Maalem Group Development For Real Estate

Maalem Group Development For Real Estate founded The Park View Mall new capital, is located in the Downtown area on the main street,

Spaces and prices for Park View Mall Maalem Group Development For Real Estate:

Spaces and prices of commercial units:

Ground floor

The spaces start from 29 meters, at a cost of one square meter,

starting from 124 thousand to 156 thousand

in addition to The biggest role

The spaces of Maalem Group Development For Real Estate mall start from 25 meters at a cost per square meter

starts from 67 thousand to 78 thousand

in addition to Second Floor (Food Court)

Areas starting from 37.5 meters at a price of one square meter starts from 67 thousand to 78 thousand

Areas and prices of medical units

Spaces start from 37.5 meters with prices starting from 24,500 thousand

Areas and prices of administrative units:

Spaces start from 34 meters and prices start from 22000 thousand

The institution that owns Park View Downtown New Capital:

We will not call ourselves the best ever,

but we will leave the word to our history of establishment from 2007 until this moment.

Dozens of businesses that participated in building a stable life for their members,

in which we adhered to our promises at all levels; Receipt dates,

standards of excellence in construction and finishing works,

price compliance and payment plans.

All of this has contributed to building strong bonds with our customers, and we always strive to gain rising confidence from customers.

In Maalem Group Development For Real Estate, there are no limits to excellence and innovation.

We are always working to leave a mark in the real estate market and strengthen our position as a leading company

in the field of urban development in the Arab Republic of Egypt,

and this is by employing our expertise and solid knowledge of the real estate market

to continue to provide everything that is modern, innovative, and more worthy.

Maalem Group Development For Real Estate Park View Mall:

At Maalem Group Development For Real Estate, we adopt future visions based on

modernizing inspiring communities while ensuring excellence

and value that elevates our customers and elevates their lives.

Since the establishment of our company, we have been committed to our principles of credibility

and sincerity of promises in our various business and services,

with a full commitment to keep our customers in mind when making every decision.

Our necessary values ​​reflect what we believe in and work for, to provide modern societies

that meet the needs of everyone who is looking for distinct living and practical endeavors.

The location of Park View Downtown Mall:

Project location:

The commercial units area of Maalem Group Development For Real Estate mall starts from 29.8 square meters

Administrative units area starts from 34.27 square meters

Park View Downtown Units:

Maalem Group Development For Real Estate worked to provide all the requirements of the market in general

and customers in particular, so it was keen to provide different and varied spaces to suit all tastes and activities.

Therefore, we see that the spaces in Park View Mall start from 29.80 square meters,

and the mall contains five upper floors in addition to the ground floor

and I accept Park View Mall New Capita has unique facades for most units.

Park View Downtown Services:

Park View Mall is characterized by the presence of a variety of green spaces and landscapes surrounding Maalem Group Development For Real Estate mall.

Fun Zone has been designated.

There are elevators of the latest and best types,

in addition to a set of escalators to facilitate movement and movement inside the mall.

A large garage for cars, whether for customers or visitors.

And for more security in the mall inside and outside, many notice devices have been installed.

In addition to a designated area for children to protect them while playing and maintain their privacy.

For a more successful investment of units or customer activities, there are mega screens for advertising and shopping.

Restaurants on a scale worthy of customers for meals, in addition to cafes.

For fans of social networks, the Internet has been delivered at the highest speeds to meet the needs of the people.

Park View Downtown Location:

Park View Mall is located in the best areas of the capital, which is thriving in population,

which is the location of the Downtown, near the promenade and shopping district,

in front of the most famous hotels in the capital (the Crystal Diamond Hotel).

Maalem Group Development For Real Estate Park View Mall, the administrative capital, distinguished by its proximity to the important basic methods,

including the axes of Al-Amal and Mohammed bin Zayed.

Near the Park View Mall, there are many important sites in the Administrative Capital,

including security savings companies, the administrative district, the fashion and gold district,

the Green River, the financial and business district, the investor’s district, the banking district,

the central station, the parliament and ministers and other institutions that all customers need.

Stimulates and supports an increase in investment in this mall.

We find Maalem Group Development For Real Estate Park View Mall immediately at the International Hospital Conference

in the modern administrative capital to take advantage of critical situations or medical consultations.

The unique and distinguished location of Park View Mall between the seventh

and eighth residential headquarters gave it a sufficient amount of preference

among other projects to attract customers and the people’s desire to be there

and promote trade and investment activities.

Maalem Group Development For Real Estate Mall:

Park View Capital Project

A growing number of gardens to make cultural circles,

whether on the eastern or western sides of the mall.

A variety of games are present within the scope of the entertainment venue

allocated by the commercial establishment for children,

which guarantees them a distinguished time of vitality, pleasure, and enjoyment.

Underground parking prevents any crowding at the mall in order to preserve its general appearance.

There is a headquarters for restaurants and cafes, over which a captain’s crew

carefully supervises to provide high-end services to customers.

The benefit of its high-level reception.

The mall is powered by solar energy to provide a healthy atmosphere for customers and mall visitors.

An upscale gym that includes a range of state-of-the-art sports machines.

Carefully trained security personnel distributed in different corners of the mall to defend the complete

and complete safety of customers throughout the day.

Rooms are equipped to a high standard for meetings.

Maalem Group Development For Real Estate Mall:

Central air conditioners to further adjust heat volumes.

Security and guarding services for the mall during the day for customers.

Allocating space for repair work assigned to Maalem Group Development For Real Estate mall and its units to ensure the quality of effort

A large number of dancing fountains of various shapes is increasing the attraction of investors to the mall

Waterfall screen & Brand wall.

An area designated for bicycles away from car headquarters to prevent accidents and congestion.

Gas stations near the Park View Mall to facilitate vehicle services near the mall.

Maalem Group Development For Real Estate Park View Downtown Mall:

The mall was provided with electricity generators,

which would operate on their own if the electricity was suddenly cut off.

The mall is equipped with a central air conditioning system for more comfort.

Spaces run out, especially for storage.

The most important feature of the mall is that it contains a sky lounge on the roof dedicated to sitting and relaxing by the excellent view.

The mall has an alarm system that works automatically in case the building is exposed to fire.

Internet speed and efficiency are very high.

All of these services are the impetus for the uproar that the project will make in

the real estate market when it is publicly notified,

as the clients can find their various requirements, whatever their type, and thus feel comfortable.

Park View Downtown New Capital prices:

Although Park View enjoys pure services and various advantages,

the prices of the units are fake, and these prices are not the same

as the type of unit to be purchased, and they are as follows:-

Administrative units value starts from 19800 1000 pounds per meter.

The price per square meter for commercial units starts from 108000 to 1000 EGP.

A meter for medical units starts from 22000 1000 pounds.

Maalem Group Development For Real Estate Payment methods in Park View Mall:

The owner’s commercial establishment provided multiple exchange systems for customers

so that each of them could choose the appropriate framework for his capabilities, facilities up to 10 years.