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Porto Matrouh Resort

North Coast


Porto Matrouh Resort North Coast ,

or as it is known as  Project

Porto Matrouh North Coast

or Porto Matrouh North Coast  ,

is one of  Porto Group Real

Estate Development Company’s,

which will be explained below:

Porto Matrouh

Porto Matrouh Resort North Coast:

The Porto Matrouh project

launched in 2013.

The Porto Matrouh resort located

in the form of recreation

and luxury,

minutes away from

Matrouh Airport,

and overlooking the most

beautiful beaches

of Marsa Matrouh,

which is openly known for

its dedicated beaches

with soft white sand.

Porto Matrouh has

an amazing mix of morning and

evening efforts that all

the family’s personalities enjoy.

From shopping to swimming,

from sports to partying,

we’ve got you covered!

If you like thrills and fun,

hop in the banana boat

or swim in the winds.

Do you want to flee from all things?

Enjoy a walk in the open winds

on the walker or immerse yourself

in one of the resort’s

swimming pools.

Porto Matrouh Resort North Coast

unitsPorto Matrouh Resort North Coast

Residential Apartments

The area of the residential apartments

starts from 49 square meters

to 76 square meters.

Fully finished

The location of

Porto Matrouh North Coast project:

It is located in Marsa Matruh, 2.2 km

from Cleopatra Beach and

16 km from Agiba

Marsa Matrouh Beach.

Porto Matrouh resort,

for relaxation and luxury,

is just minutes away

from Matrouh airstrip.

Porto Matrouh

Resort North Coast

Location Porto Matrouh

Resort North Coast

The services Porto Matrouh project:

  • Hotel units
  • Private beaches
  • International restaurants
  • and cafes
  • Papa Porto Carnivals
  • Shopping centers
  • swimming pool
  • Water activities
  • Rental service
  • Aqua Porto
  • The village characterized
  • by international designs
  • The village enjoys
  • a pristine sand beach
  • There is a wide tongue in the sea
  • 24 hour security
  • and protection
  • It also provides health services
  • at the highest level
  •  An amazing sports walkway
  • with running
  • and cycling tracks
  • There are paragliders,
  • beach buggies
  • and banana boats
  • The village enjoys the quiet areas
  • There is an equipped
  • fire fighting arrangement

Unit prices within

the Porto Matrouh project:

49 meters 1 bedroom

Starting at 659,000

75 meters 2 bedrooms

Starting at 1,169,000

Porto Matrouh Resort North Coast

Payment and payment systems:

10% down payment,

8 years installments,

10% repair

2022 full view of the sea

and swimming pool Summer delivery

Porto Matrouh Resort North Coast

The real estate developer

of the Porto Matrouh project:

Porto Real Estate Development is one of

the giant real estate organizations

that provides diverse

family-oriented destinations.

Porto has stood on its feet

by diversifying its business

in the primary and

secondary home market,

in addition to hotels,

shopping centers and restaurants

In recent years,

we have witnessed huge differences

and tremendous leaps in

the Egyptian establishments market,

while we have enjoyed

the care never before from

the Egyptian state administration,

from establishing

modern destinations and

massive infrastructure. Thus,

the Porto Group was providing

inevitable costs that were

not exclusively adapted and


but more important than that

to properly utilize untapped potential

and deliver healthy profits

to clients and investors.

At the Porto Group today,

we are revising,

persistently embracing new methods,

and publishing remarkable revisions.

My vision of the institution’s history,

diversity, and challenges;

It enables me to plunge

with stability and

confidence in

that transformational pattern

that aspires to a more prosperous and

specific dynamic

that allows us to grow and

develop all the time

as a profitable company

that creates a daily

supplementary cost.

Our vision is realized

with the faith

and support of our investors,

the dedication of

our employees and

the enthusiasm of

our progressive management.

It is definitely a distinct possibility

to lead this rewarding and

enjoyable journey of

reform and expansion.

With the confidence of our investors

and the invention of

our management,

we are building the new foundation

for many of Porto.

Porto Matrouh Resort North Coast

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Porto Matrouh North Coast project

Porto Matrouh Resort North Coast

About Marsa Matrouh:

Marsa Matruh has become one of

the most famous resorts

in the Mediterranean.

You can feel the care

and attention given

by the state administration

to the city,

as soon as you visit it.

Traffic has become

completely regular,

unlike Cairo,

just as the Matrouh Governorate

banned the Caretta,

the famous donkey car,

because it caused

a serious problem in traffic.

And there are in

the town international chains

of restaurants that open

in Marsa Matruh,

such as McDonald’s, KFC,

Hardee’s and other restaurants.

In addition to

the oriental restaurants

that provide delicious Egyptian and

international dishes at low prices.

There is also a group of

high-end hotels

that were opened as a reference

in Marsa Matruh,

and other hotels that developed

their rooms and

services with the aim of acquiring

the largest possible number

of tourists

during the summer season.

Climate in Marsa Matruh:

Marsa Matrouh characterized

by a desert climate,

but the winds that blow from

the Mediterranean Sea

reduce many temperatures.

It is usual for the summers

to be sunny,

hot and fresh to a huge barrier,

while the winters are medium

and fresh,

and the cold may drop

from time to time.

The average annual temperature

is 19.6 ° C,

while the average annual rainfall

is 150 mm.

The driest month is July,

when the precipitation is 0 mm,

and most of the precipitation

falls throughout January.

Recreational tourism activities

can carry out in the town

Marsa Matrouh is also

a great location for shopping,

as its proximity to

the Egyptian-Libyan

border fringes gives

Marsa Matrouh

the potential to become

the ideal place to buy and

sell products produced abroad

from Libya and

other North African countries.

These commodities

include perfumes,

shoes for various age groups,

cotton goods whose

import is terminated,

and other manufactured goods

in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Porto Matrouh North Coast project

Porto Matrouh

Resort North Coast

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Features of Porto Matrouh Resort North Coast
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains