The area of the Blue Vert New Capital project

The area of the Blue Vert New Capital project
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The area of ​​the Blue Vert New Capital project provides you with all your needs and requests,

as it is a great residential compound equipped with all the services and equipment that

give the residents complete peace.

There are residential towers and villas designed with the latest international decorations in

planning and construction, and you can shop in the range of the largest shops,

A range of administrative headquarters is also available.

The advantage in the development of the integrated project is due to one of the

largest unique institutions, which is the Saudi Egyptian Commercial Corporation

for Reconstruction.

Which was keen to live in one of the most vital parts of the New Administrative Capital,

and it was on the most important basic roads and equipped with all basic services,

The location and area of ​​the Blue Vert New Capital project:

There are various services that are unique to the project area to make it a destination

for attracting all who want to own a residential unit in a unique and distinct location.

The area of ​​the Blue Vert project will be the administrative capital in E8, on the axis

of Ibn Zayed, immediately in the heart of R7, next to Bosco immediately.

It is located near the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, 5 minutes away, and it is next to

the Al-Masa Hotel,

It is next to a group of main roads such as the National Ring Road, Suez Road, Ain Sokhna,

the Middle Ring Road, and the most vital and service places.

The area of the Blue Vert New Capital project

Area of ​​the Blue Vert New Capital project:

The Blue Vert New Capital project is located on seventy acres and is considered a vast area,

of course, with a large number of apartments in it.

The project contains villas and residential units of a variety of areas. The villas occupied

sixty% of the compound space and the remaining 40% were allocated to residential units.

If you choose to live in a moderate or large headquarters, you will find what you want in

the space of the Blue Vert New Capital project,

The residential units’ areas vary from villas and residential units, including:

The minimum area available on the ground floor is 150 square meters, and the areas of that

floor reach 190 square meters.

There are continuous floor areas ranging from 140 to two hundred square meters

The area of the Blue Vert New Capital project

Features and area of ​​the Blue Vert New Capital project:

Those of us who do not want to reside within the area of ​​the Blue Vert New Capital project

are available with all services

It is a golden possibility that will not be compensated, as it grants its investors an abundant

amount of privileges and services that are difficult to obtain in any other housing project.

Among those features and services:

  • Apartments vary in designs, including residential units and villas.
  • All means of tranquility are available to investors by providing all necessary services and entertainment.
  • There is creativity in the design of the units to make you feel that you are living

with one of the finest units with an international appearance.

  • Recreational services are available, such as a large green area in which children can

play or have a picnic with the family

  • There is the social team
  • Private swimming pools are available for adults and children.
  • There is a group of commercial units to facilitate shopping, especially in a tight time situation.
  • Low-value prices are available for investors who are interested in units within the compound
  • There are payment facilities in place to make the customer unaware of any monetary efforts.
  • A unique, distinct and dynamic location available.

The owner commercial enterprise and the missed projects:

The Saudi Egyptian Foundation for Reconstruction is the owner of the Blue Vert project,

the administrative capital.

It has a name with a long history and experience in commercial projects. It was established

since 1975 in accordance with a global agreement between the Egyptian state

administration and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The enterprise that owns the project began to carry out its activities following the

approval of the elected council and the decision of the head of state No. 656 of 1975,

The Egyptian Ministry of Housing is responsible for saving land for projects or investing in them,

and the Ministry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia builds and saves project expenditures.

The capital of the Saudi Egyptian Commercial Corporation’s ownership amounts to millions

of dollars, so it completes its division equally between the Egyptian Authority and the Kingdom

of Saudi Arabia,

Its price upon the formation of the commercial enterprise reached fifty million dollars, then

it rose to 75 million dollars after the commercial establishment paid attention to

tourism investment,

On 6/2014, it amounted to 318 million dollars.

The activity of the corporation is not determined and depends on real estate investment

unless tourism investment is combined in the Arab Republic of Egypt as well,

And take into account maintaining adherence to the country’s policy in implementing

its projects in the purchase and sale of lands after preparing them for construction or

building structures and selling or exploiting them,

It also abides by the plans of the Commission’s Council when developing residential neighborhoods.

As of mid-2014, the number of its projects reached fifty, including 15 thousand housing

and administrative units, and the price of the economy in those projects reached 5.5 billion pounds.

Many of the company’s projects were established within the Arab Republic

of Egypt in residential neighborhoods in the new cities, including:

  • Founded a project in Obour City
  • I created a project in New Cairo
  • Founded the Lake Dream compound project
  • I established the Saudi project
  • Founded Damietta Resort project
  • I created the Dora Assiut project
  • Founded the Alexandria Residence project.

The area of the Blue Vert New Capital project

Payment systems:

The Foundation provided the payment system (cash) or the instant payment of the amount

in full upon the purchase of a housing unit within the area of the Blue Vert New Capital project.

There is a 5% payment system, only then the remaining amount until now spend 3 months

Provided 5% payment for maintenance and parking.

Owning a residential unit within the Blue Vert compound is a golden possibility that is

not frequently repeated,

So take advantage of it and hurry to book your dream villa or residence before the possibility is lost.

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