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Pagoda Mall New Capital


Pagoda Mall New Capital ,

or as it is known

as  Project Pagoda New Capital

or Pagoda New Capital  ,

is one of  Akadia Real

Estate Development Company’s,

which will be explained below:

also Pagoda Mall English

Pagoda Mall New Capital:

also Pagoda Mall of New Administrative Capital

considered one of the newest

and largest economic projects

in New Capital.

Lost, Acadia Corporation developed

a distinctive design mall

in the heart of

New Administrative Capital in Downtown

and chose that headquarters

to establish that commercial,

administrative and medical mall

to become a successful investment

as a result of the presence

of different followers.

Therefore interaction to

ensure the superiority of the project.

Pagoda Mall New Capital

Information about Pagoda Mall New Capital:

Pagoda Mall was designed with

wonderful distinctive designs,

in a solid location

to provide all services,

as the project was designed as follows

The largest and second floor (commercial)

also The third floor of

the tenth (administrative and medical)

Just as the mall consists of administrative,

commercial and medical units.

Just as the commercial stores of

several international

and franchise bonds,

and the lease contract is obligatory

at a specific rate of franchise gains

of 75% of the franchise gains

The engineering consultant

is a concept company

Project consultant,

Doctor Hisham Ray Design

Pagoda New Capital Project

Advantages of the Pagoda Mall project:

  • Its location with distinguished
  • specifications as Pagoda mall
  • located in the heart of Downtown
  • also It overlooks three main axes
  • Its competitive costs compared
  • to many other projects
  • in New Administrative Capital
  • Adherence to the spaces available in it
  • in order for each customer
  • to distinguish what suits him
  • A look of distinguished specifications

Pagoda New Capital Project

units Pagoda Mall New Capital

Administrative units

The project area

Administrative units space

starts from 20 square meters.

Fully finished

Commercial units

Administrative units space

starts from 25 square meters.

Fully finished

Medical units

The area of medical units

starts from 20 square meters.

Fully finished

Location of Pagoda Mall New Capital:

Pagoda Mall is located in

the most exclusive area

in New Administrative Capital in

Downtown and directly

in front of the Dahab Market.

As happens next to the next areas: –

  • It happens next to the mosque
  • of the Arab Republic of Egypt
  • It also occurs on 3 main axes
  • Pagoda Mall New Capital
  • It takes place next to
  • the Monorail Central Station
  • and the government district
  • Near the green river
  • Close to the cultural arrangement

Location Pagoda Mall New Capital

Pagoda Services Pagoda Mall New capital:

  • Green and landscaped spaces
  • designed to surround all units.
  • The mall is distinguished
  • by its location on major streets
  • that make the traffic flow in front of it
  • and the traffic smooth
  • and flexible.
  • The possibility of finishes
  • for the units is provided
  • by the institution.
  • A garage for cars on a bunch place.
  • Unique gates
  • and reception benefit.
  • Monitoring cameras
  • throughout the project.
  • Stay safe and guarded
  • on the whole time.
  • Entertainment places for children.
  • Pagoda Mall New Capital
  • High speed internet.
  • The units have
  • a fire alarm system.
  • There are also large display screens
  • for advertisements.
  • Rooms equipped for
  • holding meetings
  • and meetings within the mall.
  • There is a unique selection of restaurants
  • and cafes in Pagoda Mall.

Units of Pagoda Mall New capital:

The Foundation has proposed

this project in different types

and in many sectors,

the spaces are remarkably available

in every style among them,

also the unique thing in

the various units is the charming view

that makes you feel reassured

and comfortable within

your new headquarters

in Pagoda Mall of

New Administrative Capital.

Pagoda Mall New Capital

Spaces in commercial stores

start from 25 square meters.

As for the medical clinics

and administrative offices in the mall,

it starts from twenty square meters.

Choose the place you want

and book your office in an integrated

and variable mall

in the finest location in Downtown,

Enjoy a successful and safe investment

in a modern project offered to you

by a major institution in the place

of real estate buying and selling,

let everything that is classic

and own a unit with a distinctive design

and direct view on Green River all

this at Pagoda Mall New Capital.

Pagoda prices Mall New capital:

Reduced prices for the units

in the mall were presented in

an effort by the commercial establishment

to reach the other rates

of the customers,

just as it took into account

the conditions of customers regardless

of the steady increase

in the prices offered in the place

of real estate sale and purchase,

and among these prices the front side

of the Acadia Real Estate

Corporation is the following:

also The meter’s cost

in administrative offices

starts from 16,000 pounds.

And the price per meter

in medical clinics starts

from 22,000 pounds.

As for the commercial stores,

the price per square meter

starts from 32,000 pounds.

The administrative and medical units

will deliver with complete finishes,

just as your unit can be invested

and offered for rent.

Payment methods

in Pagoda mall new capital

The project is characterized

by the availability of

easy drainage systems

that make you own your unit easily

and easily.

You can now own your new unit

and administrative headquarters

with the lowest down payment,

facilities of up to 9 years,

and no benefits.

The owning institution

of Pagoda Mall New capital:

Pagoda Mall, the new administrative capital,

turns into the most important

professional real estate

modernization institution

in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

which is the Acadia Foundation

for Real Estate Development

and Investment in the 5th settlement,

and the Acadia Foundation established

to become one of

the most prominent institutions in Cairo,

the new capital of Egypt,

also it promoted several projects

in the 5th settlement

by providing facilities

And housing units for sale

in the 5 compound,

most notably (Al-Andalus_,

Lotus, Al-Shorouk, and others),

as it is supervised by a group of

highly experienced professional managers,

and an integrated sports team has

the highest rates of professionalism

and skillful experience,

to meet and achieve an effective

and sustainable partnership

with customers

and market leadership Egyptian

and Arab installations.

Just as Acadia Real Estate Development

Corporation is keen on

accurately performing its work,

creating a good design,

scientific exploration,

and a precise field,

in order to identify the customers’

different desires,

choose the highest locations,

the most suitable spaces,

the finest and the most wonderful settings,

and provide an ideal product

that suits their tastes

and lives up to their aspirations.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

New Administrative Capital:

also new administrative capital

represents one of the most new projects

in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

which has received serious consideration

from the Egyptian Republic,

as attention has been paid to it

so that it is a modern town

that flatters all the meanings of luxury,

pleasure and comfort, the credit,

just as it is one of

the largest economic opportunities

because it will return to its owner

with more Earning in

its investment position.

new administrative capital was formed,

so in order to create multiple

opportunities for housing,

and to address all the issues

that the Arab Republic of Egypt faces

from the problems of the census

and overcrowding in cities,

new administrative capital

located on an area of ​​170 1000 acres

and is composed of Mohammed bin Zayed

complex in the north.

administrative capital is estimated

at 10,000 acres,

and the first round will accommodate

the equivalent of 7 million people.

Features of the New Administrative Capital:

new administrative capital

contains a number of features, including:

also The government district,

which integrates the presidential palace,

the opera house,

and official bodies.


The headquarters of the seminars

and the town of exhibitions.

Smart Town.

Central park.

Sports town.

New Administrative Capital Project Authority:

A joint stock institution is managing

the construction of

new administrative capital project,

as its capital reaches 6 billion pounds,

as it is composed of a number

of necessary departments, namely:

Business Land Authority

of the Army Corps.

Business organ of national benefit.

Urban Communities Organization.

new administrative capital is

a civilized bridge that works

to create a political,

cultural and economic entity

within North Africa, the Gulf region,

and also in North Africa,

with the aim of providing

a prosperous economic environment.

Apartments of New Administrative Capital:

The New Administrative Capital

consists of a basement,

a ground floor,

and 7 upper floors.

Each floor is 580 square meters.

Unit areas vary from 130 meters

to 180 square meters.

The residential units are distinguished

by the unique internal retail,

as each house contains 3 sleeping rooms,

2 bathrooms, a kitchen

and a sleeping room,

with a separate bathroom,

reception and balconies.

Pagoda New Capital Project

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Features of Pagoda Mall New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains