Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

 Al Ahly Real Estate Development Company, the real estate developer of Katameya Residence Compound, presented a

mixed-use project suitable for high-class owners on an area of ​​320 thousand square meters.

The design space of the project is large as it contains 90% of green spaces. It is worth noting that the first settlement in

the residential area of ​​Biagio features a unique modern European design in a small upscale community.

Information about Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

 Living in New Cairo and the Fifth Settlement is characterized by sophistication, serenity, and vast green spaces away

from the hustle and bustle of Cairo and its crowds, but with all the services, activities, facilities and luxuries just steps

away, and it means everything that he wants easily within your reach.

Katameya Residence Compound is one of the best residential areas that you can choose in District 5, as it offers a wide

range of properties to own and sell among apartments, villas, and townhouses for sale with different spaces to suit


The compound has a unique location next to the Police Academy, near the ring road and only minutes away from the

most important universities, major commercial centers and international shops.

It is also developed by the famous Al Ahly Real Estate Development Company whose distinguished business in the real

estate sector spans more than 25 years of experience.

Features of Katameya Residence Compound in Fifth Settlement

The Katameya Residence complex has many features that make you want to own a unit, the first of which is of course its

presence in the Fifth Settlement, where luxury and sophistication are far from the crowds and pollution of the famous

capital, where there is in Katameya Residence, poor service, dilapidated or inaccessible, you are minutes away Just from

everything from international schools and universities to entertainment areas and services.

The good thing about this compound is that it started in the year 2000 and was delivered after three years, which means

that it is one of the first projects to be built in New Cairo and has received all the necessary attention to build infrastructure and facilities. Unparalleled method.

The well-being of the customer is the most important priority of the real estate developer of the compound

The concept and vision of the real estate developer of the project is to put the comfort and happiness of residents at the

heart, so Pianwu Residential Complex is built on an area of ​​more than 320,000 square meters with 361 units. Just ,

To remove crowded or poorly rendered words from the project dictionary, this has been implemented on the ground.

The most prominent feature of the compound is the availability of green spaces that make up about 80% of the project

area, and the organization of the street with priority given to the privacy and comfort of the residents, these spaces are

suitable for children and the elderly, and they have a design with their safety in mind.

Diversity in the properties of Katameya Residence Compound

Achieving luxury for the residents of the Katameya Residence Compound is one of the most important criteria through

the presence of apartments, villas, and townhouses of various sizes and prices, in addition to the availability of swimming

pools, health clubs, gyms, health resorts, sports stadiums, and a commercial center serving the residents of the

community, in addition to international restaurants and high-end cafes that cater to all tastes.

The compound also provides security and doorman services, and there are different payment methods to suit everyone,

the method of payment is cash or in installments, and the down payment is from 10% to 30%, and the remaining amount

can be paid for up to 7 years, the unit is very luxurious, finished, and semi-finished.

The location of the Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

 Katameya Residence is located in a very exclusive and prestigious location, just minutes away from the Police Academy,

on Airport Road, near the Ring Road.

It is also close to the most important universities such as the American University, the German University, and the

The University of the Future, as well as international, language, and private schools, in addition to the most famous malls such

as Point 90, and Cairo Festival City Shopping Mall, including the best international clothing brand with high-end

restaurant chains and international cafes In addition to the latest cinemas.

Except for hospitals, banks, and major companies in New Cairo.

Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo Services

 The Fifth District has a sophisticated urban style that attracts a large number of people looking for stability, refinement

and investment.

With its vast green spaces, it provides a place for happy hours for everyone, while maintaining the ecological balance and

purifying the air permanently, making the Fifth Settlement the best place for a healthy life.

The Fifth Settlement is rich in entertainment, from medium to large commercial malls such as Cairo Festival City Mall,

Point 90, and Downtown Mall, to international shops and cafes, and sports clubs such as Al-Zohour Club, Platinum Club,

and Wadi Degla Club,

Like as well as schools and universities such as American universities, Canadian universities as well as English schools,

American schools, Akhenaten Language Schools, hospitals, health centers, the most important companies, banks, and all other services.

Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo Units

The units available in Kattameya Residence – Al Ahly are apartments – buildings – chalets – furnished apartments – other properties – land – administrative – commercial – villas – sharing rooms – medical.

Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo Price

The average price per square meter in Katameya Residence – Al Ahly is 23,700 thousand pounds.

Payment methods in Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

Various payment systems are available to suit different capabilities. There is a down payment starting from 10% to 30%, with the possibility of installments, the rest of the amount up to 7 years.

The company that owns the Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

Al Ahly Real Estate Development is the real estate developer of the Kattameya Residence complex, which was establish

in 1994 by Engineer Hussein Sabbour when he wanted to build and integrate one of the first engineering consultancies in

Egypt. To become the strongest and most capable real estate company.

By 1998, a long-term partnership was establish with the National Bank of Egypt to propel the company to expand its

horizons in the construction sector.

Today, Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development is one of the leading companies and one of the largest real estate

companies in Egypt with more than 20 projects across the country. Al Ahly Real Estate Development Company .. Many

real estate projects.

Compound Katameya Residence New Cairo

25 years ago, Al-Ahly Sabbour was able to cover a vast geographical area of ​​Egypt, amounting to more than 12 million

square meters, inhabited by more than 12,500 families, from the capital Cairo to the North Coast and the Red Sea,

through commercial, residential, and tourism projects that are committ to “providing A warm and comfortable home

while maintaining environmental standards.

To achieve excellence in every project it plans, the company is also committed to its clients by providing value and

sustainable prosperity for every unit in its projects.

Among the most famous projects implemented by Al-Ahly Real Estate Development Company are:

 Amwaj and Gaya villages in the North Coast, as well as Piacera in Ain Sukhna, Katameya Hills, Grand Residences in New

Cairo, Centra in Sharm El Sheikh, Dorra Gardens, and Grand Residences in New Cairo. October, Kyiv, on October 6.

Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in the article are for the first half of 2020 and are therefore subject to change, and we are on the cusp of updating them constantly to keep clients informed of the changing real estate market.

Advantages of the residents in the Fifth Settlement

 As we mentioned previously, the Fifth District is one of the most prestigious and important neighborhoods in Egypt, a

first-class investment activity area, at a reasonable and not exaggerated price given the enjoyment of its features and


The services and facilities in return guarantee you to obtain multiple services at the best prices, and because they provide

peace, comfort, and luxurious living, and are designed with the latest modern urban construction methods.

It is an attractive area for the elite of all social classes and something to suit everyone Condominiums, from luxury

homes, hotels, villas, and townhouses to affordable housing, payment options vary between immediate cash and


In the Fifth Settlement, you are close to the wonderful main road. In the Fifth Settlement, this is a well-connected area.

It is located in the east of Cairo, near the most important roads, especially between Suez Road in the north, Kattameya-

Ain Sokhna Road in the south, and the Ring Road for easy transportation or access.

All provinces in the republic is simple for her. It’s also only minutes from downtown Cairo, Madi and Nasr, which means

it’s not secluded from Cairo, even if it’s far from the hustle and bustle.

It is also an ideal place for anyone looking for family stability as it is the right environment to raise children, keep their

health and safety, and ensure that they receive the best education as well as health care in the nearest location. Keep

them entertained and hacked.