La capital mall new capital

La capital mall new capital
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La capital mall new capital is one of the huge real estate projects implemented by the French real estate investment company Pyramids

Due to the modern design features

Of this massive project,

The project is considered a major cultural,

Administrative and commercial transformation

La capital mall new capital

About La capital mall new capital:

Al Haram French Real Estate Investment Company

Launched the latest commercial project

In the New Administrative Capital

La capital mall new capital,

Which is considered a commercial

In addition to civilized administrative shift

Its modern and contemporary design.

The real estate investment

Pyramid was established in France in 2000

He made several contributions

To major real estate projects in France.

She participated in the structural transformation

Of the Louvre,

The structural transformation

Of the French Parliament,

And establishment of a French Holiday hotel.

In addition to it is in addition to the presence

Of many huge real estate projects.

La capital mall new capital is the third project

For the company in the new administrative capital,

His investments are currently estimated

At 750 million Egyptian pounds.

The location of La capital mall new capital:

La capital mall new capital will be on

An area of ​​7800 square meters,

In addition to especially in the R7 area.

The shopping center is located in the heart

Of the financial and commercial district

In front of the Presidential Palace,

Also the Council of Ministers

And the Government District.

The seventh residential district, R7,

Has been selected as the financial

In addition to commercial district

Be near the presidential palace and the cabinet,

La Capital Administrative Capital Mall is located

In the center of the government district.

It is less than five minutes from

The Green River and the Fairgrounds,

In addition to there is also the Green River,

The largest green area in the world.

It is only ten minutes from the diplomatic area

Where many embassies are located.

In addition to its proximity to

Also the financial and commercial areas

Which includes the headquarters of

Many banks and banking companies.

It is only a quarter of an hour away

From the administrative capital airport

In addition to the electric railway station.

It is in addition to its proximity to Al-Massa Hotel

In addition to Al-Fattah Al-Alim Cathedral.

La Capital new capital Mall is located

In the most dynamic and active area.

Also it is next to the Houses of Parliament

And only 5 minutes from the Green River

The British University and the Fairgrounds.

The diplomatic area is

Also 10 minutes away.

La Capital new capital mall designs:

It consists of a floor

And seven repeated floors

With multiple uses and spaces.

Available on the first and second floors shops,

In addition to the third floor a clinic,

The fourth and fifth floors are administrative offices.

The design of La capital mall new capital

Is very distinctive

As usual, Pyramid Real Estate

Development is based on the French style.

The mall consists of multiple spaces

On the first and seventh floors.

The first and second floors of

In addition to the project were

Also allocated to open shops,

The third floor is for medical clinics,

And the fourth and fifth floors are

For establishing administrative offices.

As for the last floor, it has been designated

To become a high-end hotel

That offers high-end services to clients.

The plan drafted by the company

In addition to supported by the state

La Capital will be fully handed over

Before the end of 2020.

La capital mall new capital

Features of La capital mall new capital:

It is a commercial medical administrative

Shopping center with the best modern European design.

In addition to displaying different types of these units,

Each type of unit contains multiple

Spaces to meet the needs

In addition to the purchasing power

Also tastes of all customers.

In addition to the commercial space of

La capital mall new capital

Ranges from 16 square meters

To 300 square meters.

In addition to the space of medical clinics

And administrative offices

Starts from 43 square meters.

Some of the shops on the ground floor

Have outdoor spaces.

This is more suitable for restaurants,

In addition to cafes and other activities

That requires outdoor space.

Professional mini light kiosk areas

Available throughout the mall,

Also they are each 12 square meters.

In La capital mall new capital,

There are multiple meeting rooms

A small meeting room is equipped

With the latest equipment

In addition to audio-visual facilities.

Also, the entire administrative capital of

La capital mall new capital has two

In addition to high-speed internet,

Underground garages are available for shoppers,

Companies and stores operating in them.

The payment system in La capital mall new capital

In addition to for the convenience of customers

Also chooses the executive company

Providing a simple and long-term payment system,

The first payment is only 10%

The rest will be 10 years in installments

Without interest and others in installments

It is the longest repayment period suitable

Also for all our customers.

In addition to all you have to do is book,

Also you will find what satisfies you

And all the services you dream of in La Capital Mall.

The area of La capital mall new capital:

There is a shopping center the mall occupies

In addition to an area of ​​7800 square meters,

The interior space of the unit varies

Also to suit different activities,

In addition to the details are as follows

The space allocated for the commercial unit

Ranges from 16 square meters

In addition to 300 square meters.

As for the space allocated for administrative

In addition to medical units,

It starts from 43 square meters.

In addition to there is an outdoor space

On the ground floor

They are designated for cafes, restaurants,

Hypermarkets and other activities

In addition to require a lot of space.

The price of La capital mall new capital will be

To the desire of many customers

Also know how to book

In addition to about the unit price

This varies according to unit area,

Quality, function, payment method

And other factors,

I.e. control the price but in general,La capital mall new capital

the Prices in La capital mall new capital:

Especially given the diversity of available spaces.

In addition to as for the payment methods,

Pyramid Real Estate Development is keen

To provide clients with a comfortable system.

You can also keep the unit by paying 10% up front,

The rest is on the unit price in installments for

Up to ten years without interest,

The repayment period is the longest repayment

Period in the project established

In the New Administrative Capital.

There is no opportunity to compensate

In addition to the real estate developer

For this commercial project,

La Capital new capital mall is owned

By Pyramids Real Estate Development Company,

Also it is one of the major real estate

Companies established in France in 2000.

The company has been able to offer many

Very distinctive real estate projects in France.

Also it is worth noting that she participated

In many structural transformations of the Louvre,

Be in addition to changing the French Parliament

In addition to creating a holiday hotel in France,

There are also many mega projects implemented

By real estate developers in France.

The La Capital Mall project is the third project

Which is implemented by Pyramid Real Estate

Company in the new administrative capital,

Also the project is being implemented

With huge investments amounting

To 750 million Egyptian pounds.

Also La capital mall new capital is one

Of the distinguished commercial projects

Announced by the famous Pyramid Real Estate

In addition to Development Company

It owns the largest projects in Egypt and France.

In addition to The Company has allocated

An area of ​​7800 square meters

In the best location in the central region

Of the Administrative Capital,

I built this project close to all important areas

In addition to roads for easy access.

Pyramids Real Estate Development Company:

The company owns La capital mall new capital,

And it is owned by Mr. Hisham El-Khouly

In addition to engineer Alaa Al-Khouly

It is one of the largest real estate companies

In Egypt since its establishment.

Also in France for more than 30 years

And has a long experience in the real estate field

But it entered the Egyptian market since 2015

It has developed many projects

In cooperation with the army.

The company has done a lot of work in France,

Including the following projects:

The structural transformation

Of the French Parliament.

Set up a holiday hotel in France.

The development of the Louvre Museum.

Ibis hotel in France.

The company also cooperated with the armed forces

And contributed too many projects, including:

In addition to Road network,

Including Galala Road.

Development of multiple residential areas,

Development of hotel chains,

Including tulip hotels,

In addition to He has a glorious history in

The construction of educational buildings,

Also French schools.

In addition to Building mosques,

Including the Mosque of Field Marshal Tantawi.

It cooperated with the army

To develop a number of hospitals,

In addition to the Air Force Hospital.

Pyramid Real Estate Development Company

Also owns many projects

In the New Administrative Capital, including:

Paris Mall, Administrative Capital

The Champs Elysees shopping project,

In addition to Grand Plaza Shopping Center

Also La capital mall new capital

More from the administrative capital

In addition to other projects:

Vinci Administrative Capital,

Oia Hub Mall-

Eleven Mall

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