Smart Life Compound New Cairo

Smart Life Compound New Cairo
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Smart Life Compound New Cairo Smart Life Compound is strategically located in the heart of New Cairo,

as it is in the middle of the southern investors area.

Smart Life Compound New Cairo :

Opportunities for those looking for sophistication and calmness away from the hustle and

bustle of the city increase with each new housing project that is built and presented to the world.

Recently, many distinguished residential projects appeared in

the Fifth Settlement that attracted researchers from all poles to it.

The Fifth Settlement and New Cairo are among

the most important neighborhoods as well High-end places to live and

enjoy the most beautiful moments of life.

There are many residential neighborhoods in the New Cairo area.

Each neighborhood has competitive advantages over the neighborhood next to it.

The New Cairo area has gradually become of great importance in recent times due to its importance and

wonderful features until it became the main interface for all those who wish

The distinctive high-end housing,

as well as one of the most famous residential compounds that have recently attracted attention,

is the Smart Life Compound by IC Group.

Information about Smart Life Compound New Cairo :

It is the idea of ​​unique design and also amazing innovation combined to reflect luxury and

exclusivity as well as modernity and also contemporary art in architecture,

it is a challenge to change the style and principle of building design and

construction in order to draw your attention to the unusual design of life.

The house we inhabit is actually settling in us.

We gain just as much importance when we choose them as they influence through perception as well as awareness.

It’s not just a collection of spaces,

beautifully organized to enclose or trap us.

It is not only a family of harmonious colors in terms of the blocks and also the facades.

Not even just a reflection of lifestyle and society.

It is beyond our identity. Therefore, we must pay attention to the selection and

composition in proportion to the function,

beauty and also the modern spirit. In line with contemporary lifestyle and

also climate environment. In order to achieve privacy and

exclusivity in order to become an icon that reflects the unique identity

Smart Life Compound New Cairo

Smart Life Compound New Cairo Location:

Smart Life Compound is strategically located in the heart of New Cairo,

as it is in the middle of the southern investors area,

which is characterized by the spread of many high-end residential projects,

as well as its proximity to the most prestigious educational universities,

as well as international schools, as well as sports clubs. , adjacent to:

  • Grand Residence Compound
  • Ritaj Compound
  • The Zahwa Project
  • Diyar Compound
  • Midtown Compound
  • Sodic East

It is also close to all services as well as the famous commercial and entertainment centers in the Fifth Settlement City, and all transportations are available that facilitate entry and exit from the compound.

Smart Life Compound New Cairo

Services Smart Life Compound New Cairo :

The Smart Life Residential Compound is characterized by various services so that its residents need to leave and leave the residential complex, and among those services are:

  • The smart home feature in the residential complex
  • Large green spaces that separate the buildings and provide a pure atmosphere for the compound
  • Gym equipped with the latest equipment.
  • Surveillance cameras at the highest level, including 24-hour security and guarding, as well as electronic gates.
  • Places for parking so that they provide the full space and also safety for the owners of the housing units as well as their visitors.
  • The compound is close to all malls as well as commercial centers as well as various entertainments
  • Distinguished sports clubs in the vicinity of the compound
  • Swimming pools for the units
  • Periodic maintenance of all facilities and units within the compound.
  • An underground garage in the compound in order to reduce pollution and car exhaust.

Schools and educational institutions adjacent to Smart Life Compound

The residential area is distinguished whenever it is near many schools, universities, as well as higher educational institutions, which provide distinguished educational services for future generations. Smart Life Compound is located in the vicinity of many schools and also important educational institutions such as:

  • Royal International School
  • Capital International Schools
  • And also Kiva International School
  • American University
  • Future university
  • Also, the German University

Entertainment places and shopping centers surrounding Smart Life Compound

Smart Life Residential Compound is located in a privileged location, very close to the finest entertainment centers and also shopping malls such as:

  • flower club
  • Concord Plaza Mall
  • Americana Plaza Mall
  • Waterway 2 . project
  • Point Mall 90
  • Maxim Mall

The most important medical facilities and units near the Smart Life residential project

In the vicinity of Smart Life Compound, there are many facilities as well as hospitals that provide unique medical services, and the most famous examples of these gatherings are:

  • Air Specialized Hospital
  • Karma Hospital
  • Also, Shafa Specialized Hospital
  • Tabarak International Hospital
  • Naseem Hospital
  • Also, the Hospital of Oral and Dental Medicine, Future University
  • Queens Royal Hospital
  • Well Care Hospital
  • Also, Al Salam International Hospital

Smart Life Compound New Cairo Units :

The units in Smart Life Compound were designed with a unique architectural design,

as well as distinctive facades and entrances, as well as Smart Home technology,

taking into account the green spaces and designing all roads to be underground so that

the cars remain outside the compound and prevent pollution and far from the residential units,

and the compound includes many Distinguished residential units.

Smart Life Compound New Cairo

Smart Life Compound New Cairo Prices :

  • Prices range in Smart Life Compound, according to the space of the units.

Payment methods in Smart Life New Cairo Compound  :

The real estate developer of the project provided payment systems that make it easier for researchers to purchase and also contract with them, according to the area of ​​the unit.

The company that owns Smart Life Compound New Cairo :

Smart Life Compound is being established by IC Group Developments for real estate investment and development,

and it is one of the giant companies in the field of real estate development,

which has recently invested in building Smart Life Compound,

and is known for its commitment to providing residential as well as huge commercial projects in order to meet

The needs of researchers in the real estate market,

the company has developed and invested more than 4,500,000 square feet in many real estate projects in megacities.

The company has a proven track record of commitment to customers and shareholders and

is known for its most respected strategy. The most famous of these projects are:

  • Life View Compound
  • Easy Life Compound
  • Life Gate Project
  • Life Mall

The company is also known for its construction of many residential, commercial and medical units, and it always strives to provide the best for its customers.

Advantages of living in the Fifth Settlement City

The Fifth Settlement area is located in the heart of New Cairo and is considered one of the finest and most beautiful sites ever.

Next to it are the main roads that lead to all sites and also other governorates in the Republic.

We can notice the Ring Road, Suez Road, Katameya Road,

Ain Sukhna and other important roads in addition to the axis Field Marshal Tantawi,

who made the access to the city center and Nasr City less than 20 minutes only.

All these roads made the New Cairo area one of the most distinguished sites and the most prestigious of the new cities.

The new Fifth Settlement city is the most modern residential city for those looking for a quiet life and also a high level

Distinguished and luxurious living because it enjoys many special privileges such as:

The division and planning are very distinguished, compared to the rest of the cities of Cairo.

We note that the wideness of the street and its quietness, as well as the low population density,

is far from slums. One of the features of the site is that the Fifth Settlement area is much higher than

the sea level than other areas and cities, this height made It has wonderful weather most of the year,

so it is far away from most of the other residential neighborhoods in Greater Cairo.

Smart Life Compound New Cairo

It provides many universities, as well as huge international schools, in addition to the largest service centers,

as well as major hospitals such as the Air Specialized Hospital.

New Cairo is characterized by the “southern and northern” 90th Street because of their enormous importance,

as they are the artery of New Cairo because of their largest and

most famous restaurants and the headquarters of major companies (Cairo Festival City, Petroleum, Cables, Down Town Mall, Contracting, Banks).

As an inevitable result of the increased demand for the region,

in addition to the increase in the number of individuals investing in it.

This city is one of the newly developed cities,

it established since 2000 with an area of ​​​​70 thousand acres.

New Cairo contains all levels of housing, such as:

(economic housing, medium housing, above-average housing, luxury housing) and it is expected that the population of the city will reach New Cairo to 5 million people when the city is fully completed.

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