S-One Complex New Capital

Prices start from 2,551,111 EGP
10 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2023
Spaces starting from 41 Sqm
Last updated 2023-11-20
S-One Complex New CapitalS-One Complex New CapitalS-One Complex New CapitalS-One Complex New CapitalS-One Complex New Capital
S-One Complex New CapitalS-One Complex New CapitalS-One Complex New CapitalS-One Complex New CapitalS-One Complex New Capital
Details S-One Complex New Capital
project nameS-One Complex New Capital
project LocationNew Capital
project unitsCommercial - Administrative - Luxury Hotel
Delivery date2023
Payment Systems10% dp and rest over 10 years
Finishing typefully finished
Spaces starting from41 Sqm
Prices starting from2,551,111
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S-One Complex New Capital
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Project details

Enjoy the beauty and luxury in the S-One Complex New Capital, it is a group of residential towers that Al Safwa New Capital Real Estate Development Company has invested in to successfully complete its distinguished project S1. It is located in the center of the New Administrative Capital, especially in the vibrant downtown area,

The unique location includes residential and hotel apartments, in addition to commercial and administrative units, with a wonderful modern design, signed by the famous designer Yasser El-Beltagy. The project is for real estate developer El Safwa New Capital. Since all shopping centers are among the largest commercial shopping centers in the New Administrative Capital, and each shopping center has many important advantages, and among these characteristics, all shopping centers in the first phase are slightly higher than those in the surface mall. Earth in this case has many important functions and services to help you provide a happy life.

S-One Complex New Capital

S-One Complex New Capital

S-One Complex New Capital

The S One Complex Mall, the Administrative Capital, is one of the largest projects, as it provides multi-purpose units for administrative and commercial purposes, in addition to hotel apartments of different sizes and prices.

Specially used in areas of commercial buildings where harem accessories are used and required. There is also a mobile baby monitor to ensure the safety of children; The villa elevator can move easily in the villa; Modern villa design of the highest quality,

as all malls are among the largest commercial malls that have been worked on in the New Administrative Capital And all of them contain many important features, and among these features is that all malls in the first phase are slightly elevated above the ground, and in that case it includes many important features and services that help you in providing a happy life.

The location of S-One Complex New Capital

If you decide to go to the city, the heart of the New Administrative Capital, and the most active, lively, and entertainment area, you will find tall towers that stand tall and become the tallest buildings in the New Capital to rival their beauty. The famous Burj Khalifa.

The most important roads and places near the mall:

  • The tower is located in the tourist hotel area, which is one of the important neighborhoods in the urban area.
  • It overlooks four main streets.
  • Very close to the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed.
  • It has a beautiful view of the Green River.
  • Close to Central Park. The famous Al Masa Hotel is located near the tower.
  • After a while, the site was separated from the government.
  • These towers are next to the office project.

Units available in the mall

Units of the S-One Complex New Capital The developer has developed a variety of distinct units that suit all customers, such as:

  • Administrative units
  • commercial units
  • Medical units
S-One Complex New Capital

S-One Complex New Capital

The best services, S-One Complex New Capital

The services of the S One Complex Mall, the administrative capital, are provided by the company that owns this project with all facilities for luxury lovers and those looking for luxury, and the most important needs of customers in terms of comfortable entertainment services:

  • mega projects
  • tall buildings
  • Modern design
  • It is located in the center of the administrative capital of the city center
  • Strategic location
  • Providing all units with the most beautiful view of the green spaces and landscapes to provide a relaxing scene for the nerves.
  • An artificial lake with pure crystal water. For those who like to stroll and eat the most delicious eastern and western cuisines, there are many cafes and restaurants here.
  • The project contains a commercial area suitable for those looking for great shopping places.
  • There are rooms for living, gatherings, meetings and conferences, and these rooms are equipped with the latest equipment and supplies, and provide places for entertainment and entertainment for adults and children.
  • Security and guard services operate around the clock, in a state of utmost awareness and vigilance.
  • Modern digital security cameras operate without interruption 24 hours a day. With a fully secured private garage and state of the art camera surveillance, your vehicle is completely safe. Wi-Fi and internet services are provided at blazing speeds.
  • There is a recreational area for young children to play.
  • There are various swimming pools, and swimming pools of different shapes designed for adults and children.

S-One Complex New Capital

Prices for the S-One Complex New Capital

The project includes a large number of units in various fields, suitable for all administrative, hotel, medical and commercial activities, and buying in these places is an excellent investment opportunity for the New Capital, because the purchase price varies and is proportional to all possibilities,

As follows:

  • Commercial unit price per meter ranges between 100,000 EGP and 130,000 EGP.
  • The meter price for hotel units starts from 30,000 to 50,000 pounds.
  • The price per meter for the administrative and medical units starts from about 30,000 pounds to about 40,000 pounds.

Payment methods in the mall

The system that was announced in the S-One Complex New Capital, in addition to being comfortable, quiet, and designed to provide comfort to customers, also has multiple functions.

As follows:

  • The customer pays 10% of the unit price out of the total down payment, and the rest is paid in 7 installments on average.
  • Please note that the prices and spaces mentioned in this article are the prices of the first half of 2019, so they may change, and we hope to keep updating them so that customers can understand the changes in the real estate market.

The company that owns the project

The S-One Complex New Capital, is being implemented by El Safwa New Capital Developments, the largest company that has entered the field of real estate since its inception in 2018. The company has implemented many projects including medical and commercial centers, and more than 60 residential buildings and 25 villas, which are located in Egypt and many other important areas of the place.

S-One Complex New Capital

S-One Complex New Capital

The most important information about Down Town malls in the Administrative Capital

Downtown malls in the New Administrative Capital. If you are looking for the best shopping center in the Administrative Capital, you have now come to the right place. The Administrative Capital has a large number of malls in the city center as shown on the map. The new capital is a place with a lot of unique services.

It is located in the center of the new city, where you can find a shopping mall, because the location of the mall is one of the best because it is close to several different places, including the famous Al Masa Hotel and the Green River. Moreover, it is close to the capital’s airport,

and the area is also an area of high efficiency and high quality, in addition to that you can rent residential units there at the highest price, and its return rate is high, and the interest is high. Through it, you can pay in installments, and there are many attractive factors that allow you to enter shopping centers near the Seventh and Eighth Districts of the Administrative Capital.

S-One Complex New Capital

Advantages of malls in Downtown, the administrative capital

The Administrative Capital map can now find a unit in the downtown shopping mall. You can enjoy a lot of jobs near the shopping mall as they are great entertainment places where you can have fun.

These advantages include:

  • A large number of them, and it is a good habit for children with a captain, some of them are obscured for women, and the same for men.
  • Gymnasium with many different sports.
  • The special entertainment area provides many fun games for children, equipped with surveillance cameras and security men to protect children until the shopping process is completed. It provides a health club equipped with many medical services to help relax the body.
  • In addition to surveillance cameras, all services around it and at the entrance and exit of the mall are also secured. It can move easily in the shopping mall through escalators and elevators.
  • Large supermarket containing daily needs.
  • S-One Complex New Capital

For more information, you can contact us on the following numbers:

  • 01270970000

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Features of S-One Complex New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the S-One Complex New Capital Located?
New Capital
Who is the Developer of the S-One Complex New Capital?
Safwa SNC Development
What is the finishing type of The S-One Complex New Capital?
fully finished
What is the Type of Units in The S-One Complex New Capital?
Commercial - Administrative - Luxury Hotel
What are the Payment Systems in The S-One Complex New Capital?
10% dp and rest over 10 years
What is the sales number?