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Last updated 2022-07-26
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Turquoise Village North Coast , or as it is known as  Project

Turquoise North Coast or Turquoise North Coast  , is one of  Dar Al Maghribi  Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below :

Turquoise Village North Coast:

Turquoise is the last project of the Moroccan House on the northern coast of Egypt, with an increase of 137 km. This resort is a real gem due to its privileged location on a high green cliff overlooking the golden beach and clear turquoise waters. This vacation destination includes everything you need for an unforgettable summer. Turquoise offers you a private beach, a luxurious natural match, a stylish healthy sports team and a shopping center that combines a number of shops, restaurants and cafes.

Turquoise Village North Coast

The executing company of Turquoise North Coast:

is a first-class real estate innovator. Since its inception in 1986, Dar Al Maghribi has been an innovator in its field, combining the art of architecture and the construction authority, which enables its dedicated club and honorable clients to be a comprehensive endeavor. Dar Al Maghribi has commercial businesses in basic locations with similar beautiful in all regions of the Egyptian capital Cairo and the coast in the north, Alexandria and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which prove its efficiency in residential facilities, shopping centers, clubs and more than that ..

Currently, the Maghribi Group includes two companies with it

1- Dar Al Maghribi for Construction and Trade

2- Landmark for real estate and tourism investment

Our developments:

The work of Dar Al Maghribi is not limited to its specialized projects in the construction field. Dar Al Maghribi took control of the consideration of many customers who trusted in the organization to implement major projects because of the experience, accuracy and speed of completion it enjoys, such as the following:

  • Mourouj – October 6
  • Moroccan plaza
  • Avenue Tower – area area
  • Turquoise – North Coast
  • Camp Shizar – Alexandria
  • Gleem Tower – Alexandria

Turquoise North Coast Project

Turquoise Village North Coast


It starts from 73 square meters to 171 square meters.
Garden space starts from
Half finished or full

It starts from 38 square meters to 54 square meters.
Garden space starts from
Half finished or full

It starts from 65 square meters to 142 square meters.
Garden space starts from 40 to 150 square meters.
Half finished or full

It starts from 142 square meters to 195 square meters.
Garden space starts from 50 to 109 square meters
Half finished or full

Sky Villa
It starts from 106 square meters to 175 square meters.
The garden area starts from 53 to 75 square meters
Half finished or full

Location Turquoise Village North Coast

Services in the North Coast Turquoise project:

The Gate Towers North Coast enjoys many services, in addition to the services of the modern city of El Alamein, which are:

  • Postal code line
  • Ocean waves gathered
  • Huts
  • Yacht berth
  • Club house
  • Beach restaurant
  • Outdoor gym
  • Mall
  • 5-star hotel
  • Conforms natural resemblance
  • All units are sea view
  • Lakes and swimming pools
  • 24/7 security
  • natural views
  • Swimming pools and lakes
  • Modern home approach
  • Gymnasium, gym and running track
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Kids space
  • Hotel and spa
  • Special circumstance
  • Headquarters are leading
  • Private cabins
  • Private beach
  • Beach sport
  • Club House
  • Marina has air vents for all apartments.
  • French extraction systems in kitchens and garages, to provide fresh air.
  • There are generators.
  • There is also central air conditioning, water cooling.
  • 7 stars hotel.
  • Restaurants and cafes.
  • Great mall.
  • Gym, spa.
  • There is a garage on three floors.
  • Monitoring and security system at the highest level throughout the day.

Turquoise North Coast Project

Turquoise Village North Coast

New Alamein City:

The total place reaches the new city of Alamein 49 thousand acres, and the targeted number of residents reaches about 2 1,000,000 people, and the implementation list for the infrastructure of the beach area and the social shelter area with distinguished specifications. The first phase of a number (15) of the beach towers, the first phase of the heritage town, the first phase of the University of Science and Technology, the Maritime Academy for Science and Technology, and the performance of (4) footbridges and bridges of Al-Boughaz, and (40) unique housing buildings in the area Down Town, beaches securing works, and a 14 km tourist walkway was performed on the Corniche.

Turquoise Village North Coast

About the most prominent features of the North Coast:

  • North Coast enjoys that it is one of the best tourist areas in the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • It has the finest turquoise beaches in the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • There is more than one natural bay left in it, which acts as a natural wave buffer
  • It is spacious from 1050 km in length from in West Alexandria to the city of Marsa Matrouh
  • It is one of the longest coasts of North Africa
  • Just as it is divided into the area of ​​the New North Coast and the Old North Coast
  • The North Coast enjoys the spacious Marina area from 94 km to 111 km Alex-Matrouh Road
  • It keeps the best coastal areas
  • The location of the new northern coast starts from km 103 until the town of Marsa Matrouh
  • The archaeological north coast starts from 21 km to 103 km, the new Fouka Road
  • Remains villages and excellent tourism projects
  • The way to reach the northern coast is via the new Fouka Road
  • The North Coast is an upscale investment area
  • It is the first coastal place for Egyptian citizens
  • As mastery and originality of the luxurious site on the Mediterranean Sea
  • As it is one of the vital areas in which girls, trees and weeds abound
  • The northern coast is considered one of the best summer areas in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Prices of New Alamein City Towers and Payment Systems:

Distinct prices for units within the towers, including the following:

  • The reservation price for the small residential units reaches 100,000 pounds.
  • The reservation price for residential units 4 halls reaches 500,000 pounds.

Disbursing a 10% down payment and the rest without interest for up to 7 years.

Turquoise North Coast Project

Turquoise Village North Coast


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Features of Turquoise Village North Coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains