Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company

Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company, which was established nearly 25 years ago, specifically in 1994,

and is an Egyptian joint stock company.

Founded by Hussein Sabbour and he is now the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The company is considered the first engineering consultancy company in Egypt and

later transformed in order to become one of the giant real estate companies in the country.

The projects offered by the company vary between commercial, as well as residential, as well as tourist,

and these projects are built across the country and its width, whether in Cairo or the North Coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea,

and even in cities overlooking the Red Sea.

The company’s main role is: to maintain the highest levels of professionalism,

and also integrity in work, and also to provide exemplary services in a family atmosphere.

While Al-Ahly’s vision is: It has continued permanent growth in the long term,

based on its extensive experience, as well as the distinguished services it provides.

Among the company’s previous projects, Dorra Gardens in 6th of October City, Amwaj and Gaia villages on the North Coast,

Piacera in Ain Sokhna, and Katameya Hills in New Cairo.

Notable among these works are the following:

  • Zoya North Coast.
  • Platinum Club New Cairo.
  • Green Square Mostakbal City.
  • The Square, New Cairo.
  • Grand Residence New Cairo.
  • In addition, The City of Odyssia Compound.
  • L’Avenir Mostakbal City.
  • In addition, Amwaj North Coast Village.
  • Katameya Hills, New Cairo.
  • Also, Aria Sabbour Compound.
  • Kefa Compound, 6 October.
  • In addition, Gaia North Coast Project

Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company

About the most important projects of Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company

Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

The compound is located on an area of ​​up to 320,000 square meters and is unique in its attractive architectural designs.

The compound also features a charming view of the green spaces and gardens in order for individuals to enjoy a sophisticated and healthy lifestyle as a result of the multiplicity of green spaces as well as swimming pools scattered throughout.

The architectural design of the compound is consider one of the modern designs that suit the special needs of its residents,

as it provides a refined European life that matches the requirements of life, in addition to enjoying nature as well as tranquility in the scattered gardens with the possibility of practicing various types of sports in complete safety,

where security is available 24 hours.

The Units of Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

For instance…

The project was built on an area of ​​about 320 thousand square meters, and it consists of only 361 housing units.

Payment methods in Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

Various payment systems are available to suit different possibilities. There is a down payment that starts from 10% to 30%, with the possibility of installments, the rest of the amount up to 7 years.

The location of Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

The location of the compound is a few minutes away from several famous universities such as “Al-Mustaqbal – German – American”, as well as several international and private schools, as well as major commercial centers such as “Cairo Festival City – Point 90”, as well as international restaurants.

As well as public interests, as well as banks as well as major companies in New Cairo.

Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company

Prices of Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

For instance…

The average price of the townhouse in the Katameya Residence project is 6.5 million pounds at a price of 23,000 pounds per square metre, and reaches 14 million pounds for large villas, while apartment prices vary between 3.5 million pounds and 4.5 million pounds for duplexes.

Gaia Village North Coast

After Al-Ahly Company for Real Estate Development succeeded, under the supervision of its board of directors,

Engineer Hassan Sabbour, in the Amwaj North Coast village project, the Foundation opened the Gaia Sabbour project in the North Coast in Ras Al-Hikma area,

55 km from Amwaj Village, to end its successful real estate journey.

Therefore, it gives you the possibility Amazing to enjoy and spend fun times with your family to achieve your vision of luxury and luxury.

Where is the village of Gaia located from Al-Ahly Sabbour?

It is located within the borders of the North Coast region, specifically within the borders of the Ras Al-Hikma region, as the North Coast is divid into two parts: Ras Al-Hikma, and the Sidi Abdel Rahman region.

The Gaia North Coast project has an attractive beach equipped for decline, as it is characteriz by soft and white sand,

as the village is located within a very famous area where the large number of antiquities remain in that place and is calculat as an area for tourists from all over the world, as it contains a group of Hellenistic burials Which embody temples with a memorial,

as well as massive lower shrines carved on bricks, which are consider to be from the Hellenistic era.

Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company

Prices and payment methods in the Gaia Village North Coast project

For instance…

  • Project prices start from 1,600,000 EGP.
  • As for the payment methods, the village provides an advance payment system of 10% of the unit price, and installments up to 6 years.

Unit delivery dates:

  • The units will be deliver with super lux finishing during 2022.

Details of the residential units – Gaia Village North Coast

For instance…

The Sabbour Foundation entrusted the mission of the project strategy to the major Spanish institutions for engineering design,

and that institution tried to devise an amazing modern strategy that captures the eyes,

and here it is working in this after it was chosen on the strategy of the six continents of the world,

that great project was built on a place of 280 acres.

An area of ​​15% has been allocated for construction buildings and apartments, while the rest of the place has been allocated for the establishment of landscapes and green spaces in addition to blue water bodies.

These flats symbolize the oceans, seas and rivers. As for the apartments specialized in the Sabbour Gied Gaia project,

the northern coast, they came differently to satisfy the largest group of customers, just as its general view overlooks the water bodies,

and they are as follows:

  • Chalets with an area of ​​130 square meters.
  • Duplexes with spaces of 170 square meters.
  • Connecting houses with an area of ​​180 square meters.
  • In addition, Villas with an area of ​​350 square meters.
  • Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company

Amwaj village North Coast

Amwaj North Coast Village is classified as one of the most luxurious tourist villages that was newly establish in one of the most distinguished sites in the North Coast region

The most gigantic projects with all services available in the North Coast region.

The village was establish in a unique geographic location away from crowds and congestion areas and enjoy psychological comfort Amwaj North Coast project, one of the most touristic hotel-style villages located on the Mediterranean Sea with a direct view of the sea.

It was founded by one of the real estate modification giants in the Egyptian place of buying and selling

It is the Local Corporation for Real Estate Development (Sabbour). The commercial establishment was established in 1994 with Egyptian participation

Amwaj North Coast units

For instance…

Twin House

  • Starting from 126 square meters


  • It is estimated at 200 acres
  • fully finished

prices and payment methods in the Amwaj Village North Coast project

The company offered competitive prices compared to the prices of other villages and resorts, with the lowest frontage costs for booking a housing unit with integrated features and services.

The village has become one of the most luxurious villages that customers and investors flock to, as a result of the internal distribution of spaces, high-end furniture and luxurious decorations in the Amwaj North Coast project. The institution provided an easy format in equal installments suitable for all classes.

Pay 15% as a contract downpayment and the rest in a convenient format up to 5 years

Delivery is cancel after three years.

Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company