Park View Mall New Capital

Prices start from 748,000 EGP
7 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2023
Spaces starting from 34 m2
Last updated 2023-03-09
Park View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New Capital
Park View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New CapitalPark View Mall New Capital
Details Park View Mall New Capital
project namePark View Mall New Capital
project Locationin Downtown in MU23 in New Administrative capital
project unitsShops - administrative offices - medical clinics
Delivery date2023
Payment Systems10% down payment up to 7 years
Finishing typeFully finished, super lux, with air conditioning
Spaces starting from34 m2
Prices starting from748,000
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Video Park View Mall New Capital
plan of Park View Mall New Capital
Park View Mall New Capital
map of Park View Mall New Capital
Other units inside the compound
Project details

Park View Mall New Capital , or as it is known as Park View New Capital Project Park View Mall New Capital or Park View New Capital, is one of  Maalem Group Real Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

Park View Downtown:

Mall is the newest and largest mall in the heart of the Administrative Capital recently, as Park View Mall is characterized by being the cheapest projects available and the best modern strategies within the capital, just as Park View Administrative Capital is the first commercial mall with the best economic opportunities that attract customers to it from all over.

Information about Park View Downtown New Capital:

Park View Mall Administrative Capital is the largest administrative, commercial and medical complex in the New Administrative Capital, characterized by its distinguished location and architectural designs with distinct specifications of its style. The administrative capital, which makes it a golden investment possibility in the most suitable location and at the best prices.

Park View New Capital

The space of the commercial units starts from 29.80 square meters

Administrative units space starts from 34.27 square meters

The space of the medical units starts from 37.25 square meters

The location of Park View Downtown Mall :

  • Park ViewMall is located in the best part of the thriving capital, which is the place of the Downtown, next to the promenade and shopping district, facing the most famous hotels in the capital (The Clear Diamond Hotel).
  •   The Park View Mall, the administrative capital, is close to the important main roads, including the axes of Al-Amal and Mohammed bin Zayed.
  • Next to the Park View Mall,
  • an abundance of important sites
  • in the Administrative Capital,
  • including the institutions providing protection,
  • the administrative district,
  • the fashion and gold district,
  • the Green River, the ownership
  • and business district,
  • the investors district,
  • the banking area, the central station,
  • parliament, ministers
  • and other companies
  • that all customers need,
  • which urge The increase of
  • the economy is supported by that mall.
  • We find the Park View Mall
  • immediately in front of
  • the International Clinic
  • in the New Administrative Capital to
  • benefit in connection with
  • critical conditions
  • or medical consultations.
  •  The distinguished
  • and distinguished location of
  • Park View Mall between
  • the seventh and eighth residential places
  • gave it a surplus of advantage
  • among other projects to
  • attract customers and
  • residents’ demand to
  • be there and spread
  • and popularize trade
  • and investment practices.

Park view downtown services new capital  :

  • Project is characterized by
  • the presence of a diverse group
  • of green spaces and
  • landscapes surrounding the mall.
  • Fun Zone has been allocated.
  • There are elevators of
  • the latest and best shapes,
  • in addition to a number of
  • escalators to facilitate travel,
  • movement and
  • movement inside the mall.
  • Huge garage for cars,
  • whether for customers or visitors.
  • For more security in
  • the mall inside and outside,
  • many warning supplies were collected.
  •  In addition to a designated area
  • for children to protect them
  • while playing
  • and maintain their privacy.
  •  For more successful economy of
  • units or customers’ efforts,
  • Ibanah screens for advertising
  • and shopping remain Mega Screen.
  • Restaurants at a level worthy
  • of customers for meals,
  • in addition to cafes.
  • For fans of social media networks,
  • the internet connected
  • at the highest speeds
  • to meet the needs of the residents.

Park View Mall

  • Central air conditioners for
  • more control over heat rates.
  • Security and guarding services
  • for the mall throughout
  • the day for customers.
  •  Allocating an area for
  • repair work related to the mall
  • and its units to ensure
  • the ingenuity of the effort
  • The abundant amount of
  • dancing fountains of
  • different types is working
  • to bring investors to the mall
  • Water fall screen & Brand wall .
  • A space designated for bicycles
  • away from vehicles
  • to prevent accidents and congestion.
  •  Petrol stations next to
  • the Park View Mall to facilitate
  • the trolley services next to the mall.

Park View Mall

  • An increase in the gardens
  • for making cultural circles,
  • whether on the eastern or
  • western sides of the mall.
  • A variety of games are available
  • within the recreational space
  • allocated by the Foundation for children,
  • which preserves them a time
  • with distinct specifications of vitality,
  • joy and enjoyment.
  • Underground parking prevents
  • any crowding in front of
  • the mall in order to
  • preserve its general style.
  • There remains a place for
  • restaurants and cafés,
  • the highest of which supervised
  • by a technical director staff,
  • taking care to provide
  • high-end services to customers.
  • The benefit of its high level reception.
  • The mall is powered by
  • a solar energy system to
  • provide healthy weather conditions
  • for customers and mall visitors.
  • Raqi gym includes a number
  • of the latest sports machines.
  • Carefully trained security personnel
  • distributed in various corners of
  • the mall to ensure complete security
  • and safety for customers
  • throughout the day.
  • Rooms equipped with
  • a high standard for meetings.

Park View Mall

  • The mall was provided
  • with electricity generators,
  • which would operate on their own
  • if the electricity was suddenly cut off.
  • mall is equipped with
  • a central air conditioning system
  • for more serenity.
  • Spaces made specifically for storage.
  • The most important thing
  • that distinguishes the mall is
  • that it contains a sky lounge
  • on the roof dedicated to sitting
  • and recreation by means
  • of the luxurious view.
  • The mall is available with
  • an automatic warning pattern
  • in case the property is exposed to fire.
  • Internet speed
  • and efficiency is very high.
  • All of these services are the cause
  • of the huge uproar that
  • the project will make in
  • the establishments market
  • when it ends publishing
  • and promoting it,
  • as it is within the framework
  • of customers to
  • find their various requirements
  • of any kind and then feel comfortable.

Park View Downtown units :

Maalem Group has worked to

save all the demands of the place

of buying and selling in general

and customers in particular,

so it was keen to provide different

and different spaces to

suit different tastes and activities,

so we see that the spaces in

Park View Mall start

from 29.80 square meters,

and the mall includes five upper floors

in addition to To the ground floor,

Park View Mall New Capita

has distinct facades for most units.

Park View Downtown New Capital Prices :

Regardless of Park View

enjoying pure services

and various advantages,

the prices of the units

in it are unrealistic,

and those costs vary according

to the type of unit desired

to be purchased,

and they are as follows:-

  • Administrative units cost
  • from 19,800 thousand pounds per meter.
  • The cost per meter for
  • commercial units starts
  • from 108000 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • The price per square meter
  • for medical units starts
  • from 22000 thousand pounds.

Park View Project

Payment methods in Park View Downtown new capital :

The owner company provided

several payment systems for

customers in order for each

of them to be able to choose

the appropriate system for their capabilities,

with facilities up to 10 years.

The company that

owns Park View Downtown new capital:

We will not call ourselves

completely the finest,

but we will leave the word to

our history in the establishment

since 2007 until that moment.

Dozens of projects that contributed

to the establishment of a stable life

for its members,

in which we adhered to our promises

at all levels; Receipt timings,

standards of excellence in construction

and finishing procedures,

cost compliance

and payment plans.

All of this has contributed

to building strong relationships

with our customers,

and we are constantly trying

to gain increased trust

from customers.

In Maalem Group, there are no

barriers to excellence

and innovation.

We are constantly working to

leave the trail of a fingertip

in the construction market

and to strengthen our position

as a pioneering company

in the field of urban development

in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

and therefore by assigning our expertise

and original knowledge of the place

of real estate buying and selling

to continue to provide everything

that is modern,

innovative and the best.

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Features of Park View Mall New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Park View Mall located?
In the seventh residential district R7 in MU23 in new administrative capital
What are the types of Park View Mall units?
Shops - administrative offices - medical clinics
What are the areas of Park View Mall units?
The space starts from 34 m2