsAnd commercial so that clients understand the changes in the real estate market

You can contact us on our sales numbers  01270970000

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Features of White 14 Tower Mall New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains