Ginsses Tower New Capital

Prices start from 1,190,000 EGP
25 installment years
Down payment 10%
Delivery 2023
Spaces starting from 35 m2
Last updated 2023-03-07
Ginsses Tower New CapitalGinsses Tower New CapitalGinsses Tower New CapitalGinsses Tower New Capital
Ginsses Tower New CapitalGinsses Tower New CapitalGinsses Tower New CapitalGinsses Tower New Capital
Details Ginsses Tower New Capital
project nameGinsses Tower New Capital
project LocationNew Capital
project unitsCommercial units - medical units - administrative units - hotel apartments
Delivery date2023
Payment Systems10% down payment and installments up to 25 years
Finishing typeFully finished with air conditioning
Spaces starting from35 m2
Prices starting from1,190,000
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Project details

Ginsses Tower New Capital, or as it is known Ginsses New Capital, Project Ginsses New Capital or is one of New Jersey Real Estate Development, which will be explained below:

Ginsses Tower Downtown New Capital:

A prestigious investment potential awaits you with the New Jersey Corporation and its commercial project with distinguished specifications at all levels, Tower Genesis,

the administrative capital, within the boundaries of the Downtown area or colloquially as “the center of the state”,

the first fully dedicated commercial tower in the capital, which will achieve the highest investment output;

For its location with distinguished specifications on the largest 3 main axes in the capital,

meaning that you are outside of or within the scope of the capital;

You must go beyond Tawergensis, which guarantees high traffic on the Tower,

in addition to the upscale cataloging of the space in it,

which will resemble a huge checkpoint,


The Ginsses New Capital Project.

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Masharf Real Estate.

Ginsses Tower New Capital Units

  • Administrative units
  • Commercial units
  • Medical units

The location of Ginsses Tower

Downtown New Capital:

It is located in the Downtown area of the Administrative Capital, near the headquarters of the R7 & R8,

and it is the headquarters of high-density compounds.

There are more than 45 compounds close to the Al Masah Hotel,

the Green River and the Capital Airport.

Ginsses New Capital Project

Ginsses Tower New Capital

New Jersey Real Estate Development:

The New Jersey Real Estate Development The corporation enjoys a distinguished business precedent in the field of establishments,

as it has been present in the facilities market for about ten years and has developed an abundant number of projects in America.

New Jersey for a real estate development was those ten years between the Arab Republic of Egypt and America,

and it gained enormous experience in the field of installations since that time.

That is why we may imply that the New Jersey Foundation permanently provides unparalleled

distinguished practices and therefore what we are used to from New Jersey.

New Jersey customer’s trust.

And New Jersey Real Estate Development Corporation stood on its feet with many residential,

commercial and medical practices,

as well as residential complexes in Shorouk and Cairo,

the capital of Egypt near the era, and New Jersey Real Estate Development is one of the largest real estate institutions in the facilities market

in the Arab Republic of Egypt and will be a unique commercial slogan in the latest Once in the heart of Ain Sokhna,

in an international project, the Jura Resort of Ain Sokhna, Green Avenue, the nearby capital,

Green Avenue Mall, the modern capital, and the latest commercial project,

Sol Plaza Mall, in the nearby Administrative Capital.

Ginsses New Capital Project

Ginsses Tower New Capital

The Downtown area of New Capital:

Vanguard Let us get to know the correct way of creating the Downtown Place in the New Capital.

This space has been allocated in the heart of the modern capital to become the place that witnesses the largest gathering of the various commercial efforts

so that this gathering will be more proficient, authentic, and smart.

It is intended that the commercial centers present in the Downtown area will be designated,

which means that there will be a place dedicated to administrative malls,

another area for commercial malls,

another for gold and jewelry malls and another for companies providing protection,

and then until every place from these areas will be coded This organization and coding aspires to make the heart

of the capital a site witnessing the largest commercial and investment movement

at the hands of commercial conglomerates in various squares.

Location of Downtown in the capital:

The Downtown area or the MU19 location is located in the heart of the New Capital to be near the most important landmarks

such as:

  • Monorail Central Station
  • (Monorail station.
  • The property of
  • in addition to the modern opera house.
  • Al Massa Hotel.
  • Central station.
  • in addition to the Ministries district.
  • National Ring Road.
  • in addition to Green river
  • The location of Downtown in the new Capital
  • is surrounded on the four sides
  • by a large number of
  • in addition to important landmarks, as it occurs:
  • In the north of the government district.
  • To the west of the place
  • is the new Diamond Hotel.
  • In the east, the second term
  • of the administrative capital.
  • In the south of the Mohammed bin Zayed axis
  • in addition to the Green River.

Ginsses Tower New Capital

The Downtown area of the New Capital:

The downtown in the New capital in addition to The most characteristic of

the Downtown area is the allocation of spaces in it according to the activity.

in addition to Imagine that you walk inside the boundaries of a region and find this piece to get accustomed to performing

in addition to a specific activity, and next to it to get used to in addition to performing a newer activity,

this will work on the diversity of the available services products and make this space

in addition to a suitable market for several investors.

The different nature of these investment projects.

That is near the existence of a huge residential block in this area,

which will be a good consumer for all the initiatives available in this area,

as for the private spaces for all lost activities,

they have been allocated as follows:

  • An area of 27 acres
  • for administrative malls.
  • in addition to An area of 40 acres
  • dedicated to fashion
  • and clothing products.
  • in addition to 17 Qaddan Technical Products.
  • 24 acres for the gold and jewelry market.
  • 60 acres of creativity area.
  • in addition to 16 acres for companies
  • providing protection.
  • in addition to 22 acres to computer merchandise.
  • 37 acres as a medical area.
  • 24 acres for public services.
  • in addition to 52 acres for fuel companies.
  • 150 acres for various uses.
  • 35 acres of shopping.
  • in addition to 57-acre styles.
  • 68 acres of the mosque of
  • the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • 9 acres as petrol and fuel stations.

The allocation of these spaces for in addition to the accustomed performance of specific activities from the case

of preparing the place in addition to making the user think of them as the first option

in case he wants to shop or any benefit from the services,

in addition to therefore owning a unit inside the Downtown area of new Administrative Capital is considered an excellent investment potential.

Ginsses New Capital Project

Ginsses Tower New Capital

Downtown services and features:

The most important thing that makes the location of Downtown in new Administrative Capital witnessing

in addition to the presence of investors to buy units and establish businesses in them

is their distinct nature, in addition to the amount of in addition to services present in them

that make them ideal in addition to environmental conditions for investment, but the most important of

these privileges or services is the perspective Organization, in addition to the services and system of the survey are represented

in the following lines:

  • Presence of the care centers for many,
  • in addition to many business endeavors.
  • Architectural preparation
  • in addition to distinctive specifications
  • of the space coded in a subtle manner.
  • Allocating space for
  • in addition to commercial buildings to contain
  • a large number of important names such as:
  • in addition to Arab mall.
  • Cairo Festival City.
  • in addition to City Stars.
  • A place dedicated to
  • in addition to everything related to fashion,
  • fashion, and women’s accessories.
  • in addition to Allocating a place for artistic products
  • and everything related
  • in addition to the artistic release yards.

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Features of Ginsses Tower New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the executing company for Genesis Tower?
New Jersey Real Estate Development
Where is Genesis Tower located?
In the downtown area in the new administrative capital
What are the types of Genesis Tower units?
Commercial units - medical units - administrative units - hotel apartments
What are the types of finishing units for Genesis Tower?
Fully finished with air conditioning
What is the payment system and payment method in Genesis Tower?
10% down payment and installments up to 25 years