The prices of the Blue Vert New Capital project

The prices of the Blue Vert New Capital project
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The prices of the Blue Vert New Capital project, which was proudly launched by the

Egyptian Saudi Commercial Establishment for Development, and it is the latest project to

be built in the New Administrative Capital, which is famous for its location.

Saudi Egyptian Construction Corporation:

It is considered the largest institution operating in the establishments market,

which has been responsible since its inception to provide all means of comfort to investors

and has chosen a distinct and unique location.

The Saudi Egyptian Construction Corporation is an institution with long experience in real estate

commercial projects that was established in 1975.

The commercial establishment has a big name in the real estate market, and it is a joint

project between the Egyptian governments and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

The Egyptian Ministry of Housing allows the land and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to

assume responsibility for the construction and payment of project expenditures.

The Foundation obtained the acceptance of the President of the country issued with No. 656 of 1975,

It started with a fortune of fifty million distributed equally between the Egyptian governments

and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi Egyptian Foundation had established a large number of commercial projects that reached

fifty projects by mid-2014

Commercial projects for the Saudi Egyptian Construction Corporation:

  • Founded a project in El Obour
  • I created the Assiut flower project
  • Founded Nile Towers
  • Established the new Damietta resort.
  • The prices of the Blue Vert project are based on the administrative capital.
  • The Saudi capital Riyadh project was established in Al-Rehab
  • Founded Residence Alexandria.

Information about the New Administrative Capital:

The new administrative capital city is considered to embody the dream that comes true on

a day in the wake of the most recent and the time when the modern capital will

be complete and complete the construction,

It will help to get rid of the traffic crisis, provide the standard of living, and reduce

the crowded and exaggerated areas,

The motive will be the elimination of poor neighborhoods, and it will provide job

opportunities for young people, build new housing complexes, and provide time for

citizens to disrupt their interests and work.

The new administrative capital includes nearly 7 million people in the first round alone

and provides 1.5 million job opportunities.

The new administrative capital city will be the town known as the smart city, which will be

one of the commercial projects for investment development.

It relies on advanced data technology in all sectors in transport and construction and

is based on renewable energy assets such as solar energy,

Water treatment is also available and used in irrigating green spaces in the New Administrative Capital.

Admittedly, the Administrative Capital has become a modern residential administrative entity

with the presence of the original ministries and bodies, which reduces the overcrowding

and traffic crisis in Cairo.

The first round of the great project has been completed and there is an alternative to the capital,

which is witnessing a not simple traffic congestion, and a town characterized by

services and a distinguished geographical location.

The prices of the Blue Vert New Capital project

Information about Blue Vert Administrative Capital:

Blue Vert is an integrated service project established by one of the largest real estate institutions,

the Saudi Egyptian Construction Corporation.

Which has accomplished many successful projects in the State of the Arab Republic of Egypt

on an area of ​​about seventy feddans.

The shapes of the units and the spaces vary between the villas and the residential units.

Its area is about sixty% of the total area and the rest forty% for residential units.

The prices of the Blue Vert New Capital project are available in a variety of areas, including

villas and apartments with distinctive designs.

In a complex that deals with high-end shapes, you will be surprised with all the individual

details, starting from the distinctive preparation of the building ending with luxurious services.

The location and prices of the Blue Vert New Capital project:

The Saudi Egyptian Construction Corporation has chosen a unique and distinct location for its

project in vital places,

It provides various services and the prices of the Blue Vert New Capital project are appropriate

and appropriate to the tastes of investors.

The project is located within the boundaries of a quiet, but vibrant area at the same time,

with a privileged location E8 on the Bin Zayed axis in the heart of R7,

It is next to the Bosco immediately in front of the Celia Complex, located near the important

landmarks, 5 minutes from the Cathedral, close to the Al Massa Hotel.

Investors are attracted to the privileged location in Blue Vert because it is the gateway

to important and vital roads, such as the Ring Road, Ain Sokhna,

The project is on the Suez Road and the Middle Ring Road, all the location’s advantages

make it normal for people to travel and move around easily.

The prices of the Blue Vert New Capital project

Units and prices of the Blue Vert New Capital project:

Blue Fire, the Administrative Capital, provides fully finished villas and residential units

in various areas, and the project includes sixty residential properties,

It consists of 1840 housing units and 98 villas, including seventy villas, 18 villas, 2 villas and

ten isolated villas.

Available spaces start from sixty square meters to three hundred square meters

There are areas ranging from sixty square meters to one hundred square meters with one slumber hall

190 m2 available with 3 bedrooms

There is an area of ​​146 square meters with two bedrooms

A payment system is available for the prices of the Blue Vert Administrative Capital project

There is a 5% down payment

A 5% payment is available after 3 months and the rest in equal installments of up to 7 years

There is a payment of 5% repair fee.

A car garage is available for 90000 pounds

The prices of the Blue Vert New Capital project start from 13900 to 14500 pounds per square meter.

The prices of the Blue Vert New Capital project

The infrastructure, services and prices of the Blue Vert New Capital project:

Various spaces are available and the prices of the Blue Vert New Capital project are appropriate,

as there are residential units and villas

Blue Fire, the Administrative Capital, is an integrated residential project that provides various

services to meet the needs of the people in the compound, providing excellent and modern

strategies for high-end apartments

  • There is a clubhouse.
  • in addition, There is ample green space that promises to be a safe garden for children and families.
  • There are many swimming pools, some are for children and others are for adults.
  • Various payment measures are available
  • There are units with relatively low competitive prices on services on the front side of the project.
  • A distinguished location is available for those searching on the unique location, making it easy

for families to travel, move and meet all the required services.

  • There are commercial places.
  • The Saudi Egyptian Commercial Corporation is a trust for everyone who searches for unique

services on amazing projects.

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