A1 Tower New Capital

Prices start from 630,000 EGP
10 installment years
Down payment 5%
Delivery 2023
Spaces starting from 30m
Last updated 2022-03-27
A1 Tower New CapitalA1 Tower New CapitalA1 Tower New CapitalA1 Tower New Capital
A1 Tower New CapitalA1 Tower New CapitalA1 Tower New CapitalA1 Tower New Capital
Details A1 Tower New Capital
project nameA1 Tower New Capital
project Locationdowntown
project unitsHotel apartments - shops - administrative offices - medical clinics
Delivery date2023
Payment Systems5% down payment - 10 years installments
Finishing typefully finished
Spaces starting from30m
Prices starting from630,000
For reservations or inquiries
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plan of A1 Tower New Capital
A1 Tower New Capital
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Other units inside the compound
Project details

A1 Tower New Capital , or as it is known as  Project A1 New Capital or A1 New Capital  ,

is one of  SV Real

Estate Development Company’s, which will be explained below:

A1 Tower Downtown New Capital :

Represented by a group of residential towers provided by the largest real estate institutions,

the new towers have chosen a privileged position in the heart of the New New Capital,

specifically within the vibrant Downtown area.

The towers with a privileged location contain residential and hotel units,

as well as strategic, New and medical commercial .

Modern luxury magnificence.

Masharf is A one-stop-shop that will provide you with the option to choose your new home by presenting all the necessary information to VIA reliable agents.

Information About A1 Tower Downtown New Capital:

A1 Tower New Capital, the highest towers in the New capital and

the first and tallest skyscraper in the Downtown area,

your address is a person’s name on the northern axis of

Bin Zayed in the heart of the Green River on the field at once,

each of the towers consists of many floors divided into ( Commercial – medical – New – hotel ),

just as the E towers project enjoys a completely revealing view of the capital,

and that is what the institution that owns the project sought for.

To be distinguished from others

also be the largest of its type amid the huge urban progress in the New Capital,

and the Holding Corporation succeeded in investigating this in fact,

in addition to the i-Tower Mall in the New New Capital has become one of

the largest and largest commercial projects in the New Capital.

Invest with us and guarantee the success of a project or a solid and guaranteed investment income.

Project A1 New Capital


space starts from 30 square meters.

Commercial :

also The space of the commercial units

starts from 30 square meters. 

Medical :

also The space of the medical units

starts from 30 square meters.

Residential :

The residential units space starts

from 100 square meters

Location Of A1 Tower Downtown New Capital :

If you decide to go to the Downtown area,

the heart of the modern New capital,

and its most active,

vibrant and entertainment district,

you will find the high-rise towers standing

tall as the highest in the new capital

to rival the famous Dubai towers in its beauty.

 site of the towers characterized by the following

  • The towers are located in
  • the hotel tourist district,
  • which is one of the important neighborhoods
  • within the Downtown area.
  • It overlooks four broad main streets.
  • Very close to the northern axis
  • of Mohammed bin Zayed.
  • Enjoy a luxurious view of the green river.
  • A1 Towers New Capital is
  • very close to Central Park.
  • The famous Al Masa Hotel located
  • next to the site of the towers.
  • A few moments separate the site
  • from the government district.
  • The towers are located
  • close to The Office project.

The Location Of The Towers In The New Capital:

Downtown is one of the important parts

of the modern New capital,

because it occupies a huge area

of about 1364 acres,

and is divided into

five luxurious neighborhoods,

which are the shopping

and hiking district, the arts district,

the fashion and fashion district,

the cultural heritage district,

the New district,

and the neighborhood The tourist hotel

in which i Tower is located,

which is the largest of these neighborhoods,

and occupies about 138 acres,

on which are located 41 tourist towers.

As the towers are located in this luxurious place,

they enjoy a great number of features,

the most important of which are the following:

  • The presence of specialized institutions
  • in many fields such as protection,
  • drugs, petroleum and computers.
  • Approach the gold market,
  • which is located on a place
  • of about 25 acres.
  • It is located next to the mosque of
  • the Arab Republic of Egypt,
  • which occupies about 66 acres.
  • The presence of the towers
  • next to the Eastern Cultural Park
  • on an area of 24 acres,
  • as well as the Western Cultural Garden,
  • which covers an area of 27 acres.
  • There remains a social building,
  • a security building, a lot of educational
  • and health services,
  • in addition to a gas station.
  • A prime location next to the monorail station
  • and the power station.

A1 Tower New Capital Services :

A great project for high-rise towers

with modern designs in a privileged location

in the heart of New capital in Downtown.

The owner of the project provided him

with all the facilities and

comfortable recreational services

needed by lovers of highness and

those who pursue luxury and elegance,

and the most prominent

of these services are the following:

natural parallels provide comfort

to the nerves by saving green spaces

and landscapes for

the most beautiful view of all units.

  • Bodies of water and
  • artificial lakes crystal magnificent view.
  • There are many cafes and
  • restaurants for lovers of hiking
  • and eating the most delicious eastern
  • and western foods.
  • The project remains a commercial space
  • for those looking for
  • a high-end shopping center.
  • Rooms are available for celebrations,
  • conferences and meetings, equipped with
  • the latest equipment
  • and equipment

A1 Tower New Capital

Project A1 New Capital

  • There are designated places
  • for picnics and recreation
  • for adults and children.
  • Security and guard services
  • on the largest volume
  • of knowledge and vigilance
  • to work on all the time.
  • The new digital surveillance
  • cameras work 24 hours a day
  • in the various headquarters
  • of the compound.
  • Your car is in complete safety
  • thanks to the provision
  • of private garages that
  • fully secured and monitored
  • by the latest cameras.
  • There is a super fast Wi-Fi
  • and internet.
  • It remains a recreational space
  • dedicated to the games
  • of young children.
  • There is a huge range of
  • swimming pools designed
  • in different shapes for adults
  • and children.

Units A1 Tower New Capital :

The project rises on a great place,

on that area,

the E-tower strategy made

with very large investments

to design commercial, hotel,

New and medical units,

with a height of about 14 floors

to be the highest of

the New capital’s towers.

also The A1 Tower New Capital

planned according to

the latest international standards

with its division to provide different

spaces to suit all desires and needs,

while providing a huge area

for green spaces,

parks and recreational services

that bring pleasure to the residents.

The Prices Of A1 Tower New Capital :

The project comprises a huge group

of units of varying sizes

that are suitable for

all administrative, hotel,

medical and commercial activities,

and buying in them is an excellent

investment possibility

in the modern capital,

as the purchase prices are different

and suit all capabilities.

Project A1 New Capital

Payment Methods In A1 Tower New Capital :

As for the systems that announced

publicly in the A1 tower mall project,

they are also diverse,

in addition to being comfortable,

quiet, and aiming at

the tranquility of customers,

and they are as follows:

The customer pays an advance

of 5% of the total value of the unit,

then completes the payment of

the rest of the amount in equal

scheduled installments

for a period of ten years.

The Company Owns A1 Tower New Capital :

The I Tower project,

the modern capital,

was designed by the largest

real estate institutions for construction

and development,

and it is one of the giant institutions

that has a long history in the field

of real estate construction.

Project A1 New Capital

The Best Compound In New Capital:

The modern New capital

is the latest real estate and

investment development project

that is currently being written

off in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

and is considered one of

the largest construction businesses

in North Africa and

the Middle East as a whole.

Since it was published

and promoted throughout the meeting

to support and develop

the Egyptian economic system,

it has met with great attraction.

By major real estate investors worldwide,

because of its superior opportunities

that have not occurred before,

an advantage over the methods

and methods of preparation for it,

its designs and its performance,

which is expected to civilizational

shift in the history of the Arab Republic

of Egypt from its position to achieve

the expected prosperity

in the economy of the Republic.

A1 Tower Downtown New Capital

Features Of The New New Capital:

  • Upon initiating the implementation
  • of the project for the new capital
  • of the Egyptian country,
  • a great financial budget
  • appreciated in order to
  • accommodate the desired
  • amount of progress in the scope
  • of services, facilities
  • and infrastructure
  • that the Republic seeks to achieve,
  • and this budget amounted
  • to 45 billion US dollars allocated
  • for the performance of
  • the first three periods
  • over a period of 7 years.
  • The site was one of the priorities
  • set by the Republic to
  • become relatively related
  • to the old capital and
  • other service
  • and government properties therein.
  • Therefore, selection took place
  • on the site after studying the criteria
  • and standards with great care,
  • so that the soon-to-be capital
  • became an international town
  • that matches the current civilized
  • progress in the world
  • and represented a position
  • to represent the Republic
  • Arab Egypt internationally.
  • Therefore, the recent capital
  • established on a vast area
  • estimated at about 170 1000 acres,
  • which amounts to the total
  • area of some self-regulating
  • countries such as the Republic
  • of Singapore.
  • The first period of the project
  • implemented on an area of
  • 40 thousand acres,
  • with a capacity to accommodate
  • no less than 7 million citizens.
  • Which raises the increasing congestion
  • and overpopulation of
  • the Egyptian capital
  • and the expansions belonging to it.

A1 Tower New Capital

  • To maintain the level of services,
  • the Urban Design Association
  • designed all services, facilities,
  • methods and infrastructure
  • at the highest rate followed
  • in the best international cities,
  • as well as various service
  • and recreational avenues
  • in order to surround the people
  • with the highest standards
  • of well-being.
  • If we look at the methods
  • and streets,
  • we find that they are wide enough
  • to accommodate the growth
  • in the population increase
  • that is expected to occur due to
  • the influx of people to live
  • and work in the modern capital
  • over the next few decades,
  • as the modern capital embodies
  • one of the largest capitals
  • in the whole world.
  • The Holding Corporation for
  • and Development,
  • the Arab Contractors Corporation,
  • Orascom, and Concorde are
  • among the largest real estate
  • modification agencies
  • in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • It planned to cancel the transfer
  • of official bodies and
  • official institutions
  • such as ministries,
  • parliament, embassies of
  • foreign countries and
  • the presidential palace to
  • the new capital by 2021,
  • which will ensure that
  • the people of the new capital are
  • close to other official service properties.

A1 Tower New Capital

  • The first period of the modern Egyptian
  • capital will contain no less than
  • one million separate housing units
  • on the best projects of
  • the new New capital in order to
  • accommodate up to 7 million people.
  • soon-to-be capital be well
  • eaten up by the panels
  • and solar panels that cover 70%
  • of the rooftops, creating pure ways
  • to produce sustainable,
  • cheap energy and keep
  • it until needed.

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Features of A1 Tower New Capital
  • Aqua park
  • CCTV
  • Cinema
  • Commercial area
  • Health club and Spa
  • Playgrounds
  • Security
  • Shopping center
  • Social Club
  • Swimming pools
  • Water Fountains

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is A1 Tower Mall located?
In the seventh residential district R7 in new administrative capital
What are the types of A1 Tower Mall units?
Hotel apartments - shops - administrative offices - medical clinics
What are the areas of A1 Tower Mall units?
The area starts from 30 square meters
What are the payment systems in A1 Tower Mall?
5% down payment - 10 years installments