Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo
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Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo The compound is located on an area of 320 thousand square meters and

is unique in its attractive architectural designs.

Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo:

Katameya Residence New Cairo,

the compound is located on an area of ​​up to 320,000 square meters and

is unique in its attractive architectural designs.

The compound also features a charming view of

the green spaces as well as gardens in order for individuals to enjoy a sophisticated and

healthy lifestyle as a result of the multiplicity of green spaces as well as bathrooms Swimming is scattered throughout,

and the architectural design of the compound is considered one of the modern designs that suit

the special needs of its residents. 24 hour security availability.

Information about Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo:

New Cairo, after its establishment in 2000,

proved its resounding success in attracting residents to it instead of the traditional cities,

due to a number of reasons,

the most important of which is that it is free from the defects of the traditional capital such as congestion,

pollution, as well as the deterioration of facilities, as well as poor services.

On the contrary, the services of New Cairo are modern,

and there is no pressure on them, as well as various facilities are available,

in addition to vital services.

Therefore, companies sought to invest in the city,

and Al-Ahly Company realized early on the importance of New Cairo; Therefore,

one of the first projects built in New Cairo was Katameya Residence, in 2003.

The project was built on an area of ​​about 320 thousand square meters,

and it consists of only 361 housing units.

The philosophy behind the establishment of a small number of units despite the vast area of ​​the project,

is to provide the highest levels of comfort by providing large areas,

where you will not feel any crowding or boredom from poor services,

as the pressure on them is weak. For example,

if each unit will be used by 5 people,

this means that those who enjoy 320,000 square meters are only 1,750 people.

Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

Features of Katameya Residence Compound

Katameya Residence Compound has many advantages,

the most prominent of which is the idea of ​​the huge spaces available to the residents,

this gives a huge area of ​​privacy as well as comfort,

and this is reinforced by the small number of units.

These spaces are suitable for children, both for play and also for fun,

as well as for adults to walk and also enjoy the comfort of green spaces.

The compound also provides tranquility,

as well as avoiding the negatives of Cairo in living in Katameya Residence,

all while taking advantage of the project’s location to enjoy the services of New Cairo City.

Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo location:

The compound is located in a prime location next to the Police Academy,

and also near the road on Airport Road.

The compound’s location is a few minutes away from several famous universities such as “Al-Mustaqbal – German – American”, as well as several international and

private schools, as well as major commercial centers such as “Cairo Festival City – Point 90”, as well as international restaurants.

As well as public interests, as well as banks,

as well as major companies in New Cairo.

Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo Services :

  • Katameya Residence services vary between large green spaces that reach more than 80% of the project area.
  • In addition to everything that achieves luxury from international restaurants to suit different tastes, for the diversity of the backgrounds of their kitchens, as well as cafes.
  • There are different swimming pools throughout the compound, with a health club, gym and spa, as well as sports fields, as well as a commercial center in order to serve the pioneers of the compound.

Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo units :

The project was built on an area of ​​about 320 thousand square meters, and it consists of only 361 housing units.

Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo Prices :

The prices of Katameya Residence Compound New Cairo are considered one of

the lowest residential prices in the real estate field in New Cairo,

compared to many services and also facilities within the compound,

which provide the largest amount of entertainment and

also amenities for the residents of the compound so that customers can enjoy

the greatest healthy life and also Comfort as well as luxury.

The average price of the townhouse in

the Katameya Residence project is 6.5 million pounds at a price of 23,000 pounds per square metre

, and reaches 14 million pounds for large villas,

while apartment prices vary between 3.5 million pounds and

4.5 million pounds for duplexes.

Payment methods in Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo :

Various payment systems are available to suit different possibilities.

There is a down payment starting from 10% to 30%, with the possibility of installments,

the rest of the amount up to 7 years.

The company that owns the Katameya Residence New Cairo:

The real estate developer of the project is Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company,

which was established nearly 25 years ago, specifically in 1994,

and it is an Egyptian joint stock company.

Founded by Hussein Sabbour and

he is now the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The company is considered the first engineering consultancy company in Egypt and

later transformed in order to become one of the giant real estate companies in the country.

The projects offered by the company vary between commercial,

as well as residential, as well as tourist,

and these projects are built throughout the country and

its width, whether in Cairo or the North Coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea,

and even in cities overlooking the Red Sea.

The main role of the company is: to maintain the highest degree of professionalism,

also integrity in work, and also to provide exemplary services in a family atmosphere.

While Al-Ahly’s vision is: It is a continuous growth in the long term,

based on its extensive experience,

as well as the distinguished services it provides.

Among the company’s previous projects, Dorra Gardens in 6th of October City, Amwaj and Gaia villages on the North Coast, Piacera in Ain Sokhna, and Katameya Hills in New Cairo.


Note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2019, and are therefore subject to change, and we are keen to update them constantly in order for the customer to be aware of the changes in the real estate market.

About New Cairo

New Cairo consists of a group of residential communities: the Fifth Settlement, the First Settlement, the Third Settlement, Al-Rehab, and other settlements.

But the finest, of course, is the Fifth Settlement. Where luxurious buildings, as well as the headquarters of banks, as well as luxurious commercial malls, as well as foreign universities such as the American University in Cairo and others.

Among the most important landmarks in New Cairo are: Cairo Festival City, Downtown Mall, 90th Street, and the American University.

The residential communities in the Fifth Settlement are characterized by sophistication, calmness, and clean streets, with many green spaces.

Among the most lively neighborhoods in the Fifth Settlement:

  • Ninety district.
  • Narcissus district.
  • Choueifat area.
  • South Academy District.
  • Homeland project.
  • Carnation district.
  • Sphinx area.
  • Lotus District.
  • Northern Investors District.
  • Southern Investors District.

The most important malls and commercial areas in the Fifth Settlement

  • Downtown: Designed to resemble Downtown’s commercial streets, it is located near the 90th Street.
  • Cairo Festival City: It contains many shops of international brands, and the most famous dancing fountain in Egypt.
  • Point 90: on 90th Street near the American University.
  • First mall: It is located near the 90th Street and Choueifat Road.
  • City Plaza Mall: on 17th Street near Seoudi.
  • Kattameya Mall: On the street
  • Seven stars: It is located in the first district near the New Cairo Court.
  • Porto Cairo Mall.
  • Cairo Business Park.
  • Tycoon New Cairo.

Advantages of investing in New Cairo City

New Cairo real estate opens up great investment opportunities for businessmen as well as investors from all sides, because of:

Increasing demand for advanced, quiet and modern housing projects in the first place, as well as an engineering design that resembles the high-end European style.

Customers’ demand for places where they can easily collect services that meet their needs without having to leave the area.

It provides all commercial, as well as medical, as well as recreational services that increase the opportunities for the population in this area, and thus the area becomes the focus of everyone’s attention.

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