Sky Business Park New Capital

Prices start from 2,320,000 EGP
7 years installment years
Down payment 15%
Delivery 2026
Spaces starting from 40
Last updated 2023-10-31
project developerBetter House Real Estate
Sky Business Park New CapitalSky Business Park New CapitalSky Business Park New CapitalSky Business Park New CapitalSky Business Park New Capital
Sky Business Park New CapitalSky Business Park New CapitalSky Business Park New CapitalSky Business Park New CapitalSky Business Park New Capital
Details Sky Business Park New Capital
project nameSky Business Park New Capital
project Locationnew capitaL
project unitsCommercial units, administrative and medical units
Delivery date2026
Payment Systems15% dp - up rest to 7 years
Finishing typefully finished
Spaces starting from40
Prices starting from2,320,000
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plan of Sky Business Park New Capital
Sky Business Park New Capital
map of Sky Business Park New Capital
Other units inside the compound
Project details

Sky Business Park is developed by Better House Real Estate Development Company, which announced the launch of its new project in a picturesque location in the Downtown area, and is keen to provide a range of luxury services and features that will distinguish it from other projects in the region.

The company provides various commercial, administrative, and medical units, ensuring a diversity of spaces to suit everyone, in addition to flexible payment systems and competitive prices.

Sky Business Park new capital

The mall is the gateway to your success in the heart of the capital. It was implemented on an area of 3,800 square meters, which is a very suitable area, most of which is occupied by the charming natural landscape that gives an attractive civilized appearance to the place.

In addition to the very competitive prices and various payment systems that you can choose from to facilitate the installment process.

Sky Business Park New Capital

Sky Business Park New Capital

Sky Business Park location

The developing company chose the best locations in the Administrative Capital, in the heart of the Downtown area, specifically in Plot No. MU 02-22, where it is located in front of the Al Masa Hotel and close to the Green River. The area in which the mall is located also includes many other malls and commercial towers, which will make it a lively and attractive area. For good investment.

Places near the mall

  • It’s a little far from the monorail station, but easy to reach.
  • The shopping center is located near the Misr Mosque and the Gold Souq.
  • Sky Business Park It is located next to the government district, which includes a large number of government buildings.
  • The project is about half an hour’s drive from the Administrative Capital Airport.

Mall design

Better House was keen to make the design distinctive and modern. The mall consists of a ground floor and 10 recurring floors, and each floor includes a different investment activity. The units vary to include commercial, administrative, and medical units, and there is a private entrance for each investment activity.

Sky Business Mall space

The mall’s area is estimated at 3,800 square metres. Most of the area of Sky Business Park Mall is allocated to landscaping, green spaces and facilities. The available units vary in size as follows:

  • The area of units and shops starts from 40 square meters.
  • The area of administrative and medical units starts from 40 square meters.
 Sky Business Park New Capital

Sky Business Park New Capital

Sky Business Pack Administrative Capital prices

Better House has set a clear price for the units, which is attractive to investors and competitive with other malls in the Administrative Capital. This makes it possible to purchase a unit at the lowest price per square meter in Sky Business Park Mall.

Sky Business Park installment systems

In addition to the mall’s competitive prices, the company has carefully prepared various systems for purchasing units in the Executive Capital in order to provide great opportunities for all aspiring investors.

  • Down payment starts from 15% down payment and installments up to 7 years

Advantages of Sky Business Mall new capital

Here are the most important features of Sky Business Park: A unique strategic location in the downtown area, which includes many huge investments that attract many eyes.

  • Designed to provide the ultimate in comfort, privacy and luxury.
  • Stunning views unique to the various units, on top of the most beautiful views of green gardens and water bodies, which in turn provide a healthy environment suitable for work, innovation and creativity.
  • Focus on diversity in the commercial and administrative fields and medical units within the project in order to be compatible with the majority of clients and investors. The mall’s magnificent architectural design is one of the most important attractions that contribute to its success.

Sky Business Park services in the new capital

The project has many privileges and services that every ambitious investor and successful businessman needs, and the most important facilities and services in the mall are as follows:

  • 24-hour security service and surveillance cameras throughout the mall.
  • There are also a group of international restaurants and cafes serving delicious food and drinks.
  • The entire shopping center runs a central air-purifying air conditioning system and high-speed internet.
  • It provides all scheduled maintenance and excellent cleaning services covering all areas of the mall.
  • There are also conference halls and VIP reception halls.
  • The units and shops in the mall include well-known international brands.
  • All units in the mall are equipped with the latest luxurious decor.
  • Safe areas designated for children to play to ensure well-being and entertainment.
  • The underground garage can accommodate a large number of cars.
  • Equipped with the latest firefighting and early warning systems, it provides safe exit places for visitors and owners in the event of a fire.
  • It was prepared with the latest surveillance cameras that cover every part of the project, and a hall equipped with surveillance screens.
  • A sufficient number of escalators and panoramic elevators to save visitors’ energy and facilitate their movement between floors.
 Sky Business Park New Capital

Sky Business Park New Capital

The company that owns the project and its most important work

Better House was not a fledgling company, but it has extensive experience in the field of real estate development. It has undertaken several projects inside and outside the Administrative Capital, and the mall was its fourth project in the Administrative Capital. In addition, the company will establish a new project in the capital that will carry out an educational service activity in the form of an international school.

The company’s previous work

Better House has succeeded in establishing several successful projects in Cairo and the Administrative Capital, such as:

  • A number of residential projects inside Egypt.
  • Sky Capital New Administrative Capital.
  • Sky Capital View New Administrative Capital.
  • Sky Capital Mall, New Administrative Capital.

Advantages of investing within the New Administrative Capital

When thinking about investment, it is necessary to choose the appropriate place, and the Administrative Capital is one of the best places in which you can invest, due to the huge projects that have been established and the projects that will be built, which foretells the wonderful future of investment in this place.

  • Investing in the New Administrative Capital is a good idea for investors and those wishing to start huge and popular projects.
  • The government has worked to provide services to make it easier for businessmen and project owners to invest in the new capital
  • After the recent launch of the Administrative Capital projects, this led to Cairo being transformed into a leading political, cultural and economic center in the Middle East and North Africa region.
  • This was also achieved through a prosperous economic environment supported by diverse economic activities and sustainable development. To ensure the preservation of the distinctive historical and natural assets that Cairo possesses,
  • And to facilitate living there, an area of 170 thousand acres was allocated to establish the administrative capital east of Cairo.
  • This is due to its distinguished location and proximity to the Suez Canal area, regional roads, and main axes. The target population during the first phase, with an area of 10.5 thousand acres, is approximately 5 million people.
  • In addition to 40 to 50 thousand government employees being transferred to the new headquarters,
  • With plans to increase the capacity to 100,000 employees after the first three years.
  • About 3,500 Ministry of Finance employees will be transferred to the Administrative Capital by March 2020 after receiving their units in the government district in January 2020.
  • The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs plans to transfer 40 percent of its public office employees to the capital.
Sky Business Park New Capital

Sky Business Park New Capital

For more information, you can contact us on the following numbers: 01270970000 

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Features of Sky Business Park New Capital
  • CCTV
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sky Business Park located?
Downtown in the heart of the New Administrative Capital
Who is the real estate developer of Sky Business Park?
Better House Real Estate Development Company
What is the finishing type of Sky Business Park?
fully finished
What type of units is Sky Business Park?
Commercial units, administrative and medical units
What are the payment systems at Sky Business Park?
15 % dp - up rest to 7 years
What is the project area?
3,800 sqm
What is the sales number?