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Last updated 2022-03-19
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Quan Tower New Capital


Quan Tower New Capital ,

or as it is known as  Project Quan New Capital or Quan New Capital  ,

is one of Contact  Real

Estate Development Company’s,

which will be explained below:

also Quan Tower English

Quan Tower New Capital :

in addition to Quan Tower in the New Administrative Capital is the first food court shopping mall at the height of the CBD.

Project building consultant Yasser El-Beltagy, YBA and project executive consultant Sabbour Sabbour has taken over the management

of the largest shopping mall management and operation commercial company,

MRB Quan Tower Shopping Center.

Quan Tower Mall in the New Administrative Capital is

also located in a very privileged location in front of the iconic tower,

and for the first time, Contact Development offers

competitive prices for units in the central business district.

Information About Quan Iconic Tower New Capital:

Quan Tower in the New Administrative Capital is a new starting point for real estate development

and investment in Connecticut, as the company announced the launch of its second project in the Administrative Capital.

It provides different units (commercial, administrative, medical), with open spaces and prices suitable for everyone.

Quan New Capital Project

also Quan Tower New Capital


Commercial Units

Project area: 2.5 acres

The space of the commercial units starts from 50 square meters.

fully finished

Administrative Units

Project area: 2.5 acres

Administrative units space starts from 50 square meters.
fully finished

Medical Units

Project area: 2.5 acres

The space of the medical units starts from 50 square meters.

fully finished

Quan Tower New Capital :

Quan Tower is located in the new administrative capital of the Central Business District,

in front of the iconic tower, the business district and the central business district.

This area is considered one of the best and most important places of life and investment in the Administrative Capital,

where the project is located directly on 3 main axes, 

and the width of each axis is as follows:

  • The first axis is about 50 meters wide, the second axis is about 42 meters wide
  • and the second is about 42 meters wide.
  • The three axis are about 35 meters wide.
  • also The shopping center is only a few minutes away from the Green River,
  • the largest central park in the world and Al-Massa Hotel is also close to Regional Ring Road,
  • Suez Road and the Egyptian Mosque.
  • It is also close to Monorail Central Station and Central Park Quan Tower near the Gold Market and the Government District,
  • the project also has an open view of the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed,
  • and the mall is located near many other shops and malls.

Location Quan Tower New Capital

Quan Iconic Tower New Capital Services:

  • Providing an integrated backup power system.
  • The various parts inside and outside the mall are equipped with surveillance cameras.
  • An audio system equipped with the latest equipment.
  • The central shower room provides services to all units of the mall.
  • also The entire mall is covered with central air conditioning.
  • Complete the fire protection system and evacuation plan in 10 minutes.
  • Provide a solar power generation system.
  • The green space offers stunning views.
  • The panoramic elevator in the Quan Tower in the new administrative capital.
  • Interior and exterior design with great taste.
  • also Private garage for mall customers. 24-hour security and guarding and the best human cadres.
  • A private area that includes the most luxurious international restaurants and cafes.

The Space Of The Quan Tower Mall The Administrative Capital :

The company also launched the Quan Tower project with an area of about 10,000 square meters, equivalent to about 2.5 acres,

and divided the area so that the building and construction area reached 60% of the total area,

which is about 4,200 square meters.

The company is keen to allocate the largest area of services, facilities, green spaces and landscaping,

and the large area of the project is amazingly coordinated, including the shopping center,

which has about 22 acres,

and all the green spaces (green spaces),

including artificial lakes and crystal lagoons,

and you will have many of the existing features In the new administrative capital,

also Quan Tower Xindu Quan Tower.

Quan Tower New Capital Units :

Quan Tower is located in the New Administrative Capital on an area of 2.5 acres

and the number of buildings is about 4200 square meters. The tower is full of greenery

also beautiful landscape. The capital is as follows:

Commercial : ground, first, second, third. Medical : fourth, fifth and sixth. Administrative :

starts from the seventh floor.

Quan Iconic Tower New Capital Prices:

The company executing the Quanta project also provides a group of high-end professional units

with competitive and multi-regional prices

and the most suitable price per meter for different customers, 

as follows:

  • The price per square meter for commercial units with repeated floors ranges from 65,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • also The price per square meter for the administrative unit starts from 28 thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • For the units on the ground floor, the price per square meter reaches 180,000 meters.
  • The price per square meter for the medical unit starts from 32 thousand pounds.
  • also The project area varies from 35 square meters to 110 square meters.

Quan New Capital Project

Payment Methods In Quan Tower New Capital:

Contact Real Estate Company provides various simple payment systems and different ways

to pay the value of booked units in cash or in installments for the convenience of customers,

this is detailed information.

The Company Offers A Very Special Discount Payment System :

  • 20% down payment, 6 years installments,
  • and 10% discount on the total unit price.
  • The down payment is 30% and the remaining 6 years are installments, and there is a 15% discount on the total unit price.
  • And 40% down payment, 6 years installments,
  • also 20% discount on the total unit price.
  • 50% down payment and the rest in installments over 3 years
  • and 25% discount on the total unit price.

The traditional installments are :

  • 10% down payment and 6 years equal installments.
  • also 15% down payment and equal installments over 7 years.
  • 20% down payment and equal installments over 8 years.
  • also 30% down payment and equal installments over 9 years.

The company also offers very special offers to its customers :

30, 30, 30 30% discount 30% down payment 30 months installment 40% down payment for 12 years and installments over 12 years 40% max quotation Cash discount percentage Cash discount is 40% new down payment and first installment after receipt.

The units will be delivered fully finished with air conditioners.

The Company That Owns The Quan Iconic Tower New Capital :

Contact information The Real Estate Investment Company is the real estate developer of the new administrative capital Quanta, an Egyptian joint stock company established with pure Egyptian capital by a group of Egyptian real estate market experts who have supervised for more than 15 years.

He participated in the establishment and management of a large number of leading real estate companies in the Egyptian real estate market. The main purpose of establishing Contact Real Estate Investment Company is to create a new concept of real estate investment, to meet the greatest needs of our current and potential clients by providing unique and diverse real estate products. We believe that clients at Contact Real Estate Investment are key partners in the company’s success. Customers are the main focus of company management and employees.

Maintaining the highest level of quality and developing the real estate wealth of clients is the main focus of Contact Real Estate Investment Company, which leads building maintenance and maintenance from selecting the best site and design to the smallest detail in implementation and supervision of all phases of construction to maintain its brilliance and sustainable value. The company is also owned by Mr. Ahmed Fekry and Mr. Khaled El-Seyoufi, and they have a real estate company that has been working in the community for more than 15 years, and all the buildings and villas are in the South Independent assembly area. . College for example, Andalusia, Narcissus and Banavseg have some advisors, such as:

  • Architectural Consultant Engineer/ Yasser El-Beltagy YBA.
  • Implementation Consultant Engineer / Hussein Sabbour Sabbour Consulting.
  • MRB management and operation consultant.

Quan New Capital Project



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Features of Quan Tower New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains